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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > Volusia County

Rants & raves
Rating: 1.8 / 5 (10 votes)  
Posted: 2013 Oct 11 - 06:15

In response to: 'Time to give up guns'

As long as you are wishing, perhaps you can throw in world peace, compassion love and understanding and a cure for all diseases, just to mention a few.

It would be nice to have a perfect world, but since the beginning of time evil has only slightly been kept in check by good and that balance seems to sway quite often.

God even tried to cleanse the earth, but look where we are now. Anything you could outlaw would then only be in control of by criminals thus the balance shifts to only criminals.

The judicial system is a joke and criminals know it. Criminals once accused should have no rights and suffer the consequences, which they imposed on their victims, this life in prison sentence with three meals a day and a cost to the taxpayer of $30,000 per year per criminal is a joke. Serious crimes should have serious consequences. Until then I'll keep my loaded gun and greet the person trying to break in my house with a hearty hello and a final goodbye.

Taylor Road/Dunlawton Intersection

I can't believe the mess that Port Orange has created at the Taylor Road and Dunlawton Avenue intersection by eliminating a left turn to the west. I noticed this past week that most people exiting from BJ's leave by the front entrance and have to cross three lanes to get to the U-turn lane or proceed east to the Yorktown light in order to U-turn west on Dunlawton. If you leave from the back, you have to go a mile out of your way to go west.

The ideal situation would be to exit west from BJ's and turn left at Taylor (which you can no longer do). Port Orange says "FDOT made them do it." Forrest Gump says "stupid is what stupid does." I say "They're waiting for some major collisions on Dunlawton." The light isn't eliminated so nothing was accomplished.

In response to: 'Disabled can pay $5'

Reading the Sept 27 rant about the price to drive on the beach, I found the suggestion very interesting and actually very logical. It would be one thing if the handicapped were getting a special parking place, but no they park next to every other car. So it isn't an ease of walking. You walk the same as someone not handicapped.

I agree that while the handicapped deserve special parking places in parking lots at stores, malls and airports to make it easier to get into the building, there is no benefit for parking on the beach. Times are hard for everyone right now and the person is right, the $5 a day fee is very cheap. Check prices of other places. Check California where you can pay as much as $20 to $50 to park in a parking lot not on the beach.

Equality is expected to be equal for all. So I agree with the person about the $5 fee for the handicapped is good. How many times have you seen someone "borrow" someone's handicapped placard to be able to park closer? Fair is fair. If the city is going to build a special place for the handicapped, then we can go over the fee then, but right now, I agree they should be charged also.

Beach has more than butts

While I agree that people shouldn't toss their cigarette butts all over the beach, I think people should first address the problem of other types of trash that appears almost every half-mile down the beach, such as chicken bones, plastic tampon applicators, condoms, limes/lemons, plastic cups, orange peels and a plethora of other such rubbish.

Should these things not also be addressed, or is that common practice in Volusia County?

Toughen up for a cause

I was most disappointed in the lack of participants in New Smyrna Beach for Hands Across the Lagoon. Granted it was rainy, but anyone can come out if good weather.

Toughen up. Show how important this issue is to you. Our country's enemies won't need bombs or missiles to bring us down, just cut off the air conditioning and 32-ounce sodas.

Responsible smoker

I am a smoker and I walk with a pack to take care of my own cigarette butts. I do not leave them on the beaches.

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