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Letters to the editor
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Posted: 2013 Oct 04 - 06:20

Manufacturing is needed

Mr. Brumley, your article, Sept. 20 (on manufacturing) was right on.

I was talking to my friend Steve Sumner about this very subject the other day. No matter what the outcome is for Daytona Beach, hotels or gambling, the net result will be lower paying and temporary jobs.

I was born and raised in the industrial belt of New England, Naugatuck, Conn.(remember Naugahide?) My father was a developer for it and many other products for US Rubber Co. (Later Uniroyal)

Our town was surrounded by factories producing footwear, fabrics, brass, copper, steel, tires, electronics and motors (large and small).There are so many others I can't list them.

In the 1970s, our main factory (then called Uniroyal) was employing 20,000 workers in three shifts. Then things slowed and Carl Icahn and his buddies appeared on the scene, using hostile takeover techniques to close factory after factory.

Our Uniroyal branch (operating since the times of Charles Goodyear) had one of the best-known machine shops in the U.S.A. Anything could be fabricated and built here.

First, trucks appear and box up the entire facility. Then the fleet of 18-wheelers drives away. To where, we ask. To the docks of New York and New Jersey to be shipped to China, giving them a startup opportunity with some of the best equipment in the world.

The result is every factory in the central Connecticut/Massachusetts area is closed and shuttered, never to reopen again.

Getting back to your article, what can we manufacture here in the U.S. after 50 years of giveaway and a total consumer economy?

Looking at our society now, we see a large percentage of our population on various assistance programs. The salaries of anyone employed in a manufacturing scenario would probably have to compete with foreign workers. Many such salaries would be, in many cases, less than that given through the assistance programs.

Retraining millions of workers to work in high tech jobs would be expensive, probably doomed to failure due to low level of education of the workers, and would flood the high-tech field with unneeded workers, doomed to low salaries.

Possibly with many foreign manufacturers having labor and cost problems, some products may return to the U.S. But will they return with the same benefits to the workers? Or will they reduce the worker to less security than they had in the 1950s and '60s.

Fred Gruner, Daytona Beach

Time to give up guns

I am in complete agreement with people who are feed up with all the gun violence in our society. I, too, am sick and tired of excuses as to why we cannot stop gun violence.

Statistics show the number of households who have a gun is decreasing while gun ownership is at an all time high. It is time to demand gun owners come forward and support sensible gun control legislation or Draconian measures will be instituted against gun ownership.

We, the people, are no longer going to allow our children, friends and neighbors to be murdered. Enough is enough!

If the town drunk or irresponsible teenagers were driving cars recklessly, causing death and injury, action would be taken. At the very least, we would take away the keys to the car preventing those irresponsible individuals from hurting their fellow citizens. It is time we consider taking the keys away from gun owners in America.

Failure to have sensible gun laws that prevent needless deaths is good reason to take away the guns in our society. Gun owners will have proven themselves to be as irresponsible as the reckless teenagers and town drunks who injure and kill people. Guns should and will be outlawed in America.

Please, gun advocates, do not tell me what our founding fathers would say on this topic. I do not care what some white wigged gentleman in the 18th century said on this issue. What I do know is he will not be at the funeral of our children and grandchildren when the next gun massacre occurs.

The choice is yours gun owners. We are not going to wait much longer.

James M. Doumas, Port Orange

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