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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > St. Lucie County

Rants & raves
Rating: 2 / 5 (6 votes)  
Posted: 2014 Jan 17 - 07:01

Recycling should be mandatory

When my brothers were kids, they use to get an old grain bag and go picking up bottles from the side of the road. They turned them in for deposit.

Maine put back the bottle deposit several years ago. I thought kids would still be picking up the bottles on the beach and on the side of the road. Instead, early one morning, I saw seniors collecting bottles for returns. I had nothing but admiration for them. I do think that recycling is smarter than (having) deposits. Florida should require all disposable plastics and glass to be recycled. (There would be) no paper/plastic cartons of milk. No foil/paper snack drinks of juice.

Allow only recyclable, materials on the grocers' shelf. I thought that all glass should be recycled, not just drinks, but mayonnaise and pickle jars, as well.

As for someone taking recycled cans out of the trash, perhaps he was hard up. We were taught, "There, but for the grace of God, go I."

Dogs aren't always welcome

I just wanted to rave about the nice arts and crafts show I went to last week.

I just have a question for everybody out there: why do people bring dogs to an arts and crafts show? Do they think the dogs know about arts and crafts?

I saw several people, some who even had dogs in a baby carriage. One person had two dogs on a leash. They bark and there's not much room. I am a pet owner and a pet lover, but I know my dogs do not like craft shows and people do like to look at your dogs, smell them or watch them whatever they're doing.

Use some common sense, people.

Anchor babies may subsidize increasing number of senior citizens in U.S.

Some countries have no anchor babies. A baby is only a citizen of the country in which he is born if his parents are citizens.

Perhaps someone did the math and figured out anchor babies will grow up to pay taxes and Social Security. Perhaps the base needed for increasing number of seniors who can only be supported with the influx of immigrants, legal or otherwise.

True, their parents presently seem to be crippling the economy with their draw on the Social Security, educational, medical, welfare, legal and other services, but maybe it will balance out somewhere down the line. Maybe not. I am an English major, not a math major.

Bicyclists, stop taking up all the parking spaces

Why are bicyclists going everywhere in groups, and parking their vehicles in the very limited parking spaces there, then taking bicycles out of their cars and pedaling away?

Then, they go biking for miles, and people trying to spend some time on the beach have to leave because there's no place to park.

Parking is always a problem, but to park and then leave to go elsewhere is just wrong, shows total and complete lack of consideration for others and should be stopped immediately.

When I was a kid...

I walked back and forth from school four times a day, for more than 2 miles when I was a kid.

Nowadays, the busses stop every couple of blocks, while parents sit in the cars waiting with the kids. Isn't it a waste of taxpayer's money? With all these new sidewalks, can't the kids walk to the bus stops? No wonder Americans are so lazy.

Stop passing on double yellow lines

Twice in the last month as I drove through my residential neighborhood, going the speed limit, I might add, I have had two vehicles pass me on the double yellow line.

When has it become legal to pass on the double yellow? This is happening more and more and I am just appalled that someone can have such blatant disregard for the safety of others to save a few moments by speeding through a residential neighborhood.

These are not small vehicles, either. If you see yourself in this letter, take a breath and take your foot off the gas and just relax. A few moments more to get where you are going won't kill you and just might save someone.

Don't judge

I wish those who talk all about the people on food stamps would just shut up. They have no idea of what people go through or their situation. They complain about people buying food and then getting into a nice car or wearing nice jewelry.

How can they be certain that the person shopping isn't shopping for somebody else?

My daughter shops for me because I'm homebound. She has a decent vehicle and has a couple rings on her fingers. She is by no means rich, but she doesn't "look" as though she's poor. She goes to the grocery store for me once a week to get me a few things.

If somebody had the audacity to look at her or follow her out to the car to see what she was driving, I'd hope they would follow her to my house because I'd have a mouthful to give them.

There's nobody on the face of the earth who has the right to judge someone based on what they drive or what they wear. Those who do should be ashamed of themselves. Don't forget, one day you'll sit and be judged.

Talking about teachers

I'm friends with some local teachers. It's unbelievable that these are the same folks who sit inside a classroom and teach our kids. They have no use of proper English and are more judgmental and hypocritical than anybody I know.

A teacher sounds off

I'm a teacher and I'm sick of people thinking it's such an easy job. We deal with disrespectful kids and even worse, their disrespectful parents. They come to class because they have to, not because they want to. The parents make them show up because they will face jail time if they don't.

Those certain few really ruin the teaching and learning experience for those who really want to be there. Something should be done to eradicate the schools of these nuisances.

Driving laws and parking lots

I have noticed that people think that driving laws do not apply in the parking lot.

They don't signal when turning, they cut through the empty parking places to go from one lane to another. They don't stop when people are coming out, trying to get to their cars.

It is bad enough they do this in regular traffic, but to do this in parking lots makes it very hard on those who do obey the laws of driving, even in the parking lot.

Thank you for your attention, and please keep this in mind.

When you drive in the parking lot, driving rules still apply.

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