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Rants & raves
Rating: 2.5 / 5 (8 votes)  
Posted: 2013 Oct 25 - 06:51

Prosecute 'real' criminals

I have been witnessing many friends and family members who have gotten DUIs.

Granted, they are breaking the law, however, most of these people have not injured anyone, not gotten into an accident nor damaged any property. Most have not even gotten a legitimate traffic violation.

I have seen police cars watching cars leave a bar's parking lot and following them a block or two, then stopping them, falsely accusing them of a violation; i.e., signal light not seen, not a complete stop at a stop sign, erratic driving; (most of which were bogus) just to get them to take a breathalyzer test.

Everyone knows that "one" drink could put you over the limit. Most people can consume more than that and not be any less coherent than someone not drinking at all.

What about people on cell phones or listening to too loud music or anything else distracting their driving?

My complaint is this: those who truly should be arrested is one thing; those who do not suffer undue punishment. Their drivers' licenses are taken away; leaving them with no transportation to get to work or shop for groceries. Most of them lose their jobs and have no income; therefore living expenses are eliminated.

Moreover, they are expected to find someone 24/7 able to drive them to AA meetings, parole office meetings, psychology counseling, community service, court appearances, etc., which, by the way, have to be paid for by the "criminal" several times a week, for several months. These fees range from $25 to $100 per visit.

If they miss one due to lack of money or a ride, they are penalized with higher fees and more visits.

Also, some are sent to facilities for a month as inpatients, denying their family any contact or income. Plus, when you complete all that the "law" has required, the DMV has additional requirements, furthering your fees, etc.

I know people who have gone over two years and through thousands and have no job, income or transportation, so they will never be done.

I even know someone who was followed from a bar to their home, accused of a DUI violation as they stepped out of their car in their driveway; spent the night in jail and in court was determined not to have been over the limit.

Their violation was reduced to reckless driving (huh?) and still had to pay fees and go to meetings because the DMV finds you guilty, regardless. Who put them in charge?

Moreover, this money-making process for the county is not helping the economy. Yes, it is providing jobs for clerks and counselors, but adding to the unemployment of many. With legitimate layoffs, homes foreclosing and families falling apart, it's no wonder people drink!

Why don't we just close all the bars, ban the sale of alcohol (further putting people and businesses out of work) and use the collected monies to supply the unemployed with living expenses?

Oh wait, that won't work. No one will be able to afford a car to drive while drinking bootleg liquor, in order to get a DUI and pay until they die. Hmmm, there go all those government jobs.

Let's get real: Go out and prosecute real criminals who, most of the time, get off by being innocent until proven guilty. Not so for those who dared to have "one" drink, caused no harm and were punished for eternity, financially and morally, with a record that most potential employers frown on.

If you, reader, are an attorney or politician, please figure out a way to differentiate the true criminals and appropriate punishment, and let this depressing economy get back on its feet. Most first-time violators will think twice before drinking anywhere but home.

For veterans

On Nov. 11, Veterans Day, Americans have the opportunity to show how proud we are of the boys who have served and are serving in our military.

To volunteer to be in dangerous places such as

Iraq and Afghanistan, far away from friends and family, is a very special indication that this country has many young people who are committed, patriotic and selfless.

They have truly earned our gratitude and respect.

From the mouth of Franklin

When drafting the U.S. Constitution, Benjamin Franklin gave the delegates some sage advice when he said, "I have lived, sir, a long time; the more convincing proofs I see of this truth, that God governs in the affairs of men. And if a sparrow cannot fall to the ground without notice, is it probable that an empire can rise without His aid?"

Stop importing criminals

We have far too many homebred criminals. We do not need to import more. However, some people apparently will do anything to make a buck. Consider the car wash operator who over a 10-year period imported dozens of illegal immigrants from Mexico. When he was finally caught, a lenient judge gave him only a fine, home confinement and probation. Such lenient treatment will do nothing to discourage others from trying to get rich at the expense of those who will work for pennies.

An opinion on terminal care

It has been my experience, and, in my opinion, a terminally-ill family member is better cared for in a hospital than by hospice providers.

Never let a loved one know you have given up hope, because that is what they feel when you put them in hospice. A miracle or remission or a cure can happen at any time. Please, think twice.

Say thanks

Do you like the 40- hour work-week and overtime pay? Do you like sick days? How about vacation time off? What about having a safe work environment so that you don't get maimed or killed simply performing your job, or safe products to purchase?

Thank a union.

Mail carriers beware

I have noticed that some people who deliver mail are looking for someone to hit them. They drive a plain van and do not have any signs on the vehicle to warn other drivers that they are delivering the mail. They do not have their blinkers on to warn other drivers.

I think this practice is very bad. I think the vehicle should have its warning blinkers on, and even a yellow light on the top to warn other drivers.

There should be a sign indicating that the vehicle is being used by the U.S. Postal Service, and makes frequent stops.

Please, if you can't print this, send it to our post office so maybe they can do something.

If you're sick, stay at home

I went to a local club where the hostess greets everyone. Our hostess was extremely ill, had been to the doctor's that day and was at work with a fever. What makes her think that she can make other people sick?

If you're contagious, stay home.

Check illegal aliens for illness

This is about all of the illegal aliens in school. When our grandparents came to this country, they were checked for diseases, such as tuberculosis. Illegals do bring diseases. They should be checked before they are allowed into the schools. That's the only way to stop all of the diseases in our schools.

Anchor babies are citizens

If a baby is born here, it is a citizen. It also has the right to bring in all of its relatives due to chain migration. It's a fact that some companies are running birthing tours; where women from other countries come to the U.S. in their eighth month just to have their baby. Now, we are responsible for them.

It's not fair. Companies then hire these illegals and our government takes care of the rest. It's just not fair.

What's wrong with elected officials?

What is it with our elected representatives? Why are they so arrogant to avoid doing the will of the people?

I thought they took an oath on the Bible to represent the people who elected them. Yet, they ignore the wishes of the citizens of this country.

If you or I took an oath and lied or failed to do what was expected, we would be fired, jailed or at the least terminated.

Yet, several of our government's elected officials do just that, they ignore the American people.

It is a very sad vision of our government.

Questions about system

As our nation considers a health-care system designed by President Obama, it is appropriate to look at the efficiency of other government agencies, such as the U.S. Copyright Office, which has just acknowledged it has more than 500,000 applications awaiting processing and that the backlog keeps getting longer all the time.

Patent applicants have paid special handling fees of $685 to expedite things, but the delays are 18 months and are expected to get worse.

We can ask ourselves: how long will a government-run health care system require us to wait to see a doctor and how long to have an operation?

Time to listen

For quite a few years, all polling has indicated that a large majority of Americans oppose amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Ignoring the popular will, President Obama has directed the border patrol simply to ignore the law.

The immigration "cop on the beat" is not enforcing the law.

This is amnesty by another name.

Hopefully, the new people going to Washington will listen to us.

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