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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > St. Lucie County

Rants & raves
Rating: 2.2 / 5 (5 votes)  
Posted: 2013 Dec 06 - 07:03

In response to the 'Snowbirds' rant

No, not all snowbirds are alike. However, as someone who works in the restaurant business one thing I would like to tell the snowbirds is that we in the south don't possess the "entitlement" mentality. When you go out to eat, don't treat food servers as your servants. They are hardworking people who at times have to wear a fake smile because of your attitude. Put your entitlement attitude in a box and send it back to your northern address. When you go out to a restaurant along the water and want to sit outside, there are elements food servers have no control over like Mother Nature, and others who are sitting outside. Yes, we value your business here, just not the entitlement mentality that you possess. That and you're here for a short period of time. I write this because I hear food servers talking about the rudeness of the snowbirds all the time. Perhaps if the shoe was on the other foot snowbirds would rethink about their demands. Oh, and we are not union down here either. Unions are nothing more than socialized workforce who can't think for themselves.

More on snowbirds

Does Hawaii have a large sign at each airport saying - Go home, snow birds? There are 50 United States and this is a free country. What a sorry person that must be, denying anyone the right to visit his Florida. Spend six months up in the ice and snow, and maybe you will understand the need for warmth and freedom to drive without risking your life.

And more on snowbirds

My Rant is for the person writing 'Go home, snow birds.' I get the impression this person may be jealous that they don't have a second home. I know a lot of snow birds and they are quite nice, actually people, just like we are. They are not as fortunate as us to live in such a beautiful climate all year long. And whether you like to admit it or not they do help the economy, that's what happens when you live in an area where tourists like to come, visit, and yes, some do stay awhile. How would you feel if you went north every summer and were treated like you are treating them? Lighten up, you don't own Florida.

Regarding 'Pets in Public"

To the person who wrote the "Pets in Public Places" rant I say, really, with all that is going on in this country, you're worried about a few people who have pets in public place. I say, "You Need a Life." Years ago I went to Germany for two weeks. I was surprised at how many dogs were in the cafe's. They believe they were better than children. I might dispute that, but for many, their dogs are their children.

My dog goes with me most places, if it wasn't for my dog, I may not be here. I hit a low in my life and I knew no one would love him like I would. So, I changed my life.

Most dogs will stay by their master and don't bother a soul. Yes, there are always a few. I have traveled to many states and there are many places that are pet friendly. My words for you are, "stay home," because people are working on making the Treasure Coast pet friendly.

More on pets

I have concerns regarding the article, "Pets in Public Places."

The author claims he loves and has had dogs and cats. If that is true, how can he feel disgusted with dogs being allowed at an outside cafe and in a dog stroller? To be disgusted by the presence of a dog while eating makes me wonder where he kept his dog or cat while he ate. Chained outside? Dogs need and want to be socialized.

In closing, life is too short. It's really not productive to be so mean spirited. How does the author feel about young children in public places? Let's just live and let live as we all have so much to be thankful for so let's not dwell on the little stuff.

A response to pets in public places

In response to pets in public: I do not have a dog; however I would rather see a dog in a restaurant, or in public instead of the increasingly more frequent disgusting humans that have no respect for others. In our rapidly more informal society, people dress in revealing clothing with grotesque bodies. They wear T-shirts with lewd sayings and suggestions. Many look like they go out after just rolling out of bed, they don't even bother to comb their hair or change their clothing, or bother to don clothing than matches or is free of stains or dirt. Many people don't even feel the need to have their trousers cover their buttocks. As far as the purported odors from the dogs, some folks should not subject other humans to their gross habits and foul smelling hair and bodies. Have you looked at humans lately, supposedly representing the height of evolution?

Welfare and the holidays

Well, the holidays are upon us and it's sad to say all the single mothers out there with a couple of kids, who are struggling to keep a roof over their head and food on the table at the cost of tax payers, (brought to you by big government), and welfare. Once again the public is being asked to provide holiday dinners and toys for those less fortunate. Well people, open your eyes during the course of the years you will see some of these women driving pretty nice vehicles and wearing tattoos, which is stuff most working people can't afford. They will subject themselves to living in hostile areas, and so forth but they'll get lavish things for themselves that they wouldn't normally have if they didn't have a subsidized income or cheating their kids out of a lot. They just keep the ball rolling at the expense of others for their own selfish purpose. So my question to the mothers who self-indulge, do you know what kind of problems you bring into the community with ill-fated thought s of having multiple kids just to get a welfare check. And welfare people who dropped out school and who never even made it to high school, who wants others to pick up your tab in life... there's a lot of programs out there that are free. Welfare was never meant to be a career choice, Get that lazy mind moving because someday the welfare system may not be there. It's a shame Fort Pierce is such a nice city but has huge cultural differences. To those who are just plain lazy: welfare should be made into a charity, only contribute to it if you want. I bet the women wouldn't be so quick to produce newborns that they can't afford to pay for in the first place. Very sad.

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