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Rants & raves
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Posted: 2014 Feb 14 - 07:02

Investigate lottery money

This about the school system that is going to have major cut-backs. It's a good time for papers in Florida to investigate where all of the money that the lottery brings in actually goes. There must be somebody taking from the pot. Somebody should look into this.

Pray for less fortunate

We need to pray for those who are less fortunate and those who are homeless. We need to hope that we have more for our youth and that our leaders make the right decisions.

What happened to quote?

I don't know how an auto dealer can quote you one price when you're buying a car, and then give you another price when things are being finalized.

Beware of bank rules

I just want to make everyone aware of something I didn't know and my bank did not tell me.

When you have a CD (certificate of deposit) that is ready to roll over, if you don't tell the bank that you want the new higher interest rate, they will just roll over your CD with the same old low-interest you were getting.

We were not aware of this until someone pointed it out and have lost hundreds over the last couple years that my bank should have been paying to me.

Years ago, it was automatic to roll over to the higher rate. Somehow they changed the rules and never told the customer.

Public beware! Check everything, all your receipts, too, as the computers in the stores are also making mistakes, but not in your favor! Keep your eyes open!

Too many flaws in Medicaid system

This is regarding Medicaid.

My wife and I just got on Medicaid. We are taking care of our three grandchildren. I am in a program called "medically needy," which means I have to have medical bills that exceed $750 a month for me to be eligible. I am not currently working, and because I am sick. I unable to get a Medicaid number because my bills are not yet more than $750 a month, but the bills I have can't be taken care of because they don't meet the criteria.

My wife makes $1,400 a month and our expenses are more than $1,600. I don't know where to turn.

Tipping is getting out of hand

Many years ago, tipping used to be reserved mainly for sit-down restaurants. Now, it's everywhere: nail salons, hair salons, dog

groomers, bars and donut shops, just to name a few.

Now restaurants want you to tip for just preparing your food for takeout.

Restaurants and other businesses should pay their waiters and waitresses a salary. It's not the patron's responsibility to support your employees.

Tipping has really gotten out of hand. I have never been in favor of tipping someone for providing good service. A part of customer service is providing excellent service to customers who might otherwise patronize a competitor.

That's the

American way!

An order is placed, I prepare your food, now you not only owe me for the food, but you owe me for handing it to you and

being polite. There are many people in jobs who don't and can't ask or mandate that you tip them.

If anyone should be owed a substantial tip, it's schoolteachers. They're underpaid and overworked.

I notice parents don't even give their children's teachers a gift at holiday time anymore. Contrary to what society chooses to think, teaching is a job just like any other job. Mortgages have to be paid, if they can afford one. Car dealerships don't hand out free cars to teachers, and utility companies don't discount their utilities. Neither do grocery stores or clothing stores, the last time I checked.

More people are cooking at home rather than going out to eat. Employers, pay your employees a salary. If you can't afford to, then find another way to make a living.

Here's a tip: play the lottery, the same as many of us do or find another job where you don't have to rely on tips. It's highway robbery.

Sick of deadbeat dad

I realize that in this day and age with the economy in the state it's in, everyone has something to complain about, the price of gas, the price of food, rising health costs, just to name a few.

All these things affect me, but like many other women, I am also faced with the never-ending chore of trying to collect child support from my son's "deadbeat dad."

For years it's been a game of "catch me if you can," so I put the problem in the hands of court system to collect this debt.

It's of no surprise that they haven't been successful, either. It seems to me that they don't really try too hard. Most of the burden of information gathering lands right back in my lap.

You would think with the technology they have at their fingertips, they could find out where he's working or even if he's working. And if he works off the books, as I suspect is the case here, there should be another way of collecting this money.

In my case, both I and my current husband are lucky enough to be working, but between his two kids and my one there isn't a spare penny to be had.

I have a growing son who needs clothing, shoes, school supplies and other expenses. None of those expenses are being shared by his so-called father.

If the system that we depend on to help us is ineffectual, then it needs to be fixed. Perhaps the people who are doing these jobs should find employment more suited to their talents, which are evidently slim to none.

The only time we hear about how the state is going to crack down on "deadbeat dads" is during an election years. I heard it a year ago, but what happened?

Downtown delights

I'm going to visit Fort Pierce's downtown shops and restaurants more often! The owners and shopkeepers were, without exception, friendly and accommodating. What I saw was attractive merchandise and appealing places to eat. I've lived here less than two years, but just learned yesterday that downtown Fort Pierce is a great place to shop.

Fix the welfare system

I would like to know, as some others here, what is going on with the offices here? Why are so many illegal immigrants able to get food stamps and have Social Security cards, and get free stuff from this state? Why are we are taking care of people who sneak into the U.S. and we can't even take care of the people who were born here and work their whole life here?

Then we have people who are on welfare who don't need to be on it at all. Are the people who work these jobs really checking the paperwork or just once in a while? If the immigrants want to stay, let them go through the right channels.

The Social Security office should have a special card for immigrants to use, with pictures on them that they can't take off or change with someone.

The same thing goes for the food stamp office. The office heads should get off their bottoms and do something about it. The offices should link together by computers, too.

Why does the Social Security office issue new cards and numbers when someone loses theirs? They should look up the person on the file database before issuing new card, then issue a new one with the same number. There are some people with two or more Social Security cards. Then they head to food stamp office to get help with these new cards.

There are so many Americans who need help in this area and can't get it because of this problem. The system we have is broken down, so, let's fix it now.

A few questions

Why is it that we don't have benches at bus stops, when the disabled, elderly and poor, are using them?

Why can't they put a back-up battery for the traffic light clocks so that they will stay timed? All it takes is a small battery such as your alarm clock at home. This isn't rocket science.

Why do I have to drive behind a car that has tint so dark that I can't see the brake lights of the car in front of them? That is the purpose of the high middle brake light.

Why is it that in my house, with the air conditioning on, I can't hear my television in my bedroom in the back of the house because of loud car stereos?

Why is it that people are setting off professional fireworks in their back- yards?

Even pet toys are foreign made

With all of the items being recalled from China, you can't be too safe. Since most of the items in the media are children's toys and my children are all grown and on their own, I should double-check all the items that I buy for my other children (Chihuahuas).

I was in for a great surprise as my husband and I went from store to store and almost everything was stamped with Made in China.

From dog treats to dog toys, you are highly unlikely to find more than one item in each store that isn't made in China. After even asking for assistance from store clerks, we found that they were as surprised as we were that the items for our four legged loved ones, aren't American made either.

What a wake-up call for an American who lives in the U.S.A, not to be able to purchase American-made products. I've never been so disappointed, to not find more than one item for our doggies that wasn't made in China.

Liberal hypocrites?

If liberals were true to their big government convictions, they would be sending stacks of their extra cash to the IRS to fund their bloated, inefficient government agencies and programs. That they don't, makes them hypocrites.

Don't follow Europe

As bad as our economy is with little job creation and high taxes, Europe's situation is worse. Government spending is leading several countries there into a tail-spin. Government revenues are under performing while demands for government provided services are unabated. Government economists there are finally doing some soul searching, but the sad reality is that Europe is going to hell in a hand basket. Let's not follow them down there

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