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Rants & Raves
Rating: 3 / 5 (5 votes)  
Posted: 2013 Dec 06 - 06:37

Response to complaint about the police

Reading this week's rant, I just had to respond to the complaints about the police.

First, to the individual who says he or she observed drug deals happening and has the gall to ask if it's a police sideline business.

You didn't see a police involved in this, did you?

How do you know there were any drugs involved at all? Did you see the drugs, or were they known dealers?

How do you know who they are unless you yourself used to buy from them?

How could you possibly expect a crossing guard to get involved?

You call the area a "Republican nightmare community." Well, I sort of agree with you there, but isn't it the Republicans who want to get rid of drugs, and the Democrats trying to legalize marijuana?

The person who is ranting about police being the worst lawbreakers of all needs to back that up with proof. That's a pretty serious accusation, I think.

You have a file of complaints and are documenting what you think are wrongdoings by officers? Get a life.

Maybe the officers were parked having a break. All workplaces have that. Officers' breaks could be interrupted by a call from us.

Officer is speeding, and you are following to clock them? Again, get a life.

You have no clue on why he was in a rush; and frankly, it shouldn't be any of your business.

I live in Rockledge, and we have a great police department. They are always around and show up in minutes for the smallest incident or concern you may have. If I see them speeding by on the road, I do not follow. I just assume they have a reason.

I have on a couple occasions received fines for exceeding the speed limits, and I have no one to blame but myself.

Stop complaining about the officers who are protecting us and get a new hobby.

Driving laws and parking lots

I have noticed that people think that driving laws do not apply in the parking lot.

They don't signal when turning, they cut through the empty parking places to go from one lane to another. They don't stop when people are coming out, trying to get to their cars.

It is bad enough they do this in regular traffic, but to do this in parking lots makes it very hard on those who do obey the laws of driving, even in the parking lot.

Thank you for your attention, and please keep this in mind.

When you drive in the parking lot, driving rules still apply.

State Trooper

I was on my way to church, driving in the right lane.

In the left lane was a car, and right behind the car was a Florida State Trooper.

Well, this car decided to go right in front of me, without using a signal.

The State Trooper put his signal to go into my lane, and I let him.

He then turned on his lights to pull the car over, right into the church's lot, where I go.

I have no doubt the person driving got a ticket.

At least these State Troopers are doing what the police do not do: Pull over people who don't use their signals!

Thanks to that Florida State Trooper!

Train horns all the time

If I am remembering correctly, a number of years ago people who lived along the railroad tracks that run through Melbourne were upset by the trains blowing their horns throughout the nighttime, especially the early morning hours.

I remember that this was addressed, and I thought FEC finally agreed not to use the horns between certain times, midnight to six in the morning, as I recall (but not certain).

What ever happened to such rulings?

We hear the horns blow for each crossing no matter what time it is.

Can this be addressed one more time?

Theft while in custody

I had a theft of my personal property when I was arrested on false charges.

I was stopped and had two of my medicines in the same bottle.

This is a felony charge if you do not carry those little pieces of paper the pharmacist gives you. So I was arrested.

My vehicle (was) towed ($210), and $40 of the $60 I had on me the intake officers at the Sharpes jail stole from my wallet right in front of me and laughed at me.

My wife paid a $430 bail, and I was put in a release cell.

The deputy in charge was vicious. He said if we opened the manila envelopes we were given before we left the jail we would be detained for an additional 24 hours. I opened mine and there was a $20 check in it, representing my $60.

The woman in the next cell had her five diamond rings missing, and she was asking the officer to try to find them, because one was her grandmother's. This woman was picked up by a Mercedes and appeared to have some wealth. She was kept an additional 20 minutes, and the deputy in charge was screaming at her for opening her envelope and made her cry.

This was six years ago. (It is) refreshing to see the corruption did not stop with a new sheriff ... just the same old, same old.

Ever call them for help with a criminal and get threatened by the deputies instead of helped? This also occurs regularly where the BCSO patrols.

Street signs with green backgrounds and white letters and white border are where the BCSO patrol. Other color street signs have real police.

Avoid living on streets with signs that have green backgrounds and white letters with white borders. Your freedom and peace of mind depend on it.

Response to 'Putting a Face on Affordable Care Act'

In a recent letter to Hometown News, the author tries to gain sympathy and support for the Affordable Care Act by tugging at our heartstrings with fabricated stories about Susan, Bob, Pedro and Arthur when they get sick.

