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Rants & raves
Rating: 2.5 / 5 (8 votes)  
Posted: 2013 Aug 23 - 06:51

Dear Welfare Ranter

I am not the one who labeled you that but it suits you. You have not done your research. Many people are on welfare because the government put them there. Yes! It's the government's fault. Take this: Our court system. Family law judges are protecting deadbeats and not the children even when there is solid evidence. I have taken my ex to court 12 times in six years. He owes over $110,000. I usually win but he only has to pay anywhere between $3,000- $0. It is cheaper to purge than to pay child support. The last time I took him to court I had a detective and his sworn investigation which revealed a business and thousands in income. I also produced 30 copies of checks written out to the deadbeat with his endorsement on the back. Guess what the judge said? "Not enough!" Did you know (no, you didn't do your research) that in 2010 in just the state of Florida alone, deadbeats owed over 6 trillion dollars...more than the richest man(Bill Gates) in the world! And that is just one state out of 50.

Here's another thing: the government has allowed hospitals, doctors, and insurance companies to price-gouge patients into debt and homelessness. One can of Dermaplast from the drugstore cost $8 yet on the hospital bill I was charged $50. And the hospitals will not allow you to bring in your own drugs-preventing you from being a good steward. And how about this: the government did not do their job in monitoring the banking and mortgage industry before we fell into a bad recession, (the government is more interested in listening to our phone calls apparently), and this too caused many to lose their jobs and homes and go on welfare. How about these big employers who are cutting the hours if full-timers to part time so they pay less out and drop benefits? And another...all those illegals taking up what few jobs left in this recession instead of employing Americans. Let's not forget about our dear president himself. He preached he would lower the national debt, but now it is doubled! He promised new jobs with the so-called stimulus money. Didn't work. He bailed out banks(with taxpayer money) who then turnaround and partied on that money and charged us outrageous new fees for stupid things...all of this hurts everyone who's trying to make ends meet and when we don't we need food stamps and Medicaid.

It appears to me that you were not affected by the recession or anything of the above. Maybe you are rich and live a very sheltered life unaware of everything that is happening with our country, the president, and the people. Welfare ranter, I hope I opened your eyes but I doubt it.

Teachers unions?

This is in response to the reader who sent in the rant last week titled "What happened to teaching?"

I have to question where that reader is from. They couldn't possibly reside in St. Lucie County and come to the conclusions they have drawn.

In the opposite of that reader, I still think teaching is a revered profession and I have a high level of appreciation and respect for all the teachers I know. As far as attributing the demise to the teachers' unions with a powerful force... well, frankly that is just misinformation. Unions are not even allowed in Florida for teachers. What they have may be dubbed a "union" but in essence it is not much more than a bargaining unit with little if any power at all. And I say that with no disrespect to them. They do the best they can up against a powerful school board and an overbearing, overrated, overpaid, and overstaffed administration who in my opinion may say they always have the best interest of the student in mind but clearly don't. The comment to pay scale increases is at most laughable since the teachers I know, at least the ones in St. Lucie County, went the last five years without any pay increases and have even been asked to take pay cuts.

The only part of the rant at all that I agree with is that the kids are getting lost in the shuffle. But the ones responsible for that are the administrators and politicians, not the teachers. Most teachers across the United States remain underpaid, and are routinely thrown under the bus and used as scapegoats for our problems with education. Teachers are in the profession because they want to educate our children and are dedicated to help them to succeed in this world. Their desire to teach has not been diminished by the constant red tape; pay cuts, and badgering of administrators and politicians. They remain committed and will continue to fight for what is best for their students. My hat goes off to every teacher and they have my highest respect for the hard work they do under the guidelines they are expected to perform under and the unnecessary hoops they are made to jump through. For the record, I am not a teacher.

A note to who violated our privacy

If you were hungry and came to my door I would have given you food. Instead you chose to take sentimental items from deceased friends and items from our sons serving their country in Iraq and Afghanistan. We are in our 70s; if your parents were violated would you not care? Do something better with your lives. Exonerate yourselves and return items (make your parents proud). Remember, you can run but you can't hide. God sees all!

Sunpass causes unemployment?

If you buy and use "Sunpass" you are contributing to a toll collector losing their job and having to go on unemployment and maybe even on some other government assistance such as housing subsidies, food stamps, etc. The statement above is an absolute fact. It has already caused many collectors to lose their full time jobs.

Do something

When you sit and look at any local causeway or Hutchinson Island at night, it is breathtaking the reflections of the lights on the water, hearing the sounds of fish jumping and birds diving but In the day time we have a different story that makes my heart bleed. Imagine being lucky enough to grow in Martin County and having the opportunity to be able to water ski, fish, swim, paddle board, surf, etc... To be able to sit on the river and watch children play and watch people throw a stick in the water for their dogs to go fetch. After all that's what Martin County is all about, the quality of life, good clean fun and family activities, to help maintain that quality of life we have become accustomed to .

A wonderful area for tourism due to the wonderful beaches, parks on the water, restaurants on the water and the ability to be able to approach it all by water. Many families rely on clean water in Martin County, due to owning any business that sells or rents anything from sailboats and paddle boards to fishing tackle, bait and surf boards or a restaurant on the water. An area where it would not be Sunday if there were not a thousand boats hanging out on the Sandbar, swimming, grilling and just hanging out with friends and family. It is like taking a mini vacation in your own back yard. Let's not forget Labor Day the last weekend before the chaotic holidays begin fun in the sun and water everywhere. The draining of Lake Okeechobee will mean total devastation for the entire Treasure Coast. Local business owners will cease to exist therefore their homes will go into foreclosure, causing a trickledown effect. Creating many abandoned establishments.

Tourism will cease to exist. Why would you go somewhere in Florida that you could not rent or buy any gear necessary for water sports and not be able to swim or even enter the water ways. What will become of this beautiful community full of great people? Please we all need to do what we can to help, for the future of our children and of our community?

Regarding Kaitlyn Hunt

I just read an article regarding Kaitlyn Hunt. Here's something I'd like to know... Why didn't the 14 year old's mother get involved before she waited for the other turned 18? Why did she wait? Sounds like she just wanted to be vindictive and now the government wants blood out of this. Now, I looked up young teenage pregnancy and was startled by the age; anywhere from 14 - 16 yrs. old and when these young women get pregnant, where are these parents and the government? Most of them run off to the welfare office and start that domino effect rolling. Now, why isn't the paper filled with the guys and women who are involved in this sexual misconduct in the paper? That's wrong too but the government doesn't say anything about that, other than cutting a check to the young mother to help support her and however many kids she has. Just so they can keep their political careers going at the expense of the tax payer. Oh, by the way those kids having kids, the funds to help pay for them come right out of the honest tax payers pocket. And let's not forget about any family foundation as well which leads to crime. Everything in life has consequences.

Editor's note: According to the original arrest affidavit, it states that Kaitlyn Hunt started dating the victim November 2012. Her 18th birthday was in August 2012.

About immigration

Do folks realize that this country lets in more than one million people a year through legal immigration, and that there are about four million people in line waiting their turn to get in? That doesn't sound like a broken immigration system to me, but rather like one that is quite robust.

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