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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > Volusia County

Rants & raves
Rating: 1.25 / 5 (8 votes)  
Posted: 2013 Aug 30 - 06:15

Should area beaches be smoke free?

Yes, yes, yes. And it not just about the second hand smoke everyone talks about, cigarette filters do not disintegrate but stay buried in the sand. The disregarded debris from the butts continues to pile up and destroy the beauty of the beaches.

It has become a matter of continuous littering of our beaches and forces innocent bystanders to breathe in these fumes. If the wind is blowing in the wrong direction, there is even more. No one wants to smell the deadly smoke or view this repulsive debris. Keep it in your own back yard. Smokers, please go hide.

In response to: 'Dirty schools coming'

Yes, dirty schools are coming and more. The privatized company that took over on July 1 is only hiring part-time workers. Four hours a day and 10 months a year.

In response to: 'Dirty schools coming'

There are 67 counties in Florida. Is Volusia County the only one who privatized their school custodians?

In response to: 'Dirty schools coming'

Dirty schools are coming. A school board member, when asked why she voted to privatize the custodian jobs, said she was not in the business of creating jobs. Well, who created her job and can we as citizens privatize her job?

In response to: Buy more property, Port Orange

Are you crazy? The city of Port Orange has more property thaan they know what to do with. We are just starting to recover from one of the worst recessions in our country's history. Let's take a look at Riverwalk, since you brought that up.

Why are the city fathers constantly blocking progress in the area? This is hundreds of thousands of potential tax dollars, new businesses and jobs for the people of Port Orange. If it were up to the councilman in charge in the area, it would be a park with minimum facilities and few people using it. If I were one of the developers and landowners, I would sue the city to prove they are not God and the good old boys days should be over.

I normally watch the meeting on POG TV. If you haven't paid attention, the city recently voted to reduce taxes. Now they are looking at a shortfall in the budget. What does that mean? More cuts in services, less employees? We can't even get a street sweeper in my area. I was told due to cuts.

As a taxpayer I would rather pay $20 or $30 a year to get the quality of services we were getting six or seven years ago. Most spend that on the lottery each week or each month. I personally encourage the people of Port Orange to get more involved.

Rough, rough

Help my burning feet. I am your four-legged friend that gives you unconditional love and I know you love me as a member of your family. But, sometimes, I think you forget your feet are covered on the hot surface. The darker the pavement, the hotter the surface. I checked with my vet. Yes, my feet do burn and the temperature on some of these pavements can reach 150 degrees. Please try to walk me during cooler hours of the day or on lighter color surfaces. Get me off the hot surface. I will appreciate it. Woof, woof, woof. Also don't forget metal truck beds are hot, too.

Who is responsible for the upkeep?

Notice the grass and weeds in the median on Clyde Morris Boulevard between Hand Street and LPGA Boulevard. Look out the car window, it is at eye level. What happened to the pride in keeping our streets clean?

Let the weeds grow

To the person(s) who complained to Volusia County about the vacant, overgrown lot on Doris Drive in Silver Sands -- really?

What was once a thriving mini eco-system of turtles, snakes and pollinators galore, now looks much like I imagine Atlanta did when Sherman got through with it.

None of the people who actually live by that lot are pleased with the results. Was a minuscule bump in your property value really worth depriving wildlife of a place in our neighborhood? Here is an idea for you -- tend to your own yard and mind your own business.

Don't lose the jungle

I live near Otter Boulevard and frequently walk along this beautiful, old Florida jungle and canal flanked road.

I have often seen otters playing in the canal. In the spring, I watched as two baby otters played near their mother.

When they eventually get tired (or nervous because they are aware of me watching), they scamper off into the jungle by the canal. Well, unfortunately, over the past couple of months quite a few acres of jungle along Otter, and right beside the canal where these otter come to play and fish, has been completely demolished. The demolition of all that beautiful old Florida jungle is a very sad sight to behold. Not one single tree was left standing.

All the houses along Otter are discretely tucked away in amongst the jungle, and it has been this way for many years.

I do not understand the mentality of this kind of cruel and destructive action?

Our native trees and wildlife, and the natural beauty we all appreciate, gone for good. We are going to lose our old Florida jungle appeal that puts us a cut above all the other beach towns that have already lost most of their jungles.

Two things are important to the main appeal of our old, historic New Smyrna Beach, and they are its jungles and its beaches. If we do not do anything to stop this destruction, we will have a city that looks just like all the rest. It has been bad enough seeing the car dealership being erected along State Road 44 where once a beautiful jungle stood, full of wildlife. I cringe every time I drive past that section of S.R. 44.

While just a bit farther down S.R. 44, a huge, derelict lot sits where Kmart once was, plenty of space for a car dealership for sure. We thought the Turnbull Colony conservation area of jungle, lining S.R. 44 and Jungle Road and Otter, was all being preserved, but I guess it is just a very tiny patch of jungle that is actually protected, presently. Take action. Go to the zoning and planning meetings held on the first Monday of every month and are open to the public. Look them up online and check out their agenda and let your voice be heard.

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