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Rants & raves
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Posted: 2013 Nov 29 - 06:59

A note of thanks

The Korean War Veterans chapter 106 Port St. Lucie, wishes to thank all the veterans and their families and friends who attended the ceremony held by the United Veterans of Port St. Lucie on Veterans Day, Monday, Nov. 11th at 11 a.m. Veterans Memorial park to remember all the brave men and women who have served to defend our country.

Also, thank you to the J.R.O.T.C. from Centennial H.S., Treasure Coast H.S., Port St. Lucie H.S. who served as color guards, and, Ron Knepshield as Officer of the day.

We were honored to have as guest speakers, Master Sgt. Catherine LaValle, retired U.S. Air Force, American Legion Post 355, Lou DeBlasio, KWVA Assoc., retired U.S. Navy, Colonel Charles J. Winn, retired U.S. Army.

And, a special thank you to our wonderful Port St. Lucie Concert Band, under the direction of John Southall, and Maggie Casterlin, of St. Lucie Medical Center for singing "God Bless America."

Thank you for remembering the Veterans of all wars and all of our Fallen Heroes.

Website mess

The health care website mess and the confusing health plan offerings are perfect reasons for less government. Until we begin to elect proven business professionals who can effectively operate an organization and make prudent decisions, and dismiss lawyers and life-long politicians, we are doomed.

From the perspective of a snowbird

I am writing this in response to a letter I read from someone complaining about us snowbirds. It struck a nerve with me because I recently had a run in at the grocery store checkout line with someone who had similar feelings. I said some things out of frustration that I was not very proud of, however, I am tired of having to defend being a snowbird.

Over the past 15 years I have been lucky enough to winter in Florida. I consider Florida to be home to me, as well as my home up north. I realize it is a blessing to have two homes, and I am grateful, but I don't understand why I need to apologize for it. I can't speak for all people, but this idea that snowbirds think they are better is just not true. There are arrogant people everywhere, whether they are snowbirds, full-time residents, on vacation, or just passing through. A rude person will be a rude person no matter where they are from, where they live or how long they stay in one particular place.

Furthermore, whether people like to admit it or not, snowbirds and tourists bring revenue to Florida. I don't come here for free. I pay my property taxes, shop at local businesses, bought my car here, and I am not the only one. I come from a tourist town up north and understand what it feels like to have to deal with heavy traffic during certain seasons and events. Yes, it can be frustrating, but many of our local businesses rely on these people to get them through their slow season as well. Do I get angry when I am driving behind someone who doesn't know the area and may find themselves in the wrong lane? Yes. But there are some horrible drivers who live there all year long as well.

There was a gentleman who recently told me to let him know when I was going back to Massachusetts so that I could take some people with me. Maybe he was just having a bad day, I know his comment made me speak out of frustration, but no one deserves to be made to feel that they are not welcome. I am such a horrible person because I only live here 7 months out of the year? Do snowbirds cause you so many problems that you have to make a rude comment to an 80 year old widow at the grocery store? Should people in Massachusetts be equally as rude to me when I am there because I don't live there all year?

One thing I love about coming to my Florida home is how kind and accommodating most of the stores and restaurants are to people my age. I am grateful for these people. It takes so little to be friendly and kind to people and it goes a long way. Truthfully, there are so many more nice people than there are mean, but the mean ones, unfortunately, are so hurtful.

Maybe traffic is a little heavier when I am here, or you may have to wait a little longer at your favorite restaurant, but this is my home, too, and I shouldn't have to feel bad about that. It is hurtful to hear, "I hate when the snowbirds are here," or "go home snowbirds." Sorry to disappoint you, I am home.

-Clara the Snowbird

Plenty of candy for teens

In response to the rant about not wanting the older children to Trick-or Treat at his/her house: Seriously, these children could be out doing drugs, getting drunk, having premarital sex, instead, they are asking for a lousy piece of candy. I say if you are old, young or just young at heart, come to my house there is candy for everyone!

Snowbird love

Granted, the "Snowbirds" make us year round residents crazy. Granted the traffic gets unbearable when they arrive and it is almost impossible to get into a restaurant or find a decent parking space. However, please consider that they do support our economy and without them our state would suffer. We do not pay city or state income taxes, our sales tax is much lower than in other states and they pay property taxes for year round use and are only here for part of the year. I have been a full time resident of Florida for more than 20 years. Let's face it, the summers are brutal and the winters are fabulous. I say, even the birds know enough to get out when it's hot and come back when it's cold up north. Are we all jealous that they can afford the luxury we would love to have? Or are they and the birds smarter than we are?

Food stamp cost

The cost of food stamps has grown 258 percent since 2000, largely because of relaxed eligibility rules issued by Obama administration. This is fiscally untenable. More importantly, our dependence on government to give money to the poor reduces our responsibility to giving. We are allowing bureaucrats to take our tax money to let us off the hook morally. Not a positive trend.

Whose laws do we obey?

We are told Obamacare is the law of the land and, therefore, must be implemented, funded and enforced. On the other hand, the president has done everything he can to dismantle and discourage enforcement of our immigration laws. Are his laws the only ones we must obey?

Do they really care?

Government agencies do not care about the children. We call them about abuse in the home and they go in and question the child in front of the child that is being abused. Don't they know better?

Once the agency leaves, the child is then subjected to abuse again. Why would you question a child in front of their abusers? It's no wonder people don't trust them. If a child is stabbing themselves with a pencil or cutting themselves and hurting animals, there is something going on in the home. The workers need to listen to the child, not the parent. That's why there is so much violence in the world. There is raping and killing, and we wonder why this kind of thing goes on.

And all the agency does is give the parent an anger management course. That's not going to help these poor children.

We need help

I'm trying to raise my grandchildren on disability. The runaround that people get when they apply for government assistance is horrible.

The economy is poor and so are the people who are trying to survive. The government makes trying to get by nearly impossible.

Clean up after your dog

I quote from a page of a page-a-day calendar if only to show that I'm not the only one who feels this way: "Dog poop is the curse of our age, the symbol of all that is wrong with our modern society, the carelessness, the selfishness, the lack of individual responsibility."

I'm not too crazy about dog urine, either. Even those who pick up seem to have no qualms about the urine. It's my yard. I work in it, not being able to afford yard maintenance, and thinking a dog might have been there makes me uncomfortable. Why can't dogs use their own yard?

Tired of messy neighbors

I have a problem with the outrageous behavior of my neighbor. I went to the county zoning committee. They told me it was illegal to rent a room in the county in a residential neighborhood, yet there were 15 rooms for rent in the paper today. What do I have to do? It is constant party time at my neighbor's house and the yard is a mess.

More on computers

It is my choice not to own a computer. It is also my choice not to be a patron of a business that gives an e-mail address as its only form of contact.

Too many flaws in Medicaid system

This is regarding Medicaid. My wife and I just got on Medicaid. We are taking care of our three grandchildren. I am in a program called "medically needy," which means I have to have medical bills that exceed $750 a month for me to be eligible. I am not currently working, and because I am sick, I am unable to get a Medicaid number because my bills are not yet more than $750 a month, but the bills I have can't be taken care of because they don't meet the criteria. My wife makes $1,400 a month and our expenses are more than $1,600. I don't know where to turn.

Living next to a dump

I have a neighbor who has four unregistered cars on his property that he fills with junk. For me, it's like living next to a dump. Why won't code enforcement do something about it? I have complained, yet nothing has happened. How can the city expect more businesses to come to the area when it looks like a dump?

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