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Rants & raves
Rating: 1.6 / 5 (5 votes)  
Posted: 2014 Feb 07 - 07:02

Unearned income?

Why can people who sit around and have kids they can't take care of get so much money back from the government? I think the tax credits for income that isn't earned is ridiculous.

Sit on lazy behinds all day collecting welfare and food stamps and have the government pay for medical expenses, and then cash in on their tax returns. It sounds like a pretty easy way of life to me.

Public transportation

As the area grows, more teens and elderly people are in need of transportation. It would be in the best interest of the entire community if there were better forms of public transportation for these two populations to use.

More teens and older people cause accidents, so why not give them an alternate way to get around?

Smoking standards

There are many occasions when I see a cook or clerk outside a restaurant of place of business smoking, only to come back inside, stinking like nicotine, and handle food or clothes. It's disgusting, and more business owners should set rules and regulations regarding smoking during business hours.

Regarding food-stamp use

I have to respond to the person who complained about people paying with food stamps.

Things are not always as they seem. I lost a job that paid $88,000 a year in 2013. My husband is on disability, so I was the primary breadwinner. Since then, our house has lost value to the point that it is worth less than what we paid for it 10 years ago, and we are in foreclosure.

Using all of my retirement money, we tried to start a business because at older than 50 years of age, I could not find a job. We closed that business last fall.

Unemployment benefits have run out. Our credit cards are charged up to the limit trying to pay our water bill, electric bill and gas bill, not to buy "extras" like clothing! The "new" Nissan SUV that I drive was purchased when our income was more than $100,000 a year and we will probably have to let it be repossessed because I can't sell enough of our household goods on eBay to make the next car payment.

I've had exactly two job interviews, with no one even bothering to call me back to let me know that they weren't interested.

I've worked since I was 15 years old, and paid into a system that I never thought I would need. But now I do need it, and you know what? I'm damn well going to use it.

So before you judge someone who is using food stamps to keep their family fed you need to know the story behind it. The only reason I know the woman in the story wasn't me is because I've already sold or pawned all my gold jewelry, what little of it I had.

One person's opinion

The president did his state of the union address, and let's see... he sold the American people a big lie and the ones who voted him in are the ones who think others need to pay for them. We need a change in this country. Let's quit giving money out to those who produce kids just to be on welfare and cut out Social Security Disability, two of the most abused systems we have. And the federal government wants this. Not only is this absolutely non-essential but it does not stimulate anything. Quit giving these people money to help them make them take classes to gain work skills. Sitting at home and listing to the poor variety of noise that they do does not educate them. The liberals have it all wrong. Giving these people money is not an answer, it adds to the problem. These people require education. And Fort Pierce is so poverty stricken with people who are dependent upon the government. There's not going to be jobs here when you have an uneducated public. When the money's gone then where will these people who came to rely on welfare or any other government support be? Hmm, good question. If you're someone who sees a female in a grocery store with a few kids with a very glum look on her face, trick her into answering a question on how she affords those kids. In today's economy you have to work 2-3 jobs. If they're buying junk good chance they're not doing that well. I'm all for starving them out. Perhaps you won't see them driving a nice ride or wearing nice shoes. That's all there wardrobe is their idea of showing off. Perhaps a few gold teeth too. These are the individuals who fail to think for themselves.

From a server's point of view

We hear a lot about bad service from people who haven't ever been in the hospitality industry nor worked in service jobs such as waitress/food server. I also hear from a lot of experts on motherhood from people who haven't ever been one.

Waitressing is a bit like being mother to a mob sometimes. You have to subdue the loud and potentially dangerous ones before you can service the quiet and peaceful ones. We're not ignoring you; we're trying to do our job, which is, first things first.

If you can give us an order for food simply and completely before you sit down, we will grab our pads and take that. But if you've caught us in a busy moment, there are times when you have to wait. Many people do prefer fast food restaurants for this reason.

Mornings are especially hectic at a family restaurant, just as in a home with lots of kids. It is one of the most difficult types of businesses to do well and endure in. The drink order taker and the food server usually have two separate jobs, in order to serve you more promptly.

If you are assertive and say, "Hi, I would like such-and-so, make it such-and-so," the usual response by the server is to try to make your request known to the cook as quickly as possible. She may have handed him the order already, and you don't even know it.

We cannot be as fast as the assembly line at Wendy's, but, hopeful, you do enjoy the personal and friendly smile and attention from a real person instead of a plastic bozo head!

Traditional family restaurants are dedicatedly trying to hang in there against the tide of the "fast food" restaurant.

We are distressed at times about things that have to do with our own personal lives and not a reflection on our feelings for you.

I'm a senior citizen, except at the restaurant

I'm 56 years old. I can go to the senior citizens center and be admitted as a senior citizen. I can go and get a haircut and get a dollar off for being a senior citizen.

Yet I am not considered a senior citizen when I go to some restaurants. Their requirement for being a senior citizen is 60 years old, for some reason.

I cannot go to a lunch at a church for the same reason.

So why are there different age eligibilities, when one age should determine whether we are senior citizens, or not.

As far as I am concerned, there should be some sort of law concerning what is the age of senior citizen and all stores, churches, eating places and such would be the same age and not to be whatever age they want.

Thank you for your attention.

America, are we still beautiful?

"Pretty is as pretty does." My grandmother was very fond of that saying, as was my mother. And I suppose my great-grandmother taught it to her daughter, and so on.

America was beautiful once, that is, until superfluous pride ran off with its integrity. We have cracks in our foundation. And we're building ourselves bigger and more upon a slippery mountain slope.

The inevitable muddy landslide has already begun, yet so many builders -- the "movers and shakers'' as they like to call themselves -- are so enthralled with heathen-heady pleasure that they don't seem to notice they are about to demolish the whole project that began in the 1770s.

If we, as a nation, do not fetch ourselves up sharply, it could all be over for U.S. in about 50 years.

Nothing will matter for me, myself, and I in 50 years. I'm probably not going to be alive past 100 years of age, but what about my grandchildren? What about yours?

Religious freedom: It's a wonderful thing. Remember the foundation? But the words say, "... Freedom of religion," not freedom from religion, and there is a big difference.

No religion? Anarchy? How's that working for U.S.?

Pick a religion, any religion, and get back in the box, kids.

Autonomy is something you can have after you learn, study and practice the rules for living a safe, sound, practical and productive life.

Religion contains the rules. Spirituality is the product. Religion times work equals right spiritual living. You kids want the spiritual rewards, but you don't want to follow the rules laid down by all of your forefathers. It won't work that way! Honor thy father and mother. Don't reinvent the wheel. And ask yourselves, when is enough, enough?

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