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Rants & raves
Rating: 2.13 / 5 (8 votes)  
Posted: 2014 Jan 24 - 06:36

Off the deep end

I don't know where this person gets their information, but I do know I am glad they "were not allowed to speak;" and I wonder why they weren't, when a question was asked; but they are totally off the deep end with their ideas.

I hope I am not off the deep end with my response; if so, someone please correct me.

Golf courses employ people, lots of them, since most of them have other facilities, as well. Shut them down (and) you add to the unemployment rate, you take away from the tax base. You take away an enjoyable outside activity for many people, retired or not that helps them stay healthy. Plus not all "high paid, or retired" people play golf, the group is small in comparison to the population.

It's costly to belong to a golf club, not all of us can afford it, but those that can pay taxes on golf items they need.

The pay of the people working there is also taxed, they in turn spend it and pay taxes.

We were in space operations for 40 years, 10 of it here at KSC. We have already closed down most of the KSC operations, with only a skeleton crew out there right now. Yes, we hope it will come back again because having done this has already impacted the tax base and the unemployment in this county, let alone the country and the world since it also impacted all the hundreds of sub-contractors and emergency landing sites with closing, thus layoff and loss of income.

Agriculture 'pollution with the new pesticides and regulations/rules is not as bad as the average homeowners, with their pest sprays, fertilizer and other yard maintenance and household upkeep cans and bottles, which is why a number of years ago, the cities put special filtering devices, and retention ponds have been installed to filter the water before it is put into the rivers or lakes, and why some of us (not sure of all Brevard) pay a stormwater fee each year to maintain those operations and retention ponds, and each year it goes up, not down.

Population growing made up of "classy high paying career people?" I'd love to know where they are, unless you consider more than 60,000-80,000-a-year high pay, which I think is the mean for this county.

We are mostly a retirement area, retirement from the north, I might add, who bring cash with them and spend it.

We are also a tourist area again with cash to spend. We do not have the high-paying or huge manufacturing companies the rest of the country has in areas. We have a few, of which KSC used to be one. However, if these people exist in huge amounts here that money is again being spent in the county and they pay taxes on what they buy other then food and medical; they also pay taxes on their income as well as Social Security.

They are the ones who buy/lease cars, boats, build new/large homes, upscale goods, can afford to pay to have work done around the place, which, in turn, employs more people, who, in turn, spend their income and pay taxes. It is called the trickle-down effect.

Most of our Chamber of Commerce people are already working on attracting clean "high-paying" companies to the area in the hopes they will bring employment and raise the tax basis. This will not get rid of the population drain retirees. Do you really think a person, who is retired and has a house paid for and can keep it up, is going to move out just because a high paying company has moved in? It is more likely they will have their adult children move in with them, so they can work at that company until they find a place of their own, if they do.

Besides, with high-paying companies you get people who also play golf, so you are, in fact, defeating your own golf suggestion.

Retired suck up federal tax dollars like a straw. Oh. please! Give me a break here! That Social Security check is money taken out of our paychecks and money paid into Social Security by the companies we worked for. It is ours to begin with, and if you think you can live on $1,200-$1,500 a month - not nearly what we paid into at times - then you have not looked at the cost of living index lately.

How many retirees do you see taking part time jobs to implement their Social Security income? More then I care to count.

Most of those who are on "federal tax dollars" or government dole-out, are those younger people. who are sitting on the welfare seat, not working, having large families and getting one way or another government benefits for each person, such as medical, food stamps, unemployment, et al, which the working man and yes we retirees with income pay for.

Obamacare (the Affordable Care Act) is a good example of that mess.

"Do retires contribute to Florida's tax base?" You're darn right, we do! We make up a huge amount of it. We pay the same taxes you do: property, driving/car license, clothing, non-eatable/prescription items, pet supplies/upkeep, gas/car, contracted work, household supplies, inside Florida vacations, entertainment items, the purchase of vehicles and recreational items, that golfer you want to get rid of replaces his clubs, bag, balls, shoes, et al. They rent or own the carts, and they are not cheap. Same for any other sport we take part in. Even walking takes a good pair of shoes, which are upwards of $50-$75.

We are an active and productive part of Florida's economy, even if no one wants to admit it. And I doubt we are going away any time soon, since the boomers are now retiring, and they are a large group.

