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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > Indian River County

Rants & raves
Rating: 2.5 / 5 (8 votes)  
Posted: 2013 Sep 06 - 06:44

Where's the money?

Where is all the tax and lottery money going? A while ago, the government borrowed money for health care. No wonder they are broke. And school kids have to buy many school supplies that they don't need. Why must they have wipes for their desks? Why can't they use paper towels? What are the janitors doing?

Place blame on society

Where do I begin? In my 36 years of service I have seen a distinct trend toward a more violent society. We now have more domestic calls, more neighbor trouble runs, more disorderly persons, etc.

The reasons are many but in my opinion, the major part of the blame goes to too many parents who gave up on, ignored, disdained and disrespected their kids.

It is amazing to me every time we get a call for a domestic involving kids and parents and the parents, only reason for calling was that their kids disrespected them and would not do what they told them to do.

If the parents would have taken an interest in their kids right from the get go and set down some rules and showed them how to respect others, then they wouldn't have had the need to call us.

By the time the parents figure it out, it is too late. Just take a look at our society; the songs the kids listen to, the movies that are being made, the language being used by adults and kids on radio and TV.

As a society, we have failed to police ourselves and we are now paying the price. Not enough adults are standing up and saying no to this type of behavior.

More on today's youth

There is still goodness and respect in the world but it is slowly eroding away. Life is peaks and valleys and we are sliding into a valley. How deep that valley is, I do not know.

My dear wife has asked a good question repeatedly over the years. Many of today's kids are being watched by their grandparents because the parents refuse to parent. Who is going to watch the kids a generation from now when the grandparents are no longer around?

Too many of today's parents won't know how because they didn't raise their own kids.

Folks have forgotten that in order to get respect you have to give it. Too many of the kids of today think they should get respect only because they exist. The kids have been abandoned by those who are responsible for them. The kids are being influenced by the "idols" of their culture and, too often, those are the last adults the kids should be looking up to.

I hate to sound so pessimistic, but that is one side of the coin I have seen.

On the other side, there are still some great kids and parents who are doing the right thing and doing it well. They will put themselves in positions of leadership simply because there will be no one else and they will accept the challenge.

Fortunately, there are still more of these kids than the ones described above. We have to get back to what made this country great.

Our leaders have to stand up for what is right and not for what is convenient or personally profitable. We need leaders who set the example and live up to a moral code.

I heard a DJ on the radio the other day say that today's politicians are nothing more than political hacks. He asked the question, where are the statesmen/women that guided this country to what is good and right; individuals of strong moral fiber and honesty?

There are few in Washington, D.C. and also far too few in too many state and local governments.

Raising a stink

If there's a psychologist or psychiatrist reading this, please tell me what kind of thinking goes on in the minds of these people who take their dog to foul someone else's yard? Or do they just turn it loose in the dark of night so it won't be seen?

When I see a trashcan overturned and the garbage strewn about, I think that must have been a wandering dog.

Maybe these people think now that they have us convinced their child can do no wrong, it's time to convince us their dog can do no wrong.

Well, I'm not convinced, in either case. I feel they are despicable, inconsiderate, undesirable citizens. When I find dog feces in my yard I take my trowel and toss it into the street where people can drive over it and spread it around so others can enjoy it, too.

Dealing with trespassing

This is about those who want to put up signs to keep people out of their yard. We have a lot of Jehovah's Witnesses who come to our door. They think because they are a church group, that it's OK to come and harass us.

In our neighborhood, we call the police, because you never know who is going to try and rob your house. Maybe they should do the same.

A place for dogs

I would like to make a comment about the new ordinance that no dogs can be on the Riverwalk. They say we can't have dogs there. That's discrimination against certain people. I recently bought property here, and now I'm reconsidering. There are lots of older people who have dogs. We should have an area of the beach where we can take our dogs. We pay taxes, too. If someone doesn't pick up after their dog, then they should be fined, but for everyone to be punished is unfair.

Here's a solution

The answer is quite simple: Have the day shift sheriffs get out of their cruisers and walk through the schools in their sector periodically. That's what we flatfoots did in the old days. I'll bet you couldn't find a sheriff who knows the principal or vice principal on their own beat. That goes for the city cops, too. Crimes happen in schools folks.

We don't need specialized units anymore. For some reason, sheriffs and local cops stay in their cruisers playing with the computer all day. Worst piece of equipment ever developed for police work, the laptop with games installed.

Gas regulations

This is about all the gas stations with all different prices. I can't get over how all these stations do this. I'd hate for Obama to have to come in and regulate gas prices. There are some places where there are lines for the pumps. And some places have really high prices.

Why don't they regulate the prices?

No accountability

We live in danger because there is little or no accountability, but authorities have acknowledged that three fugitives caught by police all have long criminal records, including murder cases in 2006 and 2007.

Despite this, they were on the streets at 1 a.m., fired a weapon at a potential victim and were apprehended with a Mac-10 and a semi-automatic pistol only after a night-long chase. Police later recovered five loaded guns, one of which had been stolen.

Why the judge and the prison system were unable or unwilling to keep them in prison has not been explained.

Tax sweets, too

Now we have citizens who are claiming that a tax on soda and other fatty, sugary drinks discriminates against citizens in a free society telling them what isn't healthy and what we can and can't consume. We go onto say how the tax also hits poor and middle class Americans.

We also have another bad habit, smoking, and by raising the tax on cigarettes this is supposed to make us all stop smoking. Ya think? What's next? Well I guess it's your turn now, soda, cupcakes and candy. How does it feel?

If you think about it, do you really think the government wants us to stop smoking and stop eating sugary products so we live longer? What about health care? How old do you want to be? Do you really think if you don't eat candy or smoke that you'll be skipping rope when you're 70?

What about street numbers?

I'm sure that most of us got a brochure in our water bill that was to remind us that there are codes, which the city enforces. I'm glad that our city's codes are not tucked away in some statute book. I congratulate the city. In short, very helpful to us all, but I will hone in on one code, which has me perplexed.

It is "House Numbers" 41.10(C)2, which states: "For safety purposes all buildings (residences and businesses) must have the numbers of the address posted on the front of the structure and be clearly visible from the road-way. The numbers must be at least 4 inches in height with contrasting color from the background color."

Living in Florida for 30 years (excluding my time in the military), I've found that residences do a good job in compliance. Those at fault are businesses. They seem to get around needing an address by being in a named strip mall. Very few, unless living near, know where to go. Some give landmarks, such as, two blocks north of the Jiffy wash. This is no way to run a city.

Check out U.S. 1. You are more likely to get into an accident, looking for any address, than to find where you want to be.

If code wants to overlook what I have described, at least mark the streets.

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