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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > Brevard County

Rants & raves
Rating: 2.11 / 5 (9 votes)  
Posted: 2014 Jan 17 - 06:33

Rebuttal to response to 'Made of greed and money only'

The economic lessons of Republican talking points are so ludicrous that even "Honey Boo Boo" would have issues with it. Let's take the points one at a time.

The U.S. corporate tax rate is at 35 percent. This is before depreciation allowance, tax write-offs, tax brakes, tax loop holes, tax credits, tax abatements and tax deferments are deducted. This leaves the payable corporate tax rate at or near zero.

The Democrats offered to reduce the corporate tax rate to 28 percent and eliminate excessive deductions, but the Republicans refused. Taxes are not the reason corporations leave the country.

Every government regulation must contain the required legal and legislative language before enactment. This will add 10 or more pages for every one page of regulation.

Successful lobbying exempts most corporations from lengthy regulations.

In the 1960s, America had a powerful industrial base and a prosperous independent middle class.

How comfortable Republicans must now feel, knowing the cornerstone of modern American economy rests on the back of children in China and Malaysia working 70 hours a week for pennies a day, while stock prices skyrocket.

The currently taught neo-liberal economic model dictates global market domination by multi-nationals through "free" trade agreements and high-interest loans to enslave whole nations into corporate servitude. Flooding the U.S. market with foreign-made goods to eliminate jobs and destroy local economies is necessary to bring the U.S. inline with that global model.

The reasons why business flock to overseas locations is cheap labor costs, no safety regulations, no environment regulations, no anti-trust laws, no government oversight and no restrictions on business practices.

It is the Republicans that push the hardest to promote the global economy and the corporate slavery that goes with it.

Yes, without question, the Republicans don't care about the little guys.

Proper pruning needed

I am a professional arborist, who is really upset with recent abuse done to all the palms at the King Center/college campus.

We have been preaching and teaching about proper pruning for more than 10 years, and landscapers were listening. Drive by, and look.

Why not just plant telephone poles there, because that what it appears to be? I hope those who love palms call the college and or King Center and voice their displeasure at such an ugly sight!

Someone needs to learn how to prune correctly, and I believe it was done within.

I hope you will print this so people see what not to do to palms when driving by to look. Thank you.

Waste Management rant

My husband and I own a cafe in Melbourne. Being environmentally conscience, we requested recycling service from Waste Management.

We not only wanted to recycle ourselves, but we wanted to raise awareness with our customers and to set a good example to our business neighbors - none of which are recycling).

It cost us $150 to get the yellow-topped, 96-gallon tote delivered.

I quickly realized that we were paying about $10 more per month to recycle than we were paying for our 2-yard Dumpster, which was the smallest size available.

I called Waste Management, and they reduced my recycling bill by $10 per month. I was very grateful, but questioned why they were charging me the original amount, if they could reduce it when I called to complain.

At present, we, like many locally owned small business owners, are having trouble meeting expenses so that we can stay open.

After much soul-searching, we decided we needed to cancel our recycling, along with a few other "non-essential" expenses.

When I called Waste Management, I was told there is a three-year contract - even though recycling is not mandatory - which it really should be - and that I would have to pay another $150 to have the yellow-top tote picked up, along with a six-month equivalent cancellation fee.

I had no idea about the three-year contract when we originally requested recycling.

I am appalled that Waste Management can get away with this, and am questioning my original decision to recycle, even though I know it was the right thing to do.

I wish every small business and every family would make an effort to recycle everything possible, but at this point, I feel I should warn other small business owners of the total expense for recycling.

I wonder if recycling were mandatory, if the expense would go down?

Waste Management self-promotes themselves as a green company, but they certainly do not help other business to be green. It would seem that if they encouraged small businesses to recycle, by making it affordable, then every business, small or large, would be eager to recycle to do what they can to protect our environment.

I am now left with resentment, instead of joy, for my recycling efforts.

Health insurance

A recent ranter claims his health insurance was canceled.

Well, his anger should be at the insurance company, who most likely could have afforded to comply with the new Affordable Care Act rules, but choose to take the cheaper way out and just drop people.

Many people are getting very good results with directly calling into the exchanges. Do not bother with the website. Several people have entered their information incorrectly, so I have heard, and the amounts they are being quoted are incorrect.

In some cases, the amount they are being quoted is without the subsidies being applied.

