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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > Brevard County

Rants & Raves
Rating: 2.7 / 5 (10 votes)  
Posted: 2013 Oct 04 - 06:35

Good gas

When our ally, dictator Saddam Hussein in 1987, gassed his Kurd people, President Ronald Reagan said/did nothing. He must have used "good gas."

President George Bush Sr. did nothing when our ally dictator Saddam Hussein used gas on the Iranian army; good gas, again?

Both these presidents supplied dictator Saddam with weapons and intelligence. Dictators with oil are OK, I guess?

Assad used "bad gas" on his people. I guess because he had little oil, he is a bad dictator?

Good gas = dictators with oil. Bad gas = dictators without oil.

Pantry food to sell?

After investigating different food pantries that are available here in Palm Bay and Melbourne, I have found that many people are going to these pantries to get food to sell.

I was helping people at a pantry only to notice that these same people go to other pantries to get food to sell.

I think this is sad because there are people who really need food to eat and cannot get to these pantries. This is why there are those, who are selling them the food they take, saying it is for their own families.

There are those who also go to these pantries to get food and give the food to their pastor, as well, as other families, who cannot drive to these pantries; but these people do not sell the food, which I consider those who help others with food will be blessed.

Those who are selling the food for their own gain will not be blessed.

I thought to write this, in case you are one of those people who are selling the food. They will be caught, and they will no longer be able to go to these pantries.

Thank you for your attention.

Raising the opinion of a communist leader

America's most known resident, one who lives in our White House, but does very little to earn his keep, did open his mouth to increase the presidential persona of one Mr. Putin of Russia.

What a stupid thing for "Barry" to do! The communist world must be both surprised and delighted.

Never has a past American president done so much to raise the opinion of a communist leader to the rest of the world, especially when President (Barack) Obama shows complete failure as our president, and at best, is nothing more than a "American resident."

How damaging and shameful the Obama Administration has been for every American citizen and, of course, the opportunity to assist the world by improving the lives of everyone.

All sane people watching and listening to the words and deeds of Mr. Putin and Mr. Obama must conclude Mr. Putin to be the more honorable, more likable, most effective of the two leaders: a very sad time for America and a "first time" for a communist president.

We must remember it happened on (President) Obama's watch.

We need God to bless America, and soon.

Allowing water-bottling business to take double from the aquifer?

Will someone please explain to me why St. John's Water Management and Lake County would even begin to consider allowing the water bottling business in Lake County to double the amount of water they take out of the aquifer each month; when, as you drive through Lake County, all the lakes are barely visible - with docks eight to 10 feet above water, or ground in some instances - and we all are constantly reminded to conserve water and can only use the sprinklers once a week in dry weather and twice in the rainy season, which, obviously, makes no sense.

We should do the reverse, thus conserving the rainwater in the rainy season and letting it replenish the aquifer for use in the dry season.

I, possibly, stand corrected on the water management organization that covers Lake County, as referenced above. It may be governed by the South Florida, not St. John's. Please correct, if needed. Thank you.

Unionize, or not

This is for all of you hard working people, who don't know whether you should unionize or not.

In the 1960s, I worked in a sweatshop for a dollar an hour, and it was piecework.

In 1966, I went to work for Gibson Refrigeration on the assembly line; and by 1977, I was making $5.09 an hour, working in the warehouse as a high stacker operator - forklift, for those of you who don't know what that is.

In 1978, I went to work for General Motors, as a sewer of backs and front interiors. My wage was $6.85, starting pay.

By 1983, I was making $9.56 an hour. In 1985, I was making $6.68 an hour at McDonald's in Texas.

Now, 30 years later, thanks to your politicians, you are making less then I did: $7.79 an hour. What's wrong with that picture?

There has been no progress for the working person.

Thank you for your time.

Response to 'Message to the public: Words have consequences'

This rant author reminded us that it is common sense not to threaten a president, but goes on to threaten that "This should serve as a warning to all you writers, who continually disrespect the office of the presidency."

I don't recall reading any such warnings when George Bush was in office.

Most Americans respect the office, but are not afraid to speak out against an occupant who diminishes it.

The author continues with "Your angry words could lead to much consequences. Watch what you say, and think twice before putting it in print."

