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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > Volusia County

Rants & raves
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Posted: 2014 Feb 14 - 06:17

The American dream, or not

I am an avid viewer of Fox News as well as WFTV channel 9. I am currently unemployed and searching for a job for quite some time. I have been listening to these news broadcasters talks about Obamacare, unemployment, food stamps, and some even speak of people like you and I being lazy, and living off the government.

I don't understand how they can speak of this, calling us lazy Americans? Here are my thoughts. Let's see if we can add this up reasonably.

Yes, there are jobs out there, experience a must. Well when you get laid off and need something to make ends meet, you will take anything you can get. Yes you may not get paid the same, but you are working.

Here is the major issue: Part Time Work? It saves the CEOs from paying you benefits. Easy as that. What ever happened to climbing that ladder to success? From my understanding through friends and family, most jobs now, if you are lucky, you will only hold on to you for about five years. Why? Who wants to pay out raises?

My disrespect for these CEOs is coming to a all time high. They see more money in their pockets because of what has happened in the past say 12 years of this country's history. God forbid they take a hit in their pockets.

Now to get into to it further; let us look into part-time jobs.

Take your average college student or high school student. How do they learn the responsibilities of paying for their own dues in life? Car insurance, a car perhaps, maybe a room or apartment to rent, then they throw in Obamacare.

OK, most of you know that they make about $298 to $350 every two weeks of working. So with Obamacare, half their paychecks are already taken. So what would you do in this situation?

For hard-working Americans, the crash of 2008 destroyed full-time jobs for many, many lost their homes, unable to find work, and now either live on the street, or back home not able to live the American dream.

Who's at fault? Where is the American Dream now?

With a part time job, how does one buy a house?

How many part-time jobs must one hold in order to buy a home? I can rant and rave just on this policy alone and no one will have the courage to "stand up shout!" They are putting America into a melting pot of a different sort. America is going in the wrong direction with a point of no return.

So how do we handle this problem America?

Silence beach brouhaha

Without really needing to reinvent the wheel, why not simply go-with-the-flow as already long since set-up in order to silence all the

local beach brouhaha?

Long New Smyrna Beach story short:

Go north for dogs along with responsible owners;

Go to the south for youngsters unable to handle traffic accompanied by attentive adults;

Everything in-between for can't-be-bothered others.

Then the Beach Patrol must make easily known, as well as consistently enforced, pre-existing ordinances and codes of conduct per safety, respect, and courtesy so as to rid the beach of needlessly annoying offenders.

After all the (too much) said 'n (too li'l) done, the beach will be for enjoyment of sand, salt, surf and sunshine by way of frequenting whichever is appropriate of three distinctly separate sections in New Smyrna Beach.

Where's Cracker Barrel?

What happened to the proposed Cracker Barrel in front of the Walmart? The Walmart has been there since Nov. 2011. I heard the "powers that be" in New Smyrna Beach don't like the appearance of Cracker Barrels, but that can't be.

Speeding school buses

I was wondering if the school bus drivers are exempt from the speed limits, especially in the school zones in Volusia County, or is it just on North Ridgewood Avenue by Ormond Beach Middle School> Maybe it's because the bus is full of students and the drivers think it's OK to speed through the 15mph zone that's clearly marked.

More drug awareness

Wow, they are finally spending millions to educate the kids not to smoke. What about alcohol and drugs?

Pot is coming closer. Educate the downs and ups to all.

Pets on the beach preferred

My neighbors and I would like to offer the letter writer complaining about dogs on the beach a one-way ticket back to wherever they came from. I wonder if these people live in a vacuum. That beach belongs to everyone not just the ones who live on the beach.

Many, many people would be happy to have a couple of hours to walk their animal on the beach. If the little pet does go in the water, do these people know the ocean cleanses itself every seven feet?

We would rather see animals than dirty diapers, beer cans, litter and you name it. If these complainers would go to the library and read up on the beach, they may learn something.

