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Rants & Raves
Rating: 3.67 / 5 (6 votes)  
Posted: 2013 Aug 30 - 06:33

No dog control on beach

Beachgoers should be aware that they are at risk for injury and dog fights on an area of Indialantic Beach.

This area extends south for one-half mile from Paradise Beach Public Park.

Dogs control this beach, not the law or any agency.

I have been injured numerous times by dogs, and most recently bitten by a bulldog.

To get an owner's name or address is not possible, while I am standing there bleeding and frightened. They won't tell you anyway.

I can no longer enjoy this beautiful area of the beach because of this.

I think it would be a real help to have a volunteer dog beach patrol, as someone needs to be on the beach to see this.

God is still in charge

My hat off to the person who wrote (the rant) "Good has become evil, and evil has become good."

We blame God for all the evil we do. This is the choice we make that causes all kind of tragedy in the world today. It is not God; it is us.

First, we took prayers out of all the schools; took the word God out of everything. Christian children today cannot mention the word God in schools. They are called freaks.

Children today do not know or read the Bible, read about Sodom and Gomorra from the Bible, all that is happening today.

That is why there are killings, wars, starvation, sodomy, you name it; we have brought it all on ourselves. Don't we know God is watching?

We have become a society filled with hate. We even hate the president of our country.

We may not like who the American people chose twice to be our president, but we need to respect him. He has the most important position in the country, so get over it, and stop the name-calling and the bashing.

We all do not agree with everything he says or does, but that goes for all presidents. No one is perfect.

Things will not get better. It will get worse.

The people of today have changed for the worse.

The Bible has to be fulfilled. God is coming soon.

God is watching us. He is still in control.

Save the American homeless!

Hey, to all you nice people who give money to us, who are out of work and have families. We need to live also.

I, and all the others out here, want to thank you so much, and God bless!

A man gave me a $50 bill the other day, and I bought food and propane for the stove.

We cooked and ate for two days.

Thank you to whomever did that. It helps so much, you do not know.

We need to save the American homeless!

Again, thank you for your help.

The crazy water department

I am calling to agree with whoever wrote the "Be careful where you move" rant in Hometown News. He or she is absolutely right.

I have moved one time in Brevard County, and the water department has been driving me crazy.

I live alone, and I have had two bills that were astronomical. One, I had to even get a plumber to prove them wrong.

They didn't knock much off, but they gave me the benefit of the doubt. How kind!

I also got another bill. They charged me, and it was outrageous. It couldn't have possibly been right. But, in the end, I had to pay over again.

It's the one on Strawbridge Avenue. I think someone ought to investigate them.

He, or she, whoever wrote in, is absolutely right.

Something is going crazy with the department of water.

Police story

My Vietnam veteran brother was hospitalized after an attempted home invasion. It caused him to have a heart attack.

He has an alarm system that was activated twice during his five days in the hospital.

According to the alarm company, the police only call them, the alarm company, if they, the police, come upon a burglary in progress; not if they find a broken window or any other suspicious/obvious break-in attempt.

When my brother arrived home after his five days in the hospital; he, and his friend who drove him home, immediately noticed two of his brand new cars missing.

One was a 2013 Mustang GT that costs more than $40,000, with all the options.

The other was a 2008 Pontiac G-6 sedan.

After my brother's key would not open his house door lock, he and his friend circled his home, noticing an open window and open French doors in the back.

His friend, a thin man, squeezed in through the open window, the window that apparently triggered the alarm to go off two nights earlier.

Everything of any value was taken from my brother's house, and it was ransacked and torn apart. And the home is now unlivable.

When my brother had the police called out to do a report on this vandalism and robbery, the police did no crime scene or fingerprinting; and after doing a brief, written report, touched my brother's shoulder saying, "What a mess. What a shame. Goodbye and good luck, sir."

The credit union has started procedure to catch the scumbags, and my brother is going to allow prosecution once the perpetrators are found.

I have been affected by these incidents, both emotionally and financially, as I have had to send my brother money to help him get through and stay in a hotel, while he waits for his homeowner's insurance, which is taking its sweet time.

I called the police department involved and asked why they didn't do anything, not even alert the alarm company when a window was open and others were broken.

I was told by the officer who spoke to me that unless they see a suspect in person, they have done their job.

Is this the police protection that we, as taxpayers, pay for?

They cut corners, unless it's a murder or shooting scene.

'Just say no' to the red light cameras

The city of Melbourne has got it right, and has voted against the use of red light cameras.

The cameras have done little for safety, but a lot for making money, until now, when the cost of a magistrate to hear contested cases will start costing more than the tickets are worth giving out.

Thank you, Melbourne, it's too bad that the city of Palm Bay couldn't have done the same thing, as the red light tickets have done little to stop accidents. And, now that folks will start contesting these illegally given out tickets, Palm Bay might be giving out more than it takes in.

The cameras are nothing more than a way to generate money.

Under our Constitution, we are given the right to due process of law, and to have our accuser in court, but how do you cross examine a camera?

The city council of Palm Bay had the chance to stand up for our rights; but, instead, chose to keep the cameras and try and make as much money as possible from their use.

I only hope that the council members, who voted against our rights, are held accountable in the next election.

No, I have not been given a ticket, and I am a retired police officer, who believes in our Constitution.

Response to 'wallet returned'

To the positive person, who was grateful that their wallet was returned: The world needs more positive people, like you.

Because you see the good in others, you were rewarded for it.

We reap what we sow, and we are a result of our own thoughts.

Thank you for your uplifting rave.

We must not kill a student's initiative

What if Florida contacted 12 major United States' universities, with varying curricula and asked them to provide admission standards that students must meet to attend without remediation? This would accomplish the objectives of Common Core.

And then publish these standards to text book companies?

They would provide material to bring students up to the standards to enter college.

Then do the same with as many U.S. companies as needed to provide their standards and the level of skill students graduating need for employment.

Students receive a basic education through middle school, and when entering high school, choose a college-bound path or a vocational path.

This is) not unlike students entering college, who take required history and social studies the first year, then chose a major.

Parents and students must make the choice, even though the student's earlier transcript is not strong enough to meet established standards.

We must not kill a student's initiative if they are willing to put out the effort.

The move today is toward electronic education, but there must be a mix, where students must reason and not solve problems using a computer.

Students MUST learn to use cursive to write a page.

We do not have to emulate education in other countries. The U.S. has some of the best colleges in the world. Evidence of this is the number of foreign students who come to the U.S. to study.

It's all about money

Thank God we haven't had a hurricane in three years, but the insurance companies keep raising their rates because they need money. For what?

Car insurances go up. House insurance goes up, and Florida Power and Light always goes up.

Now, all these Republicans and Democrats vote for giving them the raise, we have to find out who they are and vote them out of office.

I am tired of them sitting back, getting big bucks and not doing anything for the people, as they are supposed to be doing.

The only thing they want to do is make money, and I'm sorry to say, if it keeps up, I'm leaving Florida for good.

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