Bike paths

I just got through reading the rant about how somebody could have killed a bicycle-rider one night.

I called a newspaper years ago, concerning why we don't have bike paths.

Are you kidding me? Germany had them back in the 1960s when I was over there.

They had beautiful bike paths. Old and young rode their bikes, which is very healthy, I might add.

This is sunny-summer Florida, with 365 days a year to ride our bikes.

Let's get serious about having bike paths and get bicycles off the roads.

John Rodes is an example. I saw a man riding his bike on the grass, struggling to get his bike off the grass and onto the road.

Let's get the bike paths. Thank you.

'Homeless' Pet of the Week?

I enjoy reading your paper each week, but I also have a "Pet of the Week" complaint.

The last one who wrote in or called in to you complaining about the "Pet of the Week," I agree 100 percent that the pet of the week should be a "Homeless Pet of the Week" spotlight.

I know that all cats look cute with little hats on. All cats love to run after their little treats that are thrown at them.

All dogs love to go for walks and play with squeaky toys.

I agree with the last complaint that it is insane.

Please consider putting in your "Pet of the Week" with a homeless pet of the week.

Answer to two rants

The first is about the person who stated that why should old people get Social Security.

Does he or she not look at their pay stub, or do they get paid under the table?

What does he think the amount taken out for FICA is?

We pay for this. It is not an entitlement we get for free, unlike Welfare, earned income or food stamps, etc. Although I dislike - I've been on these in the past - these programs, I feel, are OK to use them temporarily, but not as a lifestyle, as, many do today.

The second one is to the person who complained about having dogs in the stores.

There are other kinds of service dogs besides guide dogs for the blind. They are just as necessary.

Bibles at the festival

It came to my attention that at the festival I went to was the church I go to and handed out pocket-sized Bibles.

They were one of the four gospels, namely Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

Now this church reads from these gospels, so why would they be against anyone handing out pocket-sized Bibles?

After speaking with the pastor about this, he told me that he is just making the people happy.

I said what about making God happy?

After all, the Scripture says that we can only serve God.

I then found out they like to celebrate any of the pagan celebrations, which disagrees with the Bible, just like having this Harvest Festival, where adults and children dressed in costumes on church grounds, while the church handed out candy.

Now, this might not bother you, but I know it bothers God, and he is the one we all have to answer to.

So, I encourage anyone to research these celebrations like Christmas, saying Happy Easter and not Happy Resurrection. Even birthday celebrations come from pagan history. The worse is Halloween, in which many churches use the words "Harvest Festival."

So, if a church is against handing out Bibles, then they are not for God.

The origins of these were adopted by the Roman Catholic Church, which took these pagan celebrations and put Christian names to them. There are thousands of people, who know about this, and they are spreading the same news that I am, God does not delight on these kind of celebrations.

So, do the research, and find the truth.

Most of this page is about rants - I would like to offer a rave

The rave is to the manager and personnel at the Winn Dixie Store on Route 1, just outside Barefoot Bay.

The store recently put up signs, forbidding the parking of golf carts on the sidewalk in front of the store.

You would think that it would not be necessary, that common sense and good manners would cause people to park in the parking lot, but that doesn't happen.

If you have ever shopped at the store then you have played "dodge the golf cart" either driving down the sidewalk or parked blocking the door.

If the cart drivers drove their car to the store, they would park in the parking lot without thinking about it.

But, put the same people in a golf cart, and they think the rules do not apply to them.

Once again, "Job well done" to the store.

Now, if the Sheriff's Office would ticket those golf carts driving on the sidewalk on Micco Road.

Insulted by the credit union

I have been insulted by the Navy Federal Credit Union.

I am a Vietnam veteran, was part of the first U.S. Navy K9 Corp, walked the fence-line nightly, then went on to serve in the fleet for the remaining years in my enlistment.

I've lived in a Navy town all my adult life - Jacksonville - always seen the Navy Federals in the neighborhood; but now, residing in Satellite Beach, I decided to make Navy Federal my bank; but, when I went in to open my account, I was told I did not qualify - a U.S. military veteran, a Vietnam vet, a Navy veteran - but I am not good enough to have an account with the Navy Federal Credit Union.

I guess my time wasn't good enough? All gave some, some gave all ...

Shame on you, Navy Federal.

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