The only cases I have seen with very high policy fees are those people with high incomes. Call (800) 318-2596 to reach healthcare.gov 24/7 LIVE ONLINE CHAT HELP

As of Jan. 1, more than 2 million people now have health insurance after signing up for coverage. Not only that, but 3.9 million additional Americans are now eligible for Medicaid or the Children's Health Insurance Program.

Unfortunately, around 5 million people won't be able to get health coverage this year because 25 states, all of which have either a Republican governor or a Republican-controlled legislature, have refused to expand Medicaid to their poorest citizens. So sorry for them.

To verify this information, visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/215200298639706 and https://www.facebook.com/acasuccessstories.

Pet of the Week

Just read, with interest, the rant referring to (the) Pet of (the) Week.

I agree with this writer what wonderful service Hometown News would do - helping animals finding forever homes - great idea!

I hope you and your staff will consider this. Possible could do both.

I'll be watching and waiting to see if this happens. By the way, I love your paper.

Drugs in Melbourne Beach?

This is in response to the rant that was in the Hometown News regarding illegal drugs in Melbourne Beach.

When I tell people that I live in Melbourne Beach, the response is frequently something about there being so many illegal drugs - manufactured and for sale - in Melbourne Beach or the person calls it "drug town."

I started thinking about that and wondered how illegal drugs could continue in our town. Here are some possible reasons:

1. Residents and police are unaware that there are illegal drugs in the town

2. Residents do not care that there are illegal drugs in the town

3. Someone in town hall is "on the take."

After further reflection, I realized that the town of "no" has said "yes" frequently to alcoholic beverages, so perhaps illegal drugs fit in. Sad.

Raising children

I have a difficult time understanding a comment by a friend, who has told her children that no matter what they did to their electronic devices, they were insured and the kids could even throw them in the toilet and they would get another free one.

Her kids are up to having received five devices so far.

Whatever happened to teaching our children respect for their belongings and the difference between right and wrong?

House for sale

I recently listed my house for sale in Melbourne Beach.

I am appalled and disgusted at the actions of the Realtors, who bring these "so-called" buyers to look at my home.

I am living in my home, and these people treat me and my home with no respect at all!

Initially, I had a lock box and allowed showings without me being present, but after I noticed that they were using my bathroom and opening bedroom dresser drawers when I returned home, I was furious; so now I insist on accompanying anyone who comes to see my house!

As I converse with these buyers, most of them are on vacation and are "just looking" and leaving tomorrow and have no intention on buying anything!

Please people, when sellers are still living in their homes, have some human decency and respect for them!

Screen your buyers, ask them what they are looking for in a home and insist on having them pre-approved before you take them on a joy ride through homes where people are still living there!

We would rather not have a showing than have one that is completely useless!

Please also remember that sellers go through a lot of trouble to make their house look perfect before a showing. We may clean for three hours prior to you coming to our home; so please, leave your children and pets at home. No one wants your kids running through their house or your little dog either!

This is a serious business transaction and it is not the place for children or pets! If you decide to make an offer, then, bring the children back with you, but leave your pets at home!

I have also experienced Realtors making appointments and not showing up and not even calling to cancel.

They also have made appointments a few days in advance and then cancel a half hour before the appointment.

I find this very rude and inconsiderate!

Then, after all of this, these realtors have the nerve to leave nasty reviews of our home.

My home is beautiful, and it is, "my home." There is no need to write nasty reviews of it because in reality, they brought an unqualified buyer to see my home and would never get an offer. They are just trying to justify their own incompetence!

It would be sufficient to simply say the home was beautiful, but my client is still looking. You do not have to be rude and insulting because it accomplishes nothing.

This is and has definitely been the worst experience I have had here in Brevard County.

I hope this makes people think about being a bit more considerate

Pets cost too much

I was reading in the complaint of the week about pets - not enough homes for them, and they euthanize so many of them here.

My experience is today is that I went to find a pet and found the perfect one, but when I asked how much it was, they said it was $200 for a little dog.

This is a problem. How many people can pay $200 to adopt a pet? That is outrageous, and that doesn't even count the cost of the tag you have to buy for the county.

So, if you want to know why they are getting rid of so many of them by killing them and there are not enough homes, it is because people can't afford that kind of money to get a dog.

I'm a senior citizen and a disabled veteran, and I wanted that little dog very bad for companionship.

But there is no way in the world that I can afford that kind of money.

Great paper carrier

I live in the Holiday Park section of Palm Bay.

Every week, the delivery man for the Hometown News is so efficient and so wonderful and never misses the driveway.

And when it's raining, he tries to get the paper underneath the carport, too.

