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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > Volusia County

Rants & raves
Rating: 3.11 / 5 (9 votes)  
Posted: 2014 Feb 21 - 06:17

Repair companies unfair to seniors

I called to have a garbage disposer replaced, left my wife at home and when I returned, I wanted to see the bill. The total charge was $269. The bill did not show what the disposer cost or its warranty, or the 15 percent off coupon that was presented to the repair man or the sales tax or the labor cost. I sent a letter to please itemize the bill and still have no answer. I have used this company for other plumbing and electrical issues. Every time I see their truck, my blood boils. One day they will be seniors.

Recycle more

Volusia County brags about everything it does to be green, so why are businesses, including restaurants and bars, allowed to throw out their cans and glass and not recycle them?

In response to: "No To Atlantic Marine"

Has anybody given any thought to how unsafe it would be for vehicles with trailers transporting boats, to turn on the railroad tracks? Or how to make a u- turn at the next turnaround with the busy non-stop traffic on Dunlawton Avenue?

How many accidents will this create? Not to mention how these same vehicles with boat trailers will have time enough to exit out of Lemon Street without getting hit by oncoming traffic.

Dogs on the beach like crazy

This subject about dogs on the beach is crazy.

I have two very large dogs and we have a beach for the dogs. It is called The New Smyrna Dunes Park.

Why would you drive all the way to Flagler Beach to walk your dog on the beach when the Dunes Park is right next to the public beach?

Everyone already knows that the people who live beachside walk their dogs on the beach because of several choices:

No. 1. They are lazy and can't make it to the Dunes Park.

No. 2. They just want to have everything their way.

No. 3. They think that their rights are better than others.

I did like the one solution about kids on one part where no driving, so parents can continue to ignore their children but won't be able to blame anyone but themselves when their kids get hurt.

So once this "trial period" is over and the city makes the mistake of allowing dogs on all parts of the beach, how long will it be before someone's dog gets run over?

If the people who actually take their dogs to the dog beach and they don't clean up their messes, what makes you think they will be any better on the regular beach.

I will one more time point out that while you might obey the rules about keeping your dog on a leash with your hand on the other end, doesn't mean everyone else will. What will happen if your dog or someone else's dog bites a child? I love taking my two to the dog beach and will continue. I don't see the point of irritating everyone else who doesn't take their dogs to the beach. A little compromise would be good for a change.

In response to: "Dog owner speaks out"

Unfortunately, there is the good, the bad and the ugly everywhere in everything no matter what category or subject you are talking about.

It's the dog owners who aren't responsible who ruin it for the ones who are. Some examples: dogs in pens or chained up that constantly bark at anything and everything, dogs that defecate in a neighbor's yard, in parks and along walkways, dogs that are killers and attack people or other pets, unruly dogs in outside restaurants with owners thinking their dog is perfectly fine and not a nuisance.

Instead of complaining about dog haters, why not try to get dog losers to do as they should (good luck with that) or perhaps more dog parks where dog lovers can bind together and leave areas, such as a public beaches, alone. Yes there are the other losers there as well, who leave their cigarette butts, dirty diapers, trash and unruly kids to run as they please. No matter where you go or what you do, you will always encounter losers; it's very unfortunate but that's the reality of the world.

In response to: "Where's Cracker Barrel?"

Not sure about the appearance being a problem, but remember at least some of the power is in the restaurant industry. Maybe more competition is a problem.

Dangerous senior drivers

Seniors driving, are you kidding me? I am a senior residing in Port Orange. I am amazed that two senior citizens 79 and 85 can run down and kill four people and wound countless others. All that carnage because they didn't know which way their car was going.

How can we, as the most heavily populated state in the union with seniors, allow people to operate a vehicle while impaired? It is illegal to drive intoxicated, under the influence of drugs prescription or not, texting and etc.

How can we allow them, myself included, to continue to drive on multiple medications, with diminished eyes and ears, arthritis, delayed responses and much, much more. The two seniors involved in the vehicular homicide should be charged, in my opinion, with at least derelict operation of a motor vehicle.

Both seem to have money enough for a nice car, clothing and jewelry. Act your age and hire a driver. I live in a senior park and daily I see seniors drive over sideways, run stop signs, cut corners through laws and they haven't even reached the public roads yet. Florida wake up, test all of us seniors annually and make us pay for the privilege to prove ourselves, or park the car.

While we are at it, let's start vehicle inspections instead of issuing safety violation citations. I am not insensitive to seniors' financial constraints, but that is each of our own responsibilities, myself included. I cannot yet imagine how I will get around because I did not make provisions for a driver when I was planning for my own retirement. I have no right to drive in the community, nor do you, when you are impaired as most seniors are.

The weather's fine

Regarding the recent newscast about the rain and gloom: I have lived in Florida 10 years. I am from the North. It seems to me most Floridians complain 12 months of the year, my own family members included. It's too hot half of the year and too cold and wet the other half of the year. It seems to me there is no peace, no happiness, and no middle ground. There's no peace in Florida and no easy living in Florida. I don't know why everyone flocks here. If you don't like Florida, like myself, keep it to yourself or move.

Lower unemployment

The unemployment rate hit 6.6 percent. When is Washington going to act? How about them putting a cap on profits and raises and bonuses and perks until the unemployment rate gets down to 1 percent. We need to create jobs for all, not just a few. Our crime rate would drop and we would have a healthier more meaningful country.

Help the homeless

I would like to applaud the churches that are helping the jobless and the homeless. I feel the cities should step up to the plate to help the jobless and homeless. Why not designate a park where the homeless can go. All of these people are not violent. Some are just down on their luck.

Clean up blight

Orange City could be one of the nicest small communities in Volusia County except for one thing.

The government leaders do not take the clean up of some of the worst blighted areas seriously.

The area I specifically reference is on the corner of U.S. 17/92 and French Avenue.

A run down, abandoned, '50s era gas station sits year after year with no attention given to it.

Citizens have repeatedly asked for action but it falls on deaf ears. The decrepit building sits surrounded by an abundance of weeds and some have thought it was a good dumpsite for old tires and litter.

This is not a location out of sight by any means. Folks visiting Blue Spring State Park must drive past it, and the city even has the lineup for all its parades there.

Additionally, a huge amount of everyday traffic drives by and stops at the light getting a good, long look at it.

The property has had several owners, none of whom has been required to do any real cleanup, and the city's excuse is they don't want to touch it because of ground contamination. Never mind that there are grants and assistance for that sort of thing; or they could do what some communities have done without taking ownership of the property -- condemn the building, tear it down and put a lien on the property. They should use all tools at their disposal to take the opportunity to beautify the city. Please, city government, take action to rid us of this embarrassing eyesore.

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