Thanks for the advice, but the current president is the most incompetent since Jimmy Carter, not to mention the most lawless in the history of the country.

The "left" always tries to silence free speech, and is largely successful, using political correctness, a tactic derived from cultural Marxism.

This is necessary for them, because they cannot rationally debate or support their failed ideology.

So, I plan to continue to speak out freely; since, in the words of Edmond Burke, "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men should do nothing."

Liberals acting up

Why do "liberals" in America act upset when foreign despots dispose of human lives, using various inhumane methods?

In America, we dispose of millions of humans by cutting and ripping a life from the mother, while (its) still in the womb.

How is this abortion procedure considered "just birth control" and not murder?

Since 1973, the year abortion was declared legal in America, women have been victims of 140 million killings of human life.

Approximately 140 million abortions, a very low estimation, based on having "only" 3.5 million abortions per year since 1973.

Then America must look at her leadership! Look at our political leaders from our president, vice president, our Congress, where both Democrats and a few Republicans approve of ending life for their political benefit.

I expect liberals to classify future killings as, not a "regular abortion," but instead a "retroactive abortion," caused by the failure of some conservative to act.

Low-class Brevard

There is something that has been brought to my attention since March of 2012, which has been going on.

This adult, whose name is not on the lease, puffs and puffs away on generic cigarettes.

Oh, before I say anything further, all you Republicans out there can just skip this article, this has nothing to do with you. All of you are comfortable in your lofty ivory towers, with your gin and tonic wives. So just ignore this article.

Now, getting back to my fellow independent voters and non-registered voters: Isn't there parks in Melbourne, where children with learning disabilities can go to preschool? Or at the very least, are there not safe environments for young children to play at developing their minds, as well as auto and listening skills?

Then please, someone respond out in Melbourne to these questions, because what has been brought to my attention, yesterday from another, made me write this letter.

Can you imagine a grown man letting his girlfriend's son play in dirty rain water, where dogs defecate and urinate?

Now, I realize this poor child is not growing up with all the privileges that I had once upon a time. My first 40 years of my life were a beautiful masquerade and endless party.

Now that I am middle-aged, I have been brought down to reality. But like I said, I was lucky enough to have parents who gave me everything under the sun.

So, for me to hear that a child has to play in dirty, stagnant water, while the dirt bag guardian puffs away on his generic cigarettes. That just doesn't sit well with me.

I am not getting involved, because I do not live there; these people are no kin of mine and my own family thinks I am "loco" for moving to Florida.

After moving to Brevard County, I can understand why they think that way. Not all Florida is bad, but this county, especially Melbourne, is very low-class.

I can't even drop blame at one part of the country for shipping their garbage here, because they move in from almost every state.

Bureau of Interstate Compact

Sounds like a branch of Florida Government that imports compact cars, right? Well it's definitely not.

The Florida Department of Corrections Bureau of Interstate Compact is the office that imports and exports extremely violent habitual felon offenders from state to state.

Believe me, Florida receives many more of these felons than they send.

All of what I am writing can be found at the national website at www.interstateimpact.org, which is the national headquarters federally funded.

This is unbelievable. I discovered it because a neighbor is an abusive nut, who I tried to get a restraining order on, and the judge refused; even though I had witnesses, and he was on felony probation.

So, I looked into this violent neighbor. Turns out he is a three-time felon - all extremely violent and dangerous felonies, with one felony in Florida and two in another state.

Florida received him directly from his prison cell in the other state, where he was serving five years.

He had 10 years parole to serve, and Florida thought it was a good idea for him to serve it in Florida.

The problem is (that) one of the rules when importing a felon through the Bureau of Interstate Compact is his parole from another state cannot be violated until he is convicted of "three significant instances of criminal offense."

Since he is a poster boy for this program and does not work, it is almost impossible to get a conviction on him.

The states and national headquarters want the program to look like a success, so these felons almost never are convicted of the crimes they commit.

Before they even get to Florida, police and probation have to investigate where they are going and get approval.

In times like these of serious budget constraints, where we have no help for the poor, our politicians and bureaucrats have money to import extremely violent habitual felony offenders.

