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Chiropractic doctor born into the profession
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Posted: 2013 Dec 06 - 06:02

By Tonya West

For Hometown News

One could say Dr. Carly Meckle of Edgewater Chiropractic Clinic was born into the profession of chiropractic care. Both of her parents are chiropractors and her two siblings are as well.

In September, Dr. Meckle opened the doors to her clinic, where Dr. Larry Liddle, now retired, practiced for 28 years.

"I've been adjusted my whole life, since I was born," said Dr. Meckle, whose parents met in chiropractic college in Davenport, Iowa. "I grew up in my dad's office and shadowed him throughout my whole entire life."

As a child, patients would rave to her about the care they received from her parents and the amazing results from a few lifestyle changes -- a changed diet, a changed exercise routine, some stretching.

"I was so marveled by the whole thing, that my parents could help change peoples lives so easily," Dr. Meckle said.

She studied at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Florida, where she received many academic, leadership, dedication and performance awards. She's treated military personnel while working for the Department of Defense in Fort Belvoir, Va., and has received medals of honor for serving in Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Noble Eagle and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Dr. Meckle describes chiropractic care as a non-medical, non-prescription approach to well-being and health care. "All your joints need to be mobilized, you need to keep moving. If you don't use it, you lose it or so your body thinks. Chiropractic keeps motion in joints. Your whole spine is comprised of joints and all those joints of bones all fit together in certain ways and that creates holes for nerves to come out from your spinal cord. Those bones get misaligned, you lose motion and function in that joint which then interferes with nerve impulses, with muscle work and with the whole function of your body overall. What chiropractic does is we keep your spine, shoulder hips in line where they're supposed to be so your muscles, your nerves, your body can all function properly.

"I use the whole spine approach," Dr. Meckle said. "Let's get everything straightened out, let's do it all in the first visit and continue with every visit from head to toe."

She explains to her patients how the muscles are all connected to help them understand what she is doing, so she can get trouble spots under control while treating the underlying issues.

"Chiropractic does not mask the pain. It is all about getting to the underlying issue and asking 'Why are you having back pain? Why are you having headaches? Is there a bone out of whack, a muscle too tight, a nerve being pinched? Is that why you have a headache? Is that why you have limited range of motion in your shoulder? Is that why you have low back pain?'"

Dr. Meckle is a proponent of not masking the pain with prescriptions or over the counter medications. "Let's see if we can't get the underlying issue fixed so you don't have to pop a pill every day and get an ulcer from taking aspirin every day. Sometimes all that is needed is an adjustment and core strengthening to fix a problem."

"I've had huge success with people who have headaches," she said.

Sometimes the headaches originate from tension in the C1 vertebrae or the sinuses, which requires a simple manipulation of the sutures to get them to slush. The sciatic nerve can be another acute pain creator that she enjoys solving with some gentle adjusting and tissue work. Sending patients home with stretches to perform often results in a solution in a matter of a couple of visits. She finds that her patients like being proactive about their own health care.

Not all troubles are can be resolved so quickly, however.

"A year of damage will take time to turn around, but there will be relief. We treat a lot of back pain, neck pain, shoulders and hips," Dr. Meckle said. "A lot of people have chronic problems that we're just maintaining what they have now so they're not getting worse. Sometimes that's all you can do for people is maintain the constant they're in."

She also treats pregnant women and babies. "It's great for babies! When a baby is being born, the muscles are contracting. It is so traumatic being born. Sometimes an adjustment can fix a colicy baby in no time."

Dr. Meckle does not advocate a treatment plan that requires three visits a week. "Let's get it under control, then move you to maintenance. I'm not all about the money. I'm all about making a difference. I like touching people's lives. I want to help people more than anything."

Take advantage of a coupon (good through the end of the year) in the Hometown News and call the clinic at (386) 423-7575 to schedule a free examination.

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