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Rants & Raves
Rating: 2.71 / 5 (7 votes)  
Posted: 2013 Sep 06 - 06:32

Tons of police or tons of criminals?

My fellow Brevardians, has anyone noticed that in the communities of Indialantic, Melbourne, West Melbourne and Melbourne Beach that on Tuesdays there is an overwhelming amount of patrol cars out in all four communities?

Now, I have Tuesdays off from work, so when I go fishing or come home from fishing, I have noticed many different color painted patrol cars pulling an assortment of different people over for various questionings, I assume. Or is it for something more serious? Your guess is as good as mine.

So, I totaled the populations of the four communities to see how many people live here; and from the 2010 census, I got a total of 100,251.

I feel that in a geographical size/location of these four towns, that there is a huge amount of criminal activity or just over zealous police, who are "gung ho" to do their job requirements.

I know that many returning service men and women from Iraq and Afghanistan have that "war" mentality still fresh in their minds, and they will probably have those feelings of combat readiness for decades, if not longer.

So, they see anyone standing around who is not lily white as a criminal.

I myself am tanned, and (I have) felt the discrimination. I can only imagine the bias that others feel, who are (a) darker complexion than me.

What I am trying to say is, even though I am perplexed; is there so many criminals in a small area, or do we have over-anxious police trying to make a collar every day, so they can get a bonus at the end of the year ?

Just sit back and reflect on these questions.

In the meantime, I think the criminals and police alike should read "Stanberry's Financial Outlook for the Near Future."

Yes, I read it on "Fox News," and I usually wouldn't read that junk; but like the Bible teaches us, or was it Benjamin Franklin, "know thy enemy."

Anyway, getting back to what I am trying to convey, is that the U.S.A. has a big problem in the near future. It seems to this financial expert that there are individuals out there somewhere trying to undermine the U.S. dollar or devalue the U.S. dollar. This is the most scary thing facing the U.S.A., a country that I love.

We need good-paying careers here in Brevard. If we had those, maybe we would have less crime.

Or is crime not as high as it seems, and that there is another underlying problem?

Feel free to enlighten me.


In a recent set of rants, a reader writes to ask, "What is wrong with wanting to go back to the 1950s?"

Segregation. Any more questions?

Bicycles on the edge

I know there have been a number of rants and raves concerning bicycles around here and where they can legally ride.

My question concerns them riding the edge of the road along the northern end of Croton Road and most of Parkway Drive (to name just two specific places).

These are mostly two-lane roads with taxpayer-built bike paths along one side.

Yet the bikers insist on not using the paths, but instead riding the road's edge and causing many problems for auto drivers.

Drivers worry about the bike hitting a rock and swerving it into the front of our cars.

Waiting for oncoming traffic to cease, so that we can pass the bikes, allowing for the three-foot rule, plays upon the patients and anger control of the auto drivers.

My question is: Can the law for bikes be amended and force them to use the paths when available on limited lane roadways?

Maybe the 1950s were not that good?

Ah, the 1950s, I remember them well.

You think you have spying now? Recall the party lines, where a bunch of your nosy neighbors could listen to your calls?

Remember cars that you could only get 10,000 miles at most from a set of tires; and the points and plugs had to be changed frequently, because of leaded gas.

Remember the sound of belt-driven dental drills. There were no stents, bypass surgeries or transplants.

Polio, whooping cough, measles, smallpox vaccinations were abound. There were no flu shots.

There were coal-fired factories and power plants and acid rain. Asbestos and lead were everywhere.

Remember the Love Canal and PCBs fouling the Hudson River from GE plants at Hudson Falls and Fort Edwards? How about raw sewage in our rivers?

In 1952, the Cuyahoga River in Ohio caught fire.

Air conditioning was a luxury only a few could afford. Turn your A/C off, and see how long you last in Florida.

There were no interstate road systems. There were Jim Crow laws, McCarthyism, segregation, duck and cover in schools to survive an atomic bomb attack.

Put your cell phones away. They didn't exist. Unplug your computer, neither did that. There were no handheld calculators or GPSs, either.

The only television was a black and white one, with a maximum screen size of 23 inches, weighing a couple of hundred pounds with no remote. Put an antenna on your roof and get some rabbit ears for UHF. Have a couple spare vacuum tubes handy. They fry frequently.

Assault rifles and semi-automatic handguns were only for the military.

