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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > Brevard County

Rants & Raves
Rating: 2.55 / 5 (11 votes)  
Posted: 2014 Jan 31 - 06:34

Bibles at the festival

It came to my attention that at the festival I went to was the church I go to and handed out pocket-sized Bibles.

They were one of the four gospels, namely Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

Now this church reads from these gospels, so why would they be against anyone handing out pocket-sized Bibles?

After speaking with the pastor about this, he told me that he is just making the people happy.

I said what about making God happy?

After all, the Scripture says that we can only serve God.

I then found out they like to celebrate any of the pagan celebrations, which disagrees with the Bible, just like having this Harvest Festival, where adults and children dressed in costumes on church grounds, while the church handed out candy.

Now, this might not bother you, but I know it bothers God, and he is the one we all have to answer to.

So, I encourage anyone to research these celebrations like Christmas, saying Happy Easter and not Happy Resurrection. Even birthday celebrations come from pagan history. The worse is Halloween, in which many churches use the words "Harvest Festival."

So, if a church is against handing out Bibles, then they are not for God.

The origins of these were adopted by the Roman Catholic Church, which took these pagan celebrations and put Christian names to them. There are thousands of people, who know about this, and they are spreading the same news that I am, God does not delight on these kind of celebrations.

So, do the research, and find the truth.

Most of this page is about rants, I would like to offer a rave

The rave is to the manager and personnel at the Winn Dixie Store on Route 1, just outside Barefoot Bay.

The store recently put up signs, forbidding the parking of golf carts on the sidewalk in front of the store.

You would think that it would not be necessary, that common sense and good manners would cause people to park in the parking lot, but that doesn't happen.

If you have ever shopped at the store then you have played "dodge the golf cart" either driving down the sidewalk or parked blocking the door.

If the cart drivers drove their car to the store, they would park in the parking lot without thinking about it.

But, put the same people in a golf cart, and they think the rules do not apply to them.

Once again, "Job well done" to the store.

Now, if the Sheriff's Office would ticket those golf carts driving on the sidewalk on Micco Road.

Insulted by the credit union

I have been insulted by the Navy Federal Credit Union.

I am a Vietnam veteran, was part of the first U.S. Navy K9 Corp, walked the fence-line nightly, then went on to serve in the fleet for the remaining years in my enlistment.

I've lived in a Navy town all my adult life - Jacksonville - always seen the Navy Federals in the neighborhood; but now, residing in Satellite Beach, I decided to make Navy Federal my bank; but, when I went in to open my account, I was told I did not qualify - a U.S. military veteran, a Vietnam vet, a Navy veteran - but I am not good enough to have an account with the Navy Federal Credit Unio.

I guess my time wasn't good enough? All gave some, some gave all ...

Shame on you, Navy Federal.

Wetland development in Brevard County

Instead of spending the (Brevard) County Commission's time, effort and taxpayer money to determine which wetlands to open up for development, why don't you look into offering incentives to redevelop existing crumbling and functionally abandoned properties?

Two examples: the former Port Malabar bowling center and the former shopping center site at U.S. Highway 1 and Port Malabar Boulevard.

We should fully use and provide county/city services to the existing developed properties, before encouraging commercial or residential "new" development.

Partisan politics aside, whose interests do our elected officials protect? They should be representing the individual taxpayers who have to cover the "tax holiday incentives" given to new and expanding businesses or the residents whose quality of life and property values have plummeted, partially due to the blight of abandoned properties.

Guns in the hands of children

The very first time I heard when a child at the age of 7 found a gun. She thought it was a toy and shot her 9-year-old sister. The year was 1983, and it was my niece.

Since then, I have been hearing on the news about a lot of these kids, who some-how are getting these guns and shooting kids or adults.

Now I'm 59 years young, and when I was a kid, I never heard of this on the news.

The parent or parents are not keeping their guns in a secure place, and that is how these kids are getting these guns.

My niece found this loaded gun under the bed of my sister, and this disturbed me very much that my own sister would be so careless to do such a thing. What is going on?

Somehow, people have got to secure these weapons, so that these kids cannot get them.

I find it very sad that a lot of these kids are getting shot at such a young age.

Where is the care?

The problem with credit cards

I have noticed that too many people are having their identities stolen, because they used their credit card or debit card.

There must be a way to secure this problem, because too many people are being affected by this problem.

Look what happened to Target, alone, and how many people were affected by what happened there?

This problem has increased too much.

Even my tenant had this problem.

The fraud department called him because someone had gotten his numbers and went online and ordered more than a $1,000 worth of different things.

He was told that this happened at 12:40 a.m. He was asleep at that time, and he does not do any online ordering.

These people have some sort of "gizmo" that sends out a signal and picks up your numbers that are in your wallet or purse.

There is also a skimmer that gets your numbers, also. This has caused too many problems for people that it has gotten out of hand.

I think this online ordering should not be allowed, I also think that when people use their card, they should have a picture of themselves on the card, plus they should be asked to show that the card they have belongs to them.

I'm not sure if this would stop this problem, but it may cause less problems.

Parrots watching television

Prepare yourself with legitimate knowledge and any history relative to the topic.

You saturate yourself daily by a false media and then embarrass yourself by repeating it.

Give the people, who fact check Fox and (your) friends, a break.

You become a parrot, and I, for one, am sick and tired of it.

Super Bowl and pot

Jags, Bucs or Dolphins win the Super Bowl - would you like that to happen?

I have figured out a way to bring a super bowl team back to Florida.

This year, two states legalized marijuana: Washington State and Colorado.

The next Super Bowl could be ours if we just vote to legalize pot.

Racetracks vs. schools

Someone needs to explain why $400 million is going into improving a raceway, while schools are closing down for lack of funds.

I just heard this on the news about this money going into a raceway and then a school closing down for lack of funds, and that does not make sense to me.

What is more important: the education of a child or watching cars race?

Someone needs to do something about this.

'Gateway drug and pot zombies'

I have to rant in response to marijuana being the gateway drug and pot zombies.

I believe that person is incorrect.

The zombies you see are addicted to pharmaceutical drugs. There are seven people in my family, who are addicted to pharmaceutical drugs, and have become zombies.

They had surgery and were given OxyContin for the management of moderate to severe pain when a continuous, around-the-clock opioid analgesic is needed for an extended period of time.

Oxycodone is an opioid pain medication. An opioid is sometimes called a narcotic.

Family addicted to these drugs cannot be in our home, because they will steal and they definitely act like zombies, even slurring when they speak. It is very addictive.

They have withdrawal when they try to stop taking them.

Most people, who believe that marijuana is the gateway drug, are brainwashed by the media, which began in the 1920s and 1930s.

But facts prove alcohol is the gateway drug. Alcohol is still the most widely used drug of teenagers.

We all have a right to our opinion, and sometimes our opinions have facts to back them.

Many good things will come from cannabis and hemp, and it is big companies like DuPont, paper mills, cotton and pharmaceuticals, and the list goes on, that will keep brainwashing you into believing it is bad. Find out for yourself.

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