While no one wants to see people unable to get needed medical care, the disastrous Affordable Care Act fix for this sad situation creates more misery, not less.

Let's put some new hypothetical faces on this nightmare.

Dick, Harry, Mary and Jane have had their healthcare policies cancelled, despite having been assured by the president they could keep their policies and their doctors.

Imagine Jane's shock when, after two months of frustration on the non-working government website, she finds it will cost her 85 percent more for similarly existing coverage. You'll really spoil her day when you tell her the increase is to help pay for someone else's birth control pills and unhealthful living style.

Or perhaps, consider Harry's and Mary's healthcare going up 70 percent unless they divorce, because of a quirk in the law that penalizes married couples. How's that for family values?

And, let's not forget about poor 85-year-old Dick; who, though he is on Medicare, the Affordable Care Act established Independent Panel Advisory Board has ruled 85 is too old for a pacemaker.

You see, the act needs billions of dollars from Medicare to fund it, and part of that comes from Medicare.

Desperate need of repeal

As will soon be seen, if not obvious already, the Affordable Care Act is in desperate need of repeal.

It was passed by a Democratic Congress and president in the dark of the night (Christmas Eve 2009), without one Republican vote. Now it needs to be scrapped and replaced by legislation that really serves the needs of the American people.

Obey the speed limit

I travel one day a week on Dairy Road, where the speed limit goes from 45 mph to 40 mph.

While I am driving according to the speed limit, many other drivers are speeding past me.

Where are the police? Nowhere! I don't get these drivers who feel the need to speed.

You are not going to get where you are going any sooner or later. You get there when you get there.

So why speed? Please obey the limit of the law. You just might save a life!

There are no American cars

This is for the people who think there is an all-American-made car.

There hasn't been an all-American-made car built here since 1978.

General Motors started farming out the work overseas way back then, when I worked there.

The companies started going global back farther than that.

Now you have American-made Toyotas and others.

There is no such thing as just an American-made car, unless you do everything here, yourself.

Why is it called 'football?'

Why do they call it football? It's played on a field marked in yards. Yardball?

What's the object of the game? To advance or stop movement of the ball. The ball. First time I tried out for high school football, "defense," the coach said. "Stop the guy with the ball."

So i stood there and let him run into me. Coach starts yelling, "I told you to stop the guy with the ball."

"I did," I said.

"No, hit him."

"I got to hit him to stop him?"

"It's the rule."

"Stupid rule.

I use to enjoy watching guys out think and out play their opponents, but now it's easier to hurt the other guy so he can't play at his best. Not interested in watching it anymore.

Response to 'Too many on Welfare'

A recent rant claims too many people are on welfare, (and) our country is hurting because of this? Really?

How about Corporate Welfare? No mention in this rant about that.

These "people" buy expensive cars, he claims. Well, what information is he basing this claim on?

How many is too many people needing assistance? How many people is he so sure buys expensive cars?

It's an old tune, stereotyping people on welfare and food stamps.

Does this ranter have any clue what red tape one must go through to qualify?

Does this ranter know how little money you must make to be eligible to receive food stamps to feed your kids and how many veterans need this assistance?

Many, many people who receive food stamps already work, in places like Wal-Mart and McDonalds, who refuse to pay their employees a "living wage" so they don't have to rely on assistance.

This ranter is clueless. (It's) sad that he would be stating facts that are untrue, instead of finding out how to actually help the poor.

Sure, there is fraud in the system. There is fraud in everything.

You never hear about the stories where they have caught all the improvements that have been made. The fraud rate is actually much lower now than it has ever been. There are not enough workers in place to investigate this fraud since the cuts.

This ranter claims he is on disability. He claims he is in pain. There is fraud in that too.

Lot's of people live in pain but still work. Live a healthier lifestyle and you may be able to help yourself.

I often wonder myself how some people get SSI who don't seem like they need it.

Reply to abortion not used for birth control

"In America, we do not 'dispose' of humans by cutting them and ripping a life from a mother. That would be murder and a crime. A fetus is not considered a human." (Those are) your words.

In America, abortion does, in fact, consist of cutting and ripping.