It would be funny if it were a fake story; but, believe me folks, this is real and serious.

Too many on welfare

I have seen too many people on Welfare, who don't need to be on Welfare.

These people have expensive cars, and they can work!

Our country is hurting because this welfare is costing too much, and it puts pressure on our government.

When these people, who can work, live on welfare (and) take advantage of this system, it takes away from those of us who are on Disability.

The food stamps alone, that these people get, are selling their food stamps so they can get drugs or money!

I believe that the solution is to get these people to report on a monthly basis to show that they are trying to get work.

Even though I am only 59, I get Disability because of the car hits I took.

I have the desire to work, but I cannot, because of the pains I experience.

However, these people who are on welfare, are healthy and can work.

While I was living in New York, they had a class where the people who are on welfare would go to, and in this class they can find work and get work!

Welfare should not be a permanent way of life.

Thank you for your attention.

Misbehaving children

I am very glad that finally a restaurant handled misbehaving children, since the parents had no control over them.

When people plan on dining out, they want to be able to enjoy their meal, especially since most of them had to make adjustments to their expenses to do so.

Parents are the ones who should be able to control their children and have them behave in restaurants, stores, churches, parks, etc.

I had four children, and they knew when to have fun and run around and when to behave.

Parents today feel that they should let their children do anything they want.

All this does is make children think that they are the only people they should worry about, and what they want is more important than respecting the rights of others.

Parents need to set an example for their children and bring them up as responsible adults, because most of our present young people are very self-centered and believe what they want comes first.

Illegal dumping

I live in Indialantic, half-way between the Melbourne and Eau Gallie causeways.

My house is near Alamanda Court and Riverside Drive.

There has been a lot of illegal dumping recently in front of my house on Alamanda Court, up to the street north of me.

On Sunday, Sept. 8, I finally caught a neighbor, who was not only dumping his yard waste, but also household garbage, as well.

The Sheriff's Office came and gave him a warning.

On Thursday, Sept. 19, I caught a landscape man dumping yard waste in front of my house and told him it was illegal to dump there.

He said the man I mentioned above told him to dump it in front of my house, rather than to put the yard waste in front of his house, which is legal, or to haul it to the dump.

I went so far as to talk to the owner of the landscape company, who said Code Enforcement told him to dump it in front of my house.

Once again, I called the Sheriff's Office, who said they would talk to the owner of the house and give them a warning.

It is illegal to dump anywhere on Riverside Drive in between the Melbourne and the Eau Gallie causeways.

We used to have "No Dumping" signs up and down Riverside Drive, and I am in the process of trying to get some new signs up.

I called traffic operations on Friday, Sept. 20, and they said they will work with me to try to get the new signs put up.

Please, do not use the front of my house as your dumping ground.

How would you feel if someone was dumping in front of your home?

Just a week ago, there was an article about how clean Brevard County is.

Let us all do our part to try to keep it that way.

Feral cats in the parks

I would like to address what Brevard County Parks and Recreation is doing with the cats in the parks, especially a park on Merritt Island.

A lot of the colonies have been fixed. They have had shots. A lot of people are taking care of them by feeding and watering them every day.

Now, they are telling us that if we come back into the parks to take care of these cats, they are going to put us in jail because they are trapping them and taking them away.

We have taken some out of there, but they are getting to them before we can, and they are going to put us in jail if we come back.

But what they don't know, and they are a few french fries short of a "Happy Meal," is that, even though they get rid of all these cats, there are going to be cats showing up again that are not fixed, that do not have shots, that people are not caring for, feeding and watering them, because they are not allowed to.

Oh, the 1950s!

I was just reading the newspaper, and I was reading about all the bad things about the 1950s.

Well, let me tell you this. I was a teenager during the 1930s, and, believe me, the 1950s were a paradise by comparison.

You can train your dog

This is for all the people, who have dogs, and are having a hard time finding a place for them to poop without aggravating the homeowners in their yards.

I have a great idea. First of all, it is very easy to do this. I worked with dogs for 30 years.

You train your dog to poop in your own yard, and his reward is getting to go for a walk. So, therefore, it is easy to train him, because he has a reward.

How simple is that?

Thank you.

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