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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > Martin County

Rants & raves
Rating: 2.5 / 5 (14 votes)  
Posted: 2013 Oct 11 - 06:52

Fix the road

This is definitely a Rant and not a Rave! Eleven Mile Road (west of turnpike and off of State Rd. 70) is a disaster area. This one- way road is always a mess! When it rains it is a mud hole and when it's dry it's a dust bowl. Aside from that problem the road itself is like a washboard! There are ruts along the sides and the first quarter mile of it on either end (Midway Road to its south and St. Rd. 70 to its north) are really horrible and if you don't drive a truck (they can really splash the mud) your vehicle is really taking a beating vibrating on this road. I have called numerous times about this and then I will see 'fresh' tar patching up the foot deep holes on the road. Believe me when I say they patch very sparsely. It seems like they do one hole at a time with months in between. It. is really hard on the vehicle with all the shaking every day 365 days a yr. Why doesn't the road dept. just come and pave the Whole road over and stop this inadequate patching? It's really overdue.

Regarding aliens

I'd like to know how the person that wrote about illegal aliens holding all of the jobs, locking out the Americans, knows the immigration status of those workers. Does he or she check the paperwork of those workers? I don't think so! That ranter knows nothing of what he/she rants about and should shut up and stick to what he/she knows.

Your paper shouldn't be publishing such drivel, either.

Beware of scams

There are lots of scam phone calls in the area. They call saying they are the United States Post Office. Tell you they have a Certified Check for delivery. Also, when they called the first time (I had three calls), a person said he was from "American Make a Million". "If you are at (certain address, which was off several numbers), please call 541-508-3076". On my ID it showed Unknown Name and Unknown Number, but the idiot gave me a return number. The last two calls also showed Unknown Name and Unknown Number, basically said the same scam, but did now leave a number, as I called them "What they Are", and gave them no chance. I received two calls on Sept. 27 at 1:35 P.M., another at 3 P.M. I received another on Oct. 2 at 3:30 P.M again. The first call said his name was "John Cooper"! He's the one who left his number. Please, people don't be scammed by these people from across the ocean. There millions of people over there who are taking millions of American money from innocent people. If someone calls and asks you, "Did you enter a 'Sweepstakes" or something like that, wait until they finish their 'spiel'. The person on the other end (stupid but dirty), might just leave a call back number. Hang up quick.

What about the ditches?

What do you have to do to get Sebastian city officials to schedule work on our drainage ditches? I have tried letters and phone calls but can't get a response. The lady who answers the phone asked if you are calling about the swales, takes your name and number, and that is the end of it. No return call. Great way to run the city. Guess casting a vote for somebody who is interested in helping the city residents is the answer

No money for taxes

I live in a county where all of the people are rich. In our county, we pay high taxes for all services. Now, the county is going to ask for more and higher taxes.

I guess the powers-that-be think that taxing everything in the county is right. Perhaps the rich can pay any amount of taxes, but the rest of us do not have the money to keep paying high taxes, period. Many people are doing without necessities to be able to stay in their homes. We pretend that in our county everyone can come up with vast amounts of money and keep making demands on those who are unable to pay.

I do not think that it is our president's fault. It is the fault of greedy leaders in our community. Our county commissioners do not listen when we speak. It is time to stand up for what you think and say it.

Appalling behavior

I was at a community sporting event last week, and was appalled by the behavior of some of today's youth. With pants hanging off their behinds they swore like sailors, grabbed themselves repeatedly, made fun of those participating in the sports, including the cheerleaders, all while sitting on their lazy butts not doing a thing.

As an elderly citizen, I don't feel as though they would have paid much attention to me if I would have let them know my disgust. It would take a parent, teacher, coach or policeman to get the point across that they have no idea how to behave in a public place. Gone are the days of respect and cheering each other on.

Jocks are jokes

It seems that parents, teachers, coaches and even those in government power, place football players on pedestals. What about those kids who don't excel on the gridiron?

Football players get away with all types of crimes, rude behavior, poor grades and don't have to work as hard as those who don't have prowess on the field.

There aren't as many pictures of those who win scholastic awards, but I can bet there are many pictures of the kid who scored the game-winning touchdown. Usually those are the kids who bully those who don't participate in athletics.

It's too bad that the everyday "nerd" can't get a letterman's jacket for getting straight A's.

New DMV rule?

I just learned of a law allowing any anonymous, malicious coward with a grudge to accuse anyone of being a bad driver. No evidence is required. The accused has no recourse, is not allowed to know the accuser and must submit to re-testing to regain his license.

Is this the U.S. of A.? Is this constitutional? Is this justice? It reminds me of Nazi Germany, where people were encouraged to rat-out their neighbors.

Come on, DMV; have you no pride? Your reputation is not the best now, why make it worse?

If anyone reading this would like to oppose this unfair, damaging law, they can email MyDriversLicense@Gmail.com and say, "Name and hold accountable persons who ask the state to take away my driver license."

Before you ignore this, remember, you could be next.

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