So, pat him on the back. He deserves great praise.

Can you believe it, people?

I think our country is turning into a country of pot-smoking zombies.

Is this what our government wants? Is there something going on here that I don't know about?

Smoking pot is a gateway to more hard-core drugs.

Medical pot is OK, but should be under control and checked into as to whether this person truly needs pot for medical reasons.

Off the deep end

I don't know where this person gets their information, but I do know I am glad they "were not allowed to speak;" and I wonder why they weren't, when a question was asked; but they are totally off the deep end with their ideas.

I hope I am not off the deep end with my response; if so, someone please correct me.

Golf courses employ people, lots of them, since most of them have other facilities, as well. Shut them down (and) you add to the unemployment rate, you take away from the tax base. You take away an enjoyable outside activity for many people, retired or not that helps them stay healthy. Plus not all "high paid, or retired" people play golf, the group is small in comparison to the population.

It's costly to belong to a golf club, not all of us can afford it, but those that can pay taxes on golf items they need.

The pay of the people working there is also taxed, they in turn spend it and pay taxes.

We were in space operations for 40 years, 10 of it here at KSC. We have already closed down most of the KSC operations, with only a skeleton crew out there right now. Yes, we hope it will come back again because having done this has already impacted the tax base and the unemployment in this county, let alone the country and the world since it also impacted all the hundreds of sub-contractors and emergency landing sites with closing, thus layoff and loss of income.

Agriculture 'pollution with the new pesticides and regulations/rules is not as bad as the average homeowners, with their pest sprays, fertilizer and other yard maintenance and household upkeep cans and bottles, which is why a number of years ago, the cities put special filtering devices, and retention ponds have been installed to filter the water before it is put into the rivers or lakes, and why some of us (not sure of all Brevard) pay a stormwater fee each year to maintain those operations and retention ponds, and each year it goes up, not down.

Population growing made up of "classy high paying career people?" I'd love to know where they are, unless you consider more than 60,000-80,000-a-year high pay, which I think is the mean for this county.

We are mostly a retirement area, retirement from the north, I might add, who bring cash with them and spend it.

We are also a tourist area again with cash to spend. We do not have the high-paying or huge manufacturing companies the rest of the country has in areas. We have a few, of which KSC used to be one. However, if these people exist in huge amounts here that money is again being spent in the county and they pay taxes on what they buy other then food and medical; they also pay taxes on their income as well as Social Security.

They are the ones who buy/lease cars, boats, build new/large homes, upscale goods, can afford to pay to have work done around the place, which, in turn, employs more people, who, in turn, spend their income and pay taxes. It is called the trickle-down effect.

Most of our Chamber of Commerce people are already working on attracting clean "high-paying" companies to the area in the hopes they will bring employment and raise the tax basis. This will not get rid of the population drain retirees. Do you really think a person, who is retired and has a house paid for and can keep it up, is going to move out just because a high paying company has moved in? It is more likely they will have their adult children move in with them, so they can work at that company until they find a place of their own, if they do.

Besides, with high-paying companies you get people who also play golf, so you are, in fact, defeating your own golf suggestion.

Retired suck up federal tax dollars like a straw. Oh. please! Give me a break here! That Social Security check is money taken out of our paychecks and money paid into Social Security by the companies we worked for. It is ours to begin with, and if you think you can live on $1,200-$1,500 a month - not nearly what we paid into at times - then you have not looked at the cost of living index lately.

How many retirees do you see taking part time jobs to implement their Social Security income? More then I care to count.

Most of those who are on "federal tax dollars" or government dole-out, are those younger people. who are sitting on the welfare seat, not working, having large families and getting one way or another government benefits for each person, such as medical, food stamps, unemployment, et al, which the working man and yes we retirees with income pay for.

Obamacare (the Affordable Care Act) is a good example of that mess.

"Do retires contribute to Florida's tax base?" You're darn right, we do! We make up a huge amount of it. We pay the same taxes you do: property, driving/car license, clothing, non-eatable/prescription items, pet supplies/upkeep, gas/car, contracted work, household supplies, inside Florida vacations, entertainment items, the purchase of vehicles and recreational items, that golfer you want to get rid of replaces his clubs, bag, balls, shoes, et al. They rent or own the carts, and they are not cheap. Same for any other sport we take part in. Even walking takes a good pair of shoes, which are upwards of $50-$75.

We are an active and productive part of Florida's economy, even if no one wants to admit it. And I doubt we are going away any time soon, since the boomers are now retiring, and they are a large group.

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