I looked up the definition of fetus. This is what I found: "unborn offspring: an unborn vertebrate at a stage when all the structural features of the adult are recognizable, especially an unborn human offspring after eight weeks of development." It seems that the dictionary might disagree with you about the humanity of a fetus.

"...chosen to be performed while a fetus is not yet viable." Do you know the age of viability for a particular child? I doubt it.

Not only is it impossible to know if a child will live at any stage of development, children are surviving at younger and younger gestational ages.

Since the age of viability is constantly changing, it makes for a poor measure to determine when abortions should be allowed and when they shouldn't.

"No one can tell you what to do with the body that you own." Evidently you have not been living in America for very long.

We are constantly told what to do with our bodies. I am told to wear a seatbelt when I am in a car to contain my body in case of an accident. I am told that I cannot do harm to my body so as to kill myself.

Our government has made many laws telling me what I can and cannot do with my body.

If it were only the woman's body involved I might agree with you though. It is not just a woman's body. It is the life of a child, an unborn human offspring, that is being ended with an abortion.

Not happy in the movie theater

Unfortunately, the closest movie theatre to my home is the one in West Melbourne.

Since Dec. 25, 2012, it has been a very unfavorable place to go see a picture. On this mentioned date, a woman told my buddy to move his seat.

Since then it has been very un-pleasurable, even if you go see a show as early as 2 p.m., like yesterday Nov. 22, 2013.

I was trying to watch "Catching Fire" in peace, but did I get peace? Of course not.

Two adults walk all the way up to where I was sitting - mind you, the eight viewing room was pretty empty - anyway, they approached me, the man said out loud, "It is pretty dark here."

I got the hint, so I jumped over the seat to another row, because I did not want to be near them. That is one.

Two is the young girl with two other younger female children who were making so much noise I got up and said "Silence!"

They not only shut up, but left. I thought, thank God, problem over. Nope.

Another man and woman - and these two are notorious for coming in 45 minutes before the end of each show, and start talking on both their cell phones.

Like I said in my previous posts, I am just waiting for my lottery winning ticket, and I am so out of this hell hole called Brevard County.

But before I leave, I will probably take in another show or two, and then I will be forced to sit down below with the geriatrics that smell like a drowned muskrat.

Thanks West Melbourne, you ill-mannered community.

Not happy with Affordable Care Act

As a life long Democrat, I suggest the Obama Administration and Democratic Senate scramble to boost the Affordable Care Act into the toilet and flush it like you would any unwanted turd.

It's that bad. If they cannot see this, they are in denial and doomed to being the minority party in the future.

Take care of the few that have no insurance and get out of the way for the rest. Why are you screwing 90 percent to help the 10 percent? Reform interstate ins sales and do tort reform to lower costs.

This act increases my insurance: no $2,500 savings for anyone I know. Most are double or triple increases, unless you are poor and on Medicaid that gives substandard care.

Time to wake up my fellow Democrats. Time to wake up.

Response to 'Made of greed and money only

The author begins by thanking Republicans, "You have finally showed me what you are made of: greed and money" and "You don't care about the little guys." "The country is in this state because you guys have sent so much work to China to be made."

Businesses relocate overseas because this country has highest corporate tax rate of all the industrial nations.

More than 70,000 pages of new regulations are created annually.

We have uncompetitive labor rates created by unions, not to mention an army of lawyers ready to sue them out of business?

If Americans didn't flock to Wal-Mart for the lowest prices, perhaps companies would not have to leave.

Assume for a moment that no American company relocated overseas. Would you be able to afford the items that you purchase today? How much more would you be willing to pay to have them stay? How many of these companies would be as bankrupt as General Motors?

Students in business schools are not taught how to run a company with the least profit. Profitability is the primary goal of any business; and without it, the business will perish in the long run. Perhaps one reason that the small business failure rate is so high is that many cannot survive under the burden of numerous taxes and incomprehensible regulations.

Rather than blaming Republicans for businesses relocating overseas, it would be more productive to understand the reasons why they do and correct them. I believe that (Former President Ronald) Reagan got it right when he said, "Well, the trouble with our liberal friends is not that they are ignorant, but that they know so much that isn't so."

Regarding the recent rant, titled 'To clean up the waterways' and more

I can rather understand how possibly this individual was not allowed to speak, as the non-verbals were probably similar to the verbals in their rant and their own narrow and close-mindedness.