Interstates were not yet built, and it took long time getting anywhere, using the old past roads.

Stinking ashtrays were everywhere you went, on planes and trains, at doctors' offices, markets and barbers. There were no birth control pills, but the music was awesome.

Two trials?

I've been reading where there will be two trials for the people accused of killing Deputy Pill.

There is all this talk about how it is going to cost the county more money, etc., also a circus-like atmosphere.

All the trials in this area have that. What about the trauma and emotions of the family?

Never in the paper or newscasts has there been any mention of what this is going to do the family of Ms. Pill.

Please, have some respect for the family.

This judge must not have any feelings at all!

More on the 1950s

The person raving about the 1950s is mistaking the fiction presented in TV shows with what life was really like in the 1950s.

Here is what I remember:

Women could only work as teachers, nurses and secretaries. High-paying jobs like doctors, lawyers, engineers and company managers were off limits to women.

Minorities had to deal with hardships of segregation.

Your neighbor could falsely accuse you of being a communist, that could prevent you from getting a good job or worse, send you to prison.

While gasoline was cheap, cars got lousy gas mileage and generated the most unhealthy pollution. Many cities in Michigan and other states were invisible from all the pollution from cars and factories.

Everyone in the military was drafted, compared with today when the military is all volunteers. You cannot get any more patriotic than the all-volunteer military of today. God bless them all, as they represent the best of America.

America is still a free country, and nobody is forcing you to buy or use the latest technology.

Last time I checked, you can still buy an antenna and get 26 free TV stations over the air. Just like the 1950s, except today there are 23 additional free stations and most are in high-definition.

If you are still raving for the 1950s, feel free to throw out your frost-free refrigerator, the automatic washer and dryer and something totally unnecessary in Florida: the air conditioner.

Two world-class liars

As the two world-class liars take on each other how can truth and justice prevail?

The answer is "no," it cannot. Truth, justice and honesty is not at this table.

No one in the line-up from the west or the east has any knowledge of truth, fairness or principles.

This meeting is represented by evilness, controlled by evilness, itself, to be represented by a group that is ignorant of all principles that made America a "Godly" nation, the light of the world just a few years ago!!

As I sit here listening to the complete stupidity used by the Obama Administration in threatening Syria time and time again, yet (President Barack) Obama does zero!

The cowardness of (President) Obama shows for all our enemies to see.

Never has the complete uselessness of a community organizer been more clearly shown than what we see today from (President) Obama!

Please, help us dear God! America is completely unarmed, except for your mercy!

America fell from a leader of the free world to being destroyed by a community organizer! all in a few short years, years lacking professional leadership!

Thank you!

Why are we so shocked by 'shock artists?'

I truly believe that when an artist needs to rely solely on shock value to promote their "talent," they really have none to begin with.

So, why are so many drawn to the absurd, when there is abundant true talent around us? Perhaps it's time for some of us to ask ourselves this question.

With the controversy about Miley Cyrus' exhibition on the MTV Awards Show, we should be cognizant of the fact that we created Miley Cyrus, just as we created the Howard Sterns, the Chris Ofilis, Gottfried Helnweins, Todd Clems, Simon Cowells, Madonnas and Lady Gagas of the world.

We cultivate their over-inflated egos with our adulation; and, in doing so, validate their extreme behavior.

It is a perverse public appetite for decadence that encourages these types of celebrities to accept the dare of flying closer to the flame in exchange for more fame.

Then, when they cross an ever-shifting line of acceptability in an attempt to give us our "shock fix," we condemn them to history's scrap heap of ridicule and obscurity.

Miley took a risk and got too close to the flame.

Her once-adoring public is now goose-stepping to the beat of a drooling media, as it drains every drop of "news worthiness" from this pathetic event.

Nice try, Miley, but we changed the rules and didn't tell you.

So what now? Most likely a ceremonial sacrifice of your career to the fame and fortune gods: obscurity and rejection. At least for a while, until we forget your indiscretion. Give us a couple of weeks. Maybe with a little luck, you'll end up like some of modern history's most heinous criminals - with movie rights and a book deal.

What hypocrisy!

To all car drivers, and I know there are a lot of you

You hear all the time to look twice for motorcycles, but you need to look four times for bicyclists.

I was hit by a truck. The driver just left.

He left me on the side of the road hit and hurt.

I don't blame him. He just did not want to get into trouble.

People, we all share the roadways.

Please, pay attention.

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