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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > St. Lucie County

Rants & raves
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Posted: 2013 Aug 16 - 07:00

Stop breaking the laws

One of the values that makes America great is we respect the rule of law. Foreigners who come here illegally do not subscribe to that concept. After all, by definition, their coming here breaks our immigration laws. If it were just a few, it would still be wrong but we might be able to accommodate a few. However, CBO estimates that the number under the Senate passed bill which relaxes immigration rules is the number expected to arrive during the next decade is 20 million people.

That number cannot possibly be assimilated.

What about the homesteads?

I read the rants every time we get the paper and I never have seen an inquiry on the following:

Does everyone who has a "homestead" on their property really live in Florida most of the time? Is it six months? Who checks up on them? Florida is losing a lot of tax money by not following up on this credit and the rest of us who do live here all the time are paying for their credit.

Welfare should not be a way of life

This is to the person whom labeled me as the "welfare ranter." Have you been following congress lately? Food stamp money is at 71 billion dollars, 51 million people are on the system in this great nation. Did you research that? Or are you just like some of the people out there who just want that supposed free government handout to help you? The government is not helping you at all. You have to get an education; you know reading, writing and math. And maybe even speak fluent English. And I'm not talking street English either. Now as far as some of these young women having kids... Some just have kids to get into the welfare system, so in truth they're using young lives as a tool to support themselves. That's a moral crime itself. So when you decided to give me a title and tell me I'm ignorant, perhaps you might want to meet me and I'll show you my research I do. By the way areas that have a high poverty rate are due to many factors, but the biggest one is welfare.

Welfare was never meant to be a way of life, thank you! Oh and the wonderful democrats that supposedly represent us they can't make you get an education only you can do that and where can you find educational material oh at the public library. That's the tax payer funded program, I use it all the time. However I don't go there to play games or listen to music on the computer. But I'm in charge of my own destiny and I'm not about to become a victim of the governments system. So next time you write in to bash me acknowledge the facts first. By the way they should make welfare a charity through the government then people wouldn't just get the money then see how many people would produce young lives. I'm guessing not too many.

Editor's note: A fact check regarding the amount of money spent on food stamps and the amount of people receiving food stamps revealed that Congress has spent 81 Billion dollars and the amount of people benefiting from the Food Stamp program is 47 million.

Questioning the quotes

1. "When Government fears the People there will be Liberty." Thomas Jefferson.

2. The Liberties of a people never were, nor ever be secure, when Transactions of their 'Rulers' may be concealed from them." Patrick Henry.

Question for No. 1. Does this Administration fear American Citizens? No!

Question for No. 2. Are transactions being concealed from our Rulers (this administration)? Yes!

Barack Hussein Obama gives billions to rebel countries. How many Americans know when, to whom, and how much? Recently, billions to Egypt...to the Muslim Brotherhood Rebels.

He admitted openly on TV that he was going 'over the head' of Congress in a particular matter. He has been going over American heads as well as Congress since day one. Why?

2016 already?

Is it really happening? Are politicians, pundits and the news media already starting to float names of potential 2016 presidential candidates? The election is three years away. Do we really need to start the 2016 presidential campaign in 2013? I heard that Senator Ted Cruz is bouncing around the country on a "fact finding" tour. Is this just a prelude to an announcement for candidate in 2016? Who is paying for this fact finding tour? This reminds me of Hillary Clinton's fact finding tour prior to her run for the New York senate seat while she was still first lady. She also "bounced" around the country, but 70 percent of her trips were to New York. Paid for by the taxpayer. Politicians on both sides of the aisle spend too much time trying to grab headlines and get their names out there to actually do the jobs they were elected to do. Ted Cruz represents Texas. So why is he travelling the country on the taxpayer dime? Hillary's fact finding tour was done while she was first lady, before she announced she was running for senate under the guise that, as first lady, she was taking the pulse of the country. What she was actually doing was finding out which state she was most popular in, so she could move there and run for senate. I found it funny that she didn't choose her home state of Illinois. All her trips were paid for by, guess who? The taxpayer.

This message is for both political parties and the news media, (liberal or conservative). The American people are not idiots. We do not need three years to make a decision on who gets our vote. We do not want to see rock'em, sock'em politicians battling it out for the next three years. There ought to be a law stating you cannot announce your candidacy until January 1st of the election year. If you can't get your message across in ten months, you don't deserve the job.

Failure in the house

So, here we are five years after the now admitted crimes of Wall Street Banksters crashed our economy through the creation of fraudulent "debts," inept gambling practices, and a myriad of other felonious acts, yet not one criminal indictment against a top Wall Street Bankster has materialized. Instead, we have witnessed a dog and pony show with countless hours of self-aggrandizing members of both houses in this "hearing" or that "committee," while the Banksters have become even more powerful and their "too big to fail" institutions have grown larger. The original version of Dodd-Frank never provided for any meaningful changes to the way banks conducted themselves and was even further watered down prior to being enacted. The only thing Dodd-Frank has proven effective at is thinning our senior population.

But there is an answer to this problem, one which is receiving very little attention in the Main-Stream Media. It is a solution to the problem of the Banksters being permitted to threaten the Nation's security and sovereignty with all of their risky investments, "creative" financial instruