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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > Brevard County

Rants and Raves
Rating: 3.22 / 5 (9 votes)  
Posted: 2014 Feb 14 - 06:39

There is no truth in politics or anywhere else

I read your Rants & Raves section almost every week, and every week someone, probably the same person, complains that some writer's facts were all wrong.

Who cares? If they were writing about politics, there is no truth in politics anyway.

Political truth is about "what they leave in, and what they leave out; or "what they tell you, and what they don't."

If a Congressperson or Senator votes against some bill, it may not mean that he or she is against it. It usually means that the other political party has attached something to the otherwise good bill that the Congressperson or Senator thinks is bad, or cannot live with.

If a compromise cannot be made by the two parties, then our Congressperson or Senator goes on record as voting against the bill. It is simple, but it is still a problem.

Secondly, I find that 90 percent of people grab onto what they are fed in news, especially online, and feel the need to pass it along to as many people as they can; hoping to, I suppose, change everybody's mind, so that everybody thinks like them, or thinks like the unknown person, who sent it out first.

This, of course, just makes our guy a conduit, a tube that the information runs through, rather than a thinker ... or an individual.

Lastly, I think there are so many shades of gray in everything these days that I have started sorting everything that I read, see and hear into the question mark column.

Facts are no longer set in concrete. Treat them as opinions, until you hear them about 400 times; then, of course, you will have no choice but to believe them.

Respect, appreciation for the military

In January, I stopped at Denny's at Cocoa Beach to have lunch.

I was by myself and, having come from a meeting, I was in uniform.

When I had finished and signaled the waitress for the check; she informed me that my meal had been paid for by a gentleman, who had since left the restaurant.

Not being able to thank him in person, I wish to do it publicly.

It was really appreciated and heart-warming to know that some people still like/honor the military.

What a nice guy!

Hello. I was having my morning cup of tea and looking at the rain, as I read your wonderful newspaper earlier this morning.

A few of your Rants & Raves said that too many writers complain about (President Barack) Obama and fail to say something good about him.

I really don't understand why some people get so angry when someone complains about Mr. Obama and the wonderful job he's doing.

I think he reads the teleprompter very well and avoids answering direct questions, like the professional community organizer he is. He holds his head in an aloof position and postures appropriately.

Oh, I know some people actually think he's a good guy and has the best intentions for his country, even though that's not America; but what are you going to do?

He and his cronies are working very hard to destroy America, and for that I have to say that he's doing a wonderful job. Why, just the other day unemployment numbers dropped because millions more people have stopped looking for work and have signed up for welfare.

Under his leadership, our nation's debt has zoomed higher than the space program he cancelled, green energy projects continuously fail, his health care website has imploded, schools are failing, large cities have filed for bankruptcy, the military budget has been slashed and "Made in America" has become a joke.

But, golly gee, you have to admit he's done a great job in five years. And the best is yet to come!

Well, if you will excuse me, I have to walk my cat, Mr. Wiggles. Thank you for listening.

A rave, maybe!

This rave is for the nice elderly gentleman, who complimented me in his 400-plus letter.

In the letter, he goes on to say what an open and wide-minded individual that I am. Thank you for that shout out.

Sir, this last statement is just one example of sarcasm.

In the original letter, when I wrote "classy denizens with their high paying careers," I was being sarcastic.

Everyone knows that Brevard (County) is the place to move, or at least be transient for a while - a refuge from the cold Ohio winters.

Down here, they can smoke their generic cigarettes all day long and collect Social Security SSI, sucking up the government money, while they play X-box up and down Wickham Road in their nightmarish dingy apartments.

You certainly must be retired if you had all that time on your hands to quote the United States Census repeatedly.

A recycling problem

There was a gentleman a couple of weeks back complaining how he was going to have to pay for another recycling Dumpster.

I'm having much the same problem as a resident.

My wife and I are all for recycling. As a matter of fact, we could easily fill two recycling trash cans with the stuff we throw away.

I don't know if the rules are different in any other city, but here, if you want an extra trash or recycling can, you are forced to pay a monthly fee.

I can maybe understand the extra fee for a trashcan, but the city is making big dollars on the recycling cans.

All of the paper that is dumped into those cans should be bringing in lots of revenue into the city. So, if anything, the city should be paying me a fee for an extra recycling can. I am contributing to its income; plus, I am keeping that much more garbage from going into a landfill.

So, what do I do now with all of the recycling materials that will not fit in my one recycling can? I throw it in the trashcan, which does not help the landfills or the city.

Free television

I wanted to put in a little rave for free television.

It is very important for people, who can't afford, or don't want to pay for cable, or any of that high-powered stuff; particularly Channel 24, which is WUCF Public Television and also Channel 15, which is WDSC out of Daytona Beach.

Both of these stations have excellent programming and no commercials to interrupt the show that you are trying to enjoy.

Unfortunately, most television has gotten so the program you are watching is eight minutes, with five minutes of commercials, which distract terribly from the program.

They don't seem to care. Every time a commercial comes up it gives you a break, you think.

Thank God for whoever invented the "mute" button. I use it frequently - every time a commercial comes on.

I don't know why the people, who put on these commercials, think they are talking to the public, but they talk to us like we haven't got a brain in our head.

I'm going to rush out and buy toilet cleaner because a woman is standing on her head?

The commercials are really ridiculous, and not only that, they take from your television program you are trying to enjoy.

And that's why I am watching more and more Channel 24 PBS and Channel 15 - free from ads, free from commercials.

Keeping 'lunatic neighbors' out of my mail

This is a response to the person, who complained about the mail service.

The person talks about identity theft being out of control, that her mail carrier placed her mail in the neighbor's box, that the neighbor said something that was disquieting to her.

This is how I take care of this. You get a Post Office Box. The cost in this area for a Size 1 Post Office Box is $40 every six months.

It is a simple thing. It is worth the price. My mail goes to my Post Office box no matter where I am living.

I have been doing this for about 40 years, in different places. It is the best way to keep "lunatic neighbors" out of my mail.

You should very much worry about how your complaint is being handled.

The Postal staff of today, across the board, is not exactly the same as the Postal staff of yesteryear.

Do yourself a very big favor, and get yourself a P.O. Box.

The inconvenience of going to the Post Office for your mail is nothing compared to the inconvenience of someone taking your mail and using your identity.

Good luck.

The lousiest road on beachside

I travel from the Melbourne Causeway to the Eau Gallie Causeway on Riverside Drive every day, and every day I wonder why this is the lousiest road on beachside, with all the millionaire houses that are on the river's edge.

When are they going to fix this road before my tires rattle off?

Close the borders for awhile and presidential mistakes

Thank God for Hometown News, right off the bat.

I am calling about this immigration thing.

I believe that we should just shut the borders until we get this immigration problem straightened out.

Secondly, my argument goes: Let's make sure we have jobs for our own people. Bring some of the jobs back from overseas. Let's put our people back to work.

Give them some good feeling about not being on welfare, unemployment and all that stuff.

The other thing is (Bill) O'Reilly. The President asked him on "Fox," why he kept bringing it up about his mistakes.

It sounded weird that he would say that, because his mistakes are not forgettable.

When you lose people, and we lost a couple of (Navy) Seals and we lost an ambassador, I would think that you would have a rather short-sided outlook to overlook the facts.

We are not going to forget those people. We would like to know what happened to them. What was the real cause? We need to know, so that it doesn't happen again.

So, if you'll address that, I would appreciate it.

Rescue dogs are the best

I bought a rescue dog. He has been neutered. He has a chip in his back and is 4 years old.

He is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

I love him dearly.

People should find out about rescue dogs because they make such wonderful companions.

I wouldn't take $1 million for him.

Thank you so very much.

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