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Rants & Raves
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Posted: 2013 Dec 27 - 06:31

Israel's enemies

Israel's enemies should be aware of their very powerful ally, the one that brought Israel up and out of the land of Egypt.

That's all I have to say.


Good morning, I was having my breakfast with my cat, "Mister Wiggles," this morning when it struck me that there are so many mean people. Why, just the other day, I saw a man drive down the left side of the road with his right turn signal on, and when I told him he just gave me a mean face and drove off. I just don't think that people like that should be allowed on the roads, especially when I like to drive very slowly, so I can talk on my phone or do my makeup. Thank you, and have a nice day.

Re: service dogs

To the person complaining about dogs other than seeing-eye dogs, not all service dogs are for the blind, there are service dogs that tell when a person is going to have a seizure, there are service dogs that tell when a diabetic's sugar is getting too low, and there are service dogs that are needed for stabilizing a person's walk. There are all kinds of service dogs that are needed for the welfare of a person. To say no dogs but yes, eye dogs should be allowed, is breaking the law. If you do not like it, then stay away from the dogs. They need these dogs just as much as a person needs a cane, a walker or a wheelchair.

Buy American cars

The wonderful time of the year is here folks, and I, as an old man would like to say 'Happy Holidays to all."

This year make two resolutions. No. 1: Be good/more easy going, and respectful to others. No. 2: Buy more American cars and products. G.M. is closing its doors in Australia and Korea forever because of financial difficulties.

Please consider to support your local auto companies and help the crippling American auto industry. God bless everyone, and hope to see more American built cars on the road.

More on cars

The great GM! Almost two thirds of GM jobs are now in other countries. Seven out of 10 GM vehicles are now made outside of The U.S. GM has closed 13 plants in the U.S. and has opened 15 plants in China.

GM has now purchased a cargo van from Nissan then installs a Chevy name plate on it. The same goes for Ford and Chrysler to a lesser extent.

The Big U.S. three and The White House has bailed out

GM and Chrysler with taxpayer's money! GM is going to invest another $8 billion into China. Now, how is that working for you? Then parts made for your vehicles from all over the world.

The big Japanese three: Toyota, Honda and Nissan have plants throughout the U.S. building some of their vehicles using U.S. workers! Now, how is that working for you?

As Joe Friday would say "just the facts man." Enough said.

Answer to "Checks and Cars"

You are a moron! You haven't a clue how the Social Security system works.

Could it be that retired people have worked for 30, 40 and even 50 years to put money into the system? Cars, maybe they buy foreign because they can afford them.

Go read a history book on the United States.

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