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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > Volusia County

Rants & raves
Rating: 1.88 / 5 (8 votes)  
Posted: 2014 Feb 07 - 06:16

In response to: 'Native, bamboo'

I'm ashamed the city of Port Orange would set such an example by planting bamboo along public roadways.

Our neighbors planted bamboo along the property lines several years ago. Even though it is the "good" clumping variety, it has grown so large so fast the "clumps" are now more than 10 feet wide. They have destroyed our fence and we cannot keep it from continually spreading in our yard and killing our own shrubs. We are worried it has decreased our property values and we won't be able to sell our house when the time comes.

Please don't encourage this behavior in your citizens.

Turn on the lights

I cannot understand why the drivers on the road don't respect my state, by not putting their lights on when they are driving in the rain or fog. Respect the state of Florida.

In reference to Port Orange sex offenders

I agree the city should find a way to educate people in reference to sex offenders in their neighborhoods. I do not agree to placing signs in people's yard as I feel my property values would go down.

Why don't we go to the next step and place signs at homes where people have been fired or accused of sexual harassment allegations?

Humans need help

I agree with the person who wrote the rant about being a sentimentalist and old fashion traditionalist. They are right, people have no respect for anything these days. People want everything handed to them for nothing. Children have no respect for their elders or for property.

You will see trash being throwing out and that person will say it's job security for the city, because they have to clean the city, yet they don't work. You see people in rental homes that trash the place, park all over the lawn and the neighbor's lawn. These people do not care, are quick to say it's not theirs and someone will clean it. I have seen people walk around or drive around a branch in their yard and not move it out of the way, because it's not their job.

Yes, both adults and children have no respect for mankind or other people's property. The so-called human race has no sense of responsibility, no morals, no compassion for others. Humans have become heartless, greedy, lazy and thoughtless with no desire to change.

Hopefully, something will wake these people up and they will come to their senses before it's too late and our county is destroyed. For me, I will pick up the fallen branch, hold the door for the elderly and give help if I'm able. Yes, I love my country, but not what the humans have become.

No, to Atlantic Marine

Wake up, Port Orange! The proposal to relocate Atlantic Marine to Lemon Street at Dunlawton Avenue needs more scrutiny. Where is the homeowners "bill of rights" approved at the Jan. 21 City Council meeting?

This highly visible location near the entrance to our beach should certainly be subject to a well-publicized public hearing. The taxpayers, the local residents, surrounding businesses, the school officials all deserve a voice in this ill-conceived plan. When we are trying to preserve and enhance our Ridgewood Corridor and regain an image of civility that has long been ignored by our elected officials, the planning council has approved (perhaps unbeknownst to many of us) to reduce (to 20 feet) even the 45 foot buffer that other businesses must provide. In an area with a semi-blind curve, an active railroad line and a school zone, we will potentially have 30-foot tall boats parked within 20 feet of the roadway with no buffer. Then when moved by trailer, they must travel through the school zone, with children walking to and from school, to get to a main thoroughfare. Drive the route yourself to see how unsafe this can be, especially for our children.

I urge all of you to look at the current Atlantic Marine facility on South Ridgewood Avenue and imagine it beside the railroad track at the entrance to our city's greatest asset, the incredible waterfront. If this is allowed by our officials, the only image portrayed will be one of an Industrial nature, a wasted asset and a slap in the face to the neighboring businesses that spent over and above to upgrade and maintain the character of the neighborhood.

Is that what we want for our long-awaited Riverwalk Park area -- a beautification effort meant to serve the entire public? How disappointing is that? When will our elected officials consider all of the taxpayers? Haven't we had enough of serving only a privileged few at the expense of many? The city has even approved renting our precious Riverwalk Park land for a sign advertising Atlantic Marine for a mere pittance each month. Are we now in the sign business, or only serving again a privileged few?

Dogs in beach driving areas not a good idea

I have dogs. I take them to the New Smyrna Dunes Park. I used to enjoy going there until it got to be too much trouble.

My dogs always had a container of potty bags on their leash. I would come across someone whose dog had just gone to the bathroom and they were walking away. I would offer them a bag realizing that the five steps in the other direction was way too far for them to walk. They would walk away and not clean up after their dog.

Once you hit the beach, you have to maneuver your leashed dogs around the party that has decided to plant their blankets and ice chest right in the middle of the opening. My dogs, like many people's dogs, are anxious to get to the water and we are getting yelled at by people who set up their beach area right at the opening.

Then you have to deal with the people who refuse to follow the rules. There are signs everywhere that say dogs must be leashed at all times. So these morons choose to leave the leash on the dog but not hold onto the other leash. There have been many times that I have had to play interference to keep my dog away from someone else's dog. They come running up saying "oh don't worry he/she is fine." I then say "do you know if mine is? Do I know if you have your dog's shots up to date?"

The Dunes Park cannot keep up with the people who violate the rules there so why drag it into the other area? I love taking my dogs to the beach, but I won't take them to the beach where there are people driving. That puts my animals at a bigger risk. If parents cannot keep an eye on their kids without dogs and kids get run over, why would I put my dog in a position that some kid does something and my dog bites them.

As far as the silly comment about dog feces and how bad that is, I hate to break it to you, but people and kids have been peeing in that ocean for centuries. Fish die in that ocean every day. There are cigarette butts on the beach, because people cannot put their trash in the trash can. While I love my dogs and if I do take them to the beach, it will be the Dunes Park there are enough idiots there to deal with. I really don't want to deal with the other idiots on the driving beach.

Bigger problems than dogs

I want to ask a question of those who are not for dogs on the beach. Do dirty diapers, broken glass, cigarette butts and used fireworks concern you at all?

DeLand is for dog lovers

From Friday Jan. 31 rants, I thought New Smyrna Beach was dog friendly like DeLand is. Apparently there are a lot of people in New Smyrna Beach who hate dogs. I guess I will have to visit DeLand more.

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