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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > Volusia County

Rants & raves
Rating: 4 / 5 (8 votes)  
Posted: 2014 Jan 31 - 06:14

No to dogs

According to Volusia County website, the trial period for dogs on the beach has been voted down. I am glad to hear it. We don't need dogs on the people beach. They have their own areas.

Don't spoil the view

My husband and I are new transplants to New Smyrna Beach from up north. We thought we had found the perfect beach town we could call home. After reading about the passed ordinance allowing a trial period for dogs on all the beaches we are thoroughly rethinking our decision.

We have enjoyed sitting in beach chairs and appreciating the pristine view of the ocean in front of us. Now, we will have an addition to that view, one of dogs urinating and defecating by the surf. Isn't that a lovely picture if we are enjoying a picnic on the beach?

Also, owners cannot always thoroughly clean up after their pets. Now when we wake barefoot we cannot just look at the ocean because we have to constantly check what is under foot. It is very sad and frustrating this council did not honor all residents and designate an area for dogs and without dogs in New Smyrna Beach. It may be time to look for another beach town to call home.

Don't disregard health

First, we need new council members who can solve simple issues.

Second, regarding dogs on the beach, or if we really need dogs on the beach, or if we really need to disregard the Volusia County Health Department's warning against fecal borne parasites from dogs. There are appropriate beach areas that few people use and no vehicles are allowed on to conduct a dog experiment.

The appropriate beach area for the dog experiment is north of Granada Boulevard to the south edge of Tom Renick Park and from the north edge of Tom Renick Park to the Volusia County line. The county already has dog areas in Ponce Inlet and New Smyrna Beach. These three dog areas should be more than enough for dogs.

By following the above, you can avoid children and adults being bitten and mauled by dogs, avoid vehicle accidents caused by dogs and avoid the spread of disease caused by dog feces and urine.

Don't turn beach into dog parks

I am writing about the County Council allowing this trial dog issue.

We, the taxpayers of Volusia, have already tolerated the dog parks for the animal lovers. They don't pick up at the dog parks, so why would they on the beach?

The one dog park they had to close, because dog owners were not picking up the poo! Ask how much the dog parks and the maintenance cost the taxpayers? The times they are allowing this are, when no one is around, and do you really think they will pick up? No.

My tax person said, dogs are a luxury, if you can't afford them, you don't need them.

Start charging for the dog parks and the beach, see how many will pay.

The backyard of the family home should be sufficient.

What's the stink?

I live in Edgewater down by the post office and the stink of sewer in the air makes me gag when I walk out the door to go to work in the morning.

This is happening almost every morning and even a few times in the evening to the point where I hate to open my door.

What is it and why is it allowed to continue day after day?

I assume it is coming from the water plant down at the end of Ocean Avenue. Surely the workers there know there is a problem. Why don't they fix it?

Thanks, knitters

Thank you to the Port Orange knitting club for your kind thoughts and beautiful gifts you gave during Christmas.

Thanks, Elks

Thank a million to Elks Lodge 2723 on Ridgewood Avenue for the delicious hot meal on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. It was delicious.

Native, hypocrisy

I recently received the latest edition of the newsletter mailed out by the City of Port Orange. Not once, but twice it advises residents to plant native plants in our landscapes.

I was surprised because the new southern extension of Yorktown Road between Dunlawton and Taylor Roads has been lined with bamboo. It is my understanding there are only three species of bamboo native to North America and most bamboo currently planted is not native. I'd like to know if all that bamboo that was recently planted is native to our area.

God bless, America

I am an 84-year-old sentimentalist who still believes in the old-fashioned traditions of our mommas and poppas of long ago, the respect for the elderly, respect for one another and respect for human life. I remember the way it was and although, there were differences of opinions, envy, jealousy and times were tough, both financially and socially, for the most part the traditions the past were respected and deep-rooted in the families living in those days.

Overall, in spite of the differences, the human race was more kind, respectful, more compassionate and our country was the envy of the world. I still have faith that somehow we all will realize we must come back to our forefathers' love of our nation and restore our country's greatness and respect to what it once was. God bless our country, God bless our people and God bless the world.

In response to: "Turn off the light"

This is regarding two rants in the Jan. 24 issue.

I agree that with what you pay for a theater ticket, you shouldn't have to deal with rude insensitive people. You should also be able to agree with the fact that prior to cell phones, there were those annoying pagers, there are also the unruly kids throwing popcorn, cracking jokes, having a good time with no consideration that other people might want to watch the movie.

The shooting that occurred at the one theater is horrible, no argument there. There happens to be a simple solution to those annoyances.

Parents should be teaching their children respect.

Now on to the other rant about gun laws need to be changed.

I own guns. They are registered and kept locked in a gun safe unless in use. I don't think that owning a gun is my God-given right but it is my right by the constitution of the United States.

What I don't see addressed is what was anyone doing inside a theater with a gun? If you feel your life is in such danger that you have to take a gun to see a movie, you might want to stay home.

Changing gun laws are not going to make things any better. I also believe that if you are applying for a gun license, you should have to have a mental health check.

Not all, but a good amount of these shootings have been by people using someone else's gun. So why not this instead. If a gun you own is used in a murder, then, you the gun owner, will be as accountable as the person who got a hold of your gun. I say this because if you have kept your gun in a proper place, safely locked up and you are not one of those nuts running around showing off your gun, you wouldn't have any problems. Put the responsibility back where it belongs.

If a parent has left their firearm in a place where their child or a neighbor's child can get it, then that person should be held just as accountable as the person doing the shooting. Gun owners have a right to own their guns, they just don't have a right to be stupid about it.

In response to: "Electromagnetic terror'

It took me a while to stop laughing when I read the rant about the Electromagnetic Terror. I hope you're not sitting at home with tin foil on your head. Do you have all your wall plugs shut tight so no vapors get in? Do you wear a helmet while using the stove, dishwasher, washing machine blender?

Your rant brought back so many happy laughable memories of the '40s and '50s when people truly believed electricity could spew vapors out to harm you. Of course, I am assuming you wrote your rant as a lark, otherwise you might want to go and speak to your doctor before you say anything else. In the meantime, thanks for the laugh.

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