Go after violators, not parking for revenue

Whee doggies! I am back. Our condo and all of our neighbors are getting really excited about the $5 fee for parking at all the parking lots. They can cruise our streets looking for free parking in our yards and lots.

If you would really like to fill your tills, how about putting a camera or unmarked police car at the corner of Columbus and Buenos Aires in New Smyrna Beach. In all my years here, I have seen one vehicle come to a complete stop, and I can see this everyday. These vehicles include police cars, beach patrol, cabs, golf carts and semis. I am sure there are many other areas that have this same problem. I walk Flagler Avenue everyday and you would not believe the speeders exceeding the speed limit. Have never seen anyone get stopped though.

Hope the parking meters are a thing of the past.

Bad bamboo

I saw the bamboo on Yorktowne Boulevard by BJ's Wholesale Club. Whatever kind of bamboo it is, it will eventually destroy that new concrete wall. I hope the developers and not the taxpayers paid for it.

Dog owner speaks out

I'm writing in response to the dog haters that wrote in regarding allowing dogs on our beaches as a trial period. This would have been a controlled trial period with dogs on leashes only and during early morning hours and late evening hours only.

I am telling you right now as a local who sees our area's beaches at these hours that there is hardly anyone on our beaches at those times. I take my dog up to Flagler Beach regularly and it just seems ridiculous when I have a beach at the end of my street that rarely has anyone on it. What do we dog lovers do while we're up in Flagler Beach? We stop for lunch or ice cream for example and spend money. There is money right there that could be brought into our local beach side cafes and ice cream shops, which seem to be closing down on a regular basis.

I notice, when I am up there, an unspoken rule you could say that we all seem to have as dog owners: if there are actually people on the beach that day, we walk as far as we have to in order to give the families without dogs their space. This we do not mind, because that is what we have come to do, exercising our four-legged friends and us as well.

Also I would like to mention that I never see dog poo on these beaches. Because much to the dog haters' surprise, we do realize what a luxury it is to have our dogs permitted on the beach, so we clean up after them with the bags we bring from home.

In response to the writer who is 'tolerating the dog parks for the animal lovers' I would like to express to you how few dog parks we have. There is only one within a half hour drive of me and it gets very hot in our warm months, which let's face it, is all the time now. Here it is the start of February and it's still in the 80s. Also, let's not forget to mention the pesky mosquitoes there. No fun. The sea breeze on our beaches keep the mosquitoes at bay and the cool ocean water is definitely a plus for us who would be sharing the beach with our friendly pooches.

To respond to "don't spoil the view," I would like to say, have at it! Our Volusia County towns are getting far too crowded with you cranky transplants from up North who are constantly moving down here and trying to tell us what we can and cannot do. So, yes, please do move elsewhere.

Also, to respond to "don't disregard health," I would like to ask this writer do you really think someone would bring a dog to the beach that would bite or maul a beach goer? Really? Because I have friends with dogs that are not friendly and they go on leashed walks only and never take their dogs to dog parks or Flagler Beach. As for potentially causing a vehicle accident, how would this happen if the dog is on a leash? So why doesn't everyone quit being such grumps and at least give this a trial period and see how it goes?

Port Orange -- wrong on predator signs

They want to pass an ordinance putting a sign up that "a predator lives here."

They are totally wrong. What will be next? A killer lives here? Someone could kill a person in an accident by car, gun or other causes, they could be tagged as a killer and a sign could be placed in the tree lawn.

This is totally unfair and could ruin someone's life, when they are trying to better their life and lead a good productive one and may never be a predator again. Sounds like Nazi Germany to me.

It is hopeful that if they pass this, the city will be in a lawsuit brought on by the ACLU.

Looks like the city needs to clean house and get rid of a few council members.

In response to: "No, to Atlantic Marine"

I personally believe Atlantic Marine would be great for the neighborhood. If any citizens want to drive that block, look out at the falling down building, old boats, cars and trash. It would be a great lift to the neighborhood. It would be a great improvement to the city.

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