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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > Martin County

Rants & raves
Rating: 1.86 / 5 (7 votes)  
Posted: 2013 Dec 27 - 06:47

Discrimination against single people?

A local golf course charges a married couple $1,203 for an annual membership but they charge single people $1,792. Why are they charging them $500 more? Why do they discriminate against single people? That's not right.

Leave dogs home

I recently went to an art show and was surprised by the number of dogs present. Dogs don't know a thing about art. I didn't go there to see and hear dogs. I went to view art. I don't understand why some people feel it necessary to bring one, two and three dogs to those types of events. I have a dog, and I wouldn't bring him to an art show. Some dog owners are so inconsiderate.

Facing childhood obesity

I worry about the children who are overweight. I think that this attention and measurement is detrimental. It will hold children up to the ridicule of their peers.

Yes, tell the schools to have healthy choices of fruits and veggies. Yes, get rid of the vending machines. Yes, get back to two or three recesses, with one being a structured exercise class, per day. Yes, have health classes explaining the value of healthy eating and daily exercise.

No, do not measure a child's body fat and no, do not send a form home to the parent to tell them their child is overweight. Come on, use some common sense. Why hurt a child, emotionally, in a quest for social engineering?

Clean up after your pup

The park walk is a dog's delight.

Trees, birds, squirrels and you. What more could he want?

How about when he does the do? Do you grab a bag and pick up the pooh before it gets on my shoe?

There's more to being a good owner and my neighbor than puppy kisses, playing ball and pats on the head.

Put an end to gossip

I'm so sorry I'm stuck here with you. I'm talking about the 85 percent of the population who likes to spread rumors and lies someone else made up.

Yes, people make up lies to suit their needs. It sometimes seems all people have is to talk poorly about others.

Judging and gossiping is used to divide, not unite. Whenever you find (or think you find) fault in others through being self-righteous, it is often based on fear, ignorance and sometimes hatred. Before spreading gossip:

1. Wonder if it's really true or something embellished. Never take hearsay as truth and never pass it along.

2. How do you know if it is or isn't true? Do you know where it started? Does it seem too unreal to be true? If so, it probably is false.

3. Who started it? Was their perception and interpretation correct or something imagined?

4. If you spread lies and degrade others does this make you feel superior?

5. Are you already living in fear? Do parents unconsciously put fear in their children?

6. In the end, lies and gossip can ruin a whole community.

Do your part and stop rumors before they start and ruin your community or put you in fear unnecessarily. Find the truth, it's easy.

Plato said, "Don't commit haphazard talk. Speak only the truth."

If you don't really know, all you have is your imagination. So, you might as well jump over the cliff. You'll be happier without judgment. Try it. Enjoy healing speech for the holidays. You are no better than anyone else. Get used to it. Otherwise, start running. Anyone can make up a lie about you, too.

Congestion is too much

I've been living in Vero Beach close to 30 years. The congestion is getting too much. Why can't something be done? There are no grocery stores on route 60 near the I-95 exit and it's too crowded to get to the one near Oslo and 58th. What are those who live in the trailer parks supposed to do?

Remove the homeless

City officials in Fort Pierce need to do something about the quality of life in the city. There are boarding houses off U.S. 1, and homeless people living everywhere. They are panhandling and lining the streets in downtown Fort Pierce. We need to move them near the I-95 exit.

Self-centered Americans

Americans never cease to amaze me. They are self-centered and conceited. They think they are the smartest on earth. They think they have invented everything. Everyone should have a corrupt government like us and have thieving businessmen like us. What can you expect from a polyglot nation that's made up of misfits?

Unlike most industrial nations, Americans lack class and culture. We are like a herd of wild animals. We stole everything from the Indians and the Mexicans, but have claimed this land as ours.

Legal aliens have it easy

You want free health care, public schooling, and in-state tuition, welfare and driver licenses for illegal aliens all in hope of votes and what you see as loyal minions.

Did it ever occur to you and some Republicans that you will all be voted out?

Wake up. They already have their own people ready to step in.

I know how hard you fight for felons and illegal aliens to vote, just about as hard as you try to block our brave soldier's votes. At least some felons are legal citizens.

What part of illegal is so hard to understand?

Crossing our borders is just the first law that is broken. I consider it invading a sovereign country. Driving and holding a license is a privilege. I know a few people that have been jailed for losing this privilege. What about the issue of identity theft and giving out false social security numbers?

Again, American citizens are jailed for this crime. My daughters could not cross lines to attend public schools, yet illegal aliens are welcomed with open arms. My children could not travel to an out of state school and expect to get in-state tuition, yet we give them to illegal aliens not to mention every form of public aid and top priority for scholarships.

There is absolutely no respect for this country. Now, the Mexican flag is flown over ours. They have the right to be patriotic to a country they fled, in our homeland; yet, we have to fight to be patriotic in our own country.

Enough is enough; I'd move my family to Mexico when it finally empties out, but guess what, you can never become a full citizen there. Funny, their southern border is protected by the military.

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