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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > Volusia County

Rants & raves
Rating: 3 / 5 (10 votes)  
Posted: 2013 Oct 04 - 06:17

In response to: 'Disabled can pay $5'

On my beautiful map of Daytona Beach, which covers the beach area from Smyrna Dunes Park in the South to North Peninsula State Recreation Area in the North, it shows 56 beach access points.

This is probably the majority of the beach access points for beach parking in Volusia County, but still doesn't include beach access points from New Smyrna Beach to the south. Yet the approved budget is funding for 40 beach ramps. Not a single lifeguard station is shown on this map. Contrary to the rant "Disabled can pay $5," none of the projected $2.5 million collected in beach access fees goes toward lifeguards and beach patrol personnel. It goes into the general fund. I estimate that the cost of collection of the access fees is actually greater than the fees collected, implying it would be better for the beach users and the tax payers, if no fees were collected at all.

In response to: 'Smoking on the beach'

It doesn't make sense for a smoker to go out of their way to defend something they know deep down is harmful to them.  

That always gets me when they should be even nicer and more understanding for those who have allergies or compromising health status, that non-smokers really have no choice with. 

Florida heat makes it difficult enough for people to breathe who have asthma, heart conditions, without having to have smoking add to the mix.. But non-smokers or anyone who is trying to just relax and take in the nice ocean air at our beautiful beaches should not have to contend with it, in all honesty, and they should have a "heart" about it even more so and not try and bring up ridiculous comments about "who should wear or not wear bikinis" or innocent "children" who may get sand on someone's blanket because they are walking by.

In response to: 'Real estate is different in Florida'

This is for the person who had trouble with the real estate agent. I do believe that person should have kept looking for another real estate agent. It sounds like this one has watched too much Home and Garden TV.

No time for it

What about the brand new clock on the corner of U.S. 1 and Canal Street (in New Smyrna Beach)? It's ugly as heck and it doesn't work. Is there a reason for that? It was supposed to beautify the city.

Wrong place to ask

Every so often food and major drug stores ask for donations. They even go as far as having the appeal on the card reader when you are using a credit or debit card. Don't press the wrong button. These stores get millions of dollars in donations by doing this. Who gets the tax write off?

I have a lot of friends who are cashiers. I sympathize with them. They feel like they are begging for money. There has to be a better way than being put on the spot while you are standing in line with your neighbors. It doesn't feel right to me.

Know your product

Where are the people who really know their products? There is a young girl on the TV now selling cars. She looks like she is 12. I really doubt she knows about what CCs are in an automobile or liters are in an automobile or horsepower means in an automobile. She sounds like an electric typewriter. What has happened to people of knowledge?

Recycle with purpose

I am in favor of recycling for the environment, but it should not defeat its purpose. One example is plastic bags from stores. They are made from recycled plastic, but are flimsy. Many people have purchases fall out. One solution is double bagging, but doesn't that defeat the purpose of recycling.

Recycle, but use common sense and make it worthwhile.

Where's the tax cap?

What happened to the 3 percent cap on taxes the citizens of Ormond Beach voted for a few years back.

Has that been voted out, forgotten or what?

In response to: 'Real estate is different in Florida'

I have moved several times and sold several homes during my life. I have never ever had the kind of nightmare that this writer wrote about.

I have never had any Realtor tell me to take my stuff out unless it was something of high value that could easily be picked up and taken.

In other words, use common sense. Every Realtor I have worked with has been helpful and understanding. When I had small children in the home, they would call to be sure that no children were sleeping.

The only request that was ever made was to be out of the home if possible to let the Realtor show the home and push the right stuff. Most homeowners can make a new homebuyer uncomfortable because they will push for things that are not high up on the selling list.

If I had had three different Realtors treat me this way, I would have contacted the company and filed a complaint.

Since this writer did not, it makes me wonder if the accusations are blown completely out of whack.

A possible buyer or Realtor has never told me my furniture was wrong for the area. That is completely insane.

Of course there is something you can go by, "If something doesn't make sense, It is probably a lie." Using that statement I would say the ranter was not being honest.

Possibly they didn't get the price they felt they should get for their home? Personally I applaud Realtors because, believe it or not, they do a lot to get your home sold. Have you ever tried to walk in their shoes and see some of the people they have to deal with, not only the home sellers, but the buyers, also? Of course, in Florida it's so much easier to complain in this manner and hide behind anonymity to make false claims and hurt other people.

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