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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > Indian River County

Rants & raves
Rating: 3.17 / 5 (6 votes)  
Posted: 2014 Jan 24 - 06:46

Do I smell a scam?

I am practicing to be a snowbird when I grow up and, consequently, spend much time in the area.

I had an occasion in the past, when meeting four women friends for an afternoon of shopping and lunch in another town of nearly having my auto towed away. Although the lot was nearly empty the driver was just about to hook a tow under the front end of my vehicle. He already had a car on the flatbed. Well, he was confronted with five former New York women all with cell phones. He seemed to be trying to get money out of us to leave the car alone. When one said she was calling the sheriff, he decided to leave.

I began to smell a scam. The next time I was in the Treasure Coast Mall, I stopped in the Sheriff's outpost there and asked. They seemed not to know any law or policy about parking in large areas like these. Nor were they culling for autos with out of state plates for the retrieval and towing fees incurred.

Well this does not sit well with me. I belong to a bicycle club on Long Island and we usually meet in shopping centers, depending on the ride's destination. I believe the theory of the owners if that it looks more prosperous the more cars in the lot. We always park far away from where most customers want to be as do other groups who meet for their purposes of ride sharing. Good Business!

Along Long Island's major thoroughfares there are "Park and Ride" lots for commuters who share driving.

Yesterday (a rainy Sunday) I met a friend at the Publix/Beall's shopping center on U.S. 1 and Cove Road, but she was leery since a little sign newly posted was at the entrance regarding tow away. We drove in separate cars to and from the movie in Jupiter.

I now more than ever think there is a 'cottage industry' here which preys on unsuspecting vacationers, snowbirds, etc. This would be a practice which would certainly have a negative impact on the county - sort of like the old but notorious speed traps in Georgia, for example.

Can someone direct me to where ride shares might take place without danger of tow? I am looking to become a permanent resident and would like to know where I might safely leave my car in the future. Perhaps a big chain store would realize the good will (and increased business) they would receive by announcing a welcome to car poolers.

I also read of all the gas guzzling blamed on drivers. What is a driver to do if not park somewhere and share a ride? Perhaps the county fathers can solve this dilemma.

A concern about security

Looking into the future, Americans are concerned about our security in a dangerous world. Respondents to a Reuters poll said by a 2 to 1 margin they "worry about a terrorist attack." The enemy is encouraged by any sign of American weakness. We should demonstrate determination and strength.

Are you listening, Mr. President?

Insurance scams

Let me get this straight... you have a bad back or you're a convicted drug user you can't find work or you're an alcoholic, you doctor shop , you get an ambulance chaser, better known as an attorney , you fill out a whole bunch of paperwork describing why you can't work. You get fully funded government check, then you're out on the town either getting supplied with pain killers or you're at your local pub drinking. Now you can live what you interpret as a nice life style. Wow, what a scam. No wonder communities have problems and our country is in the toilet. If you don't find anything wrong with this then my suggestion is please don't vote because you can't even take care of yourself.

Curbing the golf carts

The rave is to the manager and personnel at the Winn Dixie Store on Route 1 just outside Barefoot Bay.

The store recently put up signs forbidding the parking of golf carts on the sidewalk in front of the store.

You would think that it would not be necessary, that common sense and good manners would cause people to park in the parking lot, but that doesn't happen.

If you have ever shopped at the store then you have played "dodge the golf cart" either driving down the sidewalk or parked blocking the door.

If the cart drivers drove their car to the store they would park in the parking lot without thinking about it. But put the same people in a golf cart and they think the rules do not apply to them.

Once again, a "job well done" to the store.

Now if the sheriff's department would ticket those golf carts driving on the sidewalk on Micco Road.

Sounding off on welfare recipients

Let's see who wants to pay for other lazy people's life style? Who wants to give their hard-earned money to people who don't want to work? Who wants to support women who want to get pregnant just so they can catch a free ride on the welfare wagon? Yes, those who have more than one child but don't work to support the kids you're producing. You know who you are. Anyway, who wants to support those individuals? Not me or anyone one else with good morals. Take a look at the history of it... socialism doesn't work. If people can't support themselves then they have their own problems. Hard working people or successful business people shouldn't have to bear that. Next election time, vote for the person who believes in individual independence. It's not anyone's fault that others mismanaged their life. And especially those who knowingly have more than one child and nearly no education but use the welfare system as their source of income. Or what I should say, they use a human life as a tool to get into the terribly misused social services for a paycheck. Let's clean house and get rid of the irresponsible liberals, also better known as democrats.

A rave about the area

I just moved here from up north to escape the cold, harsh winters. Much to my delight are so many lovely residents that are welcoming and friendly. It's so refreshing to live in a beautiful community that thrives. Riding my bike around the area I find so many wonderful places to shop, frolic along the beach or find a great book at the library. All the goodness here is much appreciated including the beautiful weather. Thank you!

A true southerner

Okay, here we go again. I'm a true southerner, born and raised in the south. I'm not one of these snow birds who move to the south and live here for a couple of years then claim to be a southerner. I have to laugh when I go to Publix and watch these snow birds in the parking lot and of course in the store. In the store you have to watch them because they're always in a hurry and believe me they will run you over with their shopping cart. I'm thinking their house must be on fire and they have to hurry home to put it out. Now for the parking lot... they see someone backing out of a parking space and if they want the space they'll sit and wait, but if not they'll sit and lay down on that horn, and it's a wonder they don't give the poor soul backing out a heart-attack. When these snow birds pack up and come south for our nice warm weather and our beaches you would think they would know in the south we take things slow, laid back and enjoy life. It's not good to be in such a rush. No wonder the doctor's office is so full in the winter when they come down. So please don't be so rude and unfriendly... respect us southern folks. Life is too short to just hurry through it. Just lay back and enjoy our warm weather and of course, the slow moving Southerners.

Referring to 'Racism or not'

I beg to differ to your reference to Jesus as Satan in disguise. Jesus is God's son and never would even think of being with Satan. From what you say in your rant, you seem to imply that you are a black person who has some hatred for white people and want to put them as devils. I suggest that you stop thinking of whites as bad people and look at yourself. I have worked for almost 40-years with the public and never thought of customers as looking down at me or anyone else that worked with me. You seem to have a problem with white people. Why, I don't understand. You and others that think like you are one of the reasons that racism never stops. I know we are different but still the same. Try to see from a different view and you will be surprised. Try to get along with your customers and I think you will see they are no different than you are in many ways. God views all of us the same. Try to be more like Him and Jesus and I think you will get a different attitude. I know that all of us have problems in our thinking of things but no one is perfect and never was except for Jesus who was perfect in all ways.

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