I will not address the golf courses, Kennedy Space Center or the agriculture issues, as do not have the expertise; but I would believe that those issues are addressed at various government levels regarding water pollution and usage.

However, this individual then jumps off the issue that they raised, or were responding to, and goes into Brevard demographics:

"Then, there is the population of Brevard, by all the new incoming classy denizens, with their high-paying careers." Followed up with "Attract high-paying companies to relocate here, so you can tax them; and then you will have the finances to get rid of the population that is a drain, namely the retired. They suck up federal tax dollars like a straw."

To that, I have the following statements to the parochial submitter of that rant.

You want high paying companies, but do not want new residents with high-paying careers. How does that happen?

You do not like the retired, as you expressed "they suck up federal tax dollars like a straw." Hmmm!

According to the Social Security Administration, of the 142,570 beneficiaries in Brevard County, 98,735 are retired. If you utilize the average monthly benefit amount of $1,275, that's $15,300 each a year or $3,810 above the federal poverty level of $11,490 for an individual; and there are many retirees whose sole source of retirement income is just that - Social Security - but that is also a yearly economic impact of $1,510,645,500 just from the 98K plus retirees.

So who is really sucking up the tax dollars, as I believe that most of those in the 60-plus bracket worked for 35-40 years; and they, or they and their employer, contributed to the system.

What is unfortunate is that it is not segregated funds and goes into the general fund and utilized for whatever.

Perhaps you should look at those who have contributed nothing and expect - and in some cases - get numerous benefits, without doing anything or manipulating the system through fraud and abuse.

Still, those in the 65-plus range (20-plus percent of the county population - SOURCE: Florida Legislature Sept. 2013) are contributing as reflected in the following from the census data:

Of a total of 198,371 households in the county, 23,363 are householders 65 years and older, which means they are contributing to the tax base via local tax assessments on their homes.

There are also, all inclusive, 90,955 households with individuals 65 years and older (SOURCE: Census).

Twenty-seven-plus percent of Brevard public sector employment was in hospitality and retail, according to the BLS in 2009. It is not a far leap to surmise that most retirees utilize those two sectors and indirectly contribute to the economy through utilization of those services and, hopefully, job creation.

To put another perspective on this "get rid of the retiree population, which is a drain;" in FY 2008, $585.73 million was paid to military and civilian retirees, as well as veterans in Brevard (SOURCE: 2010 Florida Defense Industry Economic Impact Analysis).

According to you, the county would be better off without all the direct economic impact retirees have, as well as the social impacts - a very sad narrow-minded perspective on your part.

Most retirees give back to the community - and do not take away - and are involved as volunteers in local, regional and national groups, giving back time and talent.

I, myself, contributed into the system, as many of my peers, for 40-plus years and moved to where opportunity was - in my own case 13-plus separate moves - with a final decision/move to retire to Florida and be closer to relatives - something not afforded with other career movements.

BTW, the top full retirement age is currently 67 for those born in 1960 and later, but you can wait to age 70.

Perhaps if you give up the cigarettes, Big Macs, fries and the Diet Coke, you can make 70-plus easy.

Possibly look at directing energy in finding ways to save and modify the system, instead of blind finger pointing.

As well, if you look beyond your door and seek opportunity instead of waiting for it to drop in your lap you will be happier.

P.S. you never did answer the registered voter piece, so apparently you are not; and that is a large part of the problem!

Better bus system needed

I hope this is read by any of the people who work for the city of Palm Bay and Melbourne.

Here is an idea that can help people.

How about the two cities investing in a better bus system?

There are many of us, including myself, who are disabled.

I have no car and I have a lot of appointments to make; and to rely on the poor bus system that exists, makes it very hard on us and myself.

Now, the city of Palm Bay made an investment to change the garbage pick-up, with the recycle and yard pick-up, why not invest in a better bus system?

Think about it and thank you for your attention.

What's holding up legalization?

Booze is legal, and drunk drivers kill millions of people around the world every year.

Cigarettes are legal, yet they kill millions of people around the world every year.

What good are they? Absolutely nothing.

Booze could be used to cleanse a wound, if alcohol or other medicine is not around, but nothing else.

And cigarettes are good for nothing, except for misery, but they are legal.

Marijuana is actually medicinal, and you can't overdose on it; so what the heck is holding up legalization, when those other two poisons have been legal and not even questioned? And yet, they shouldn't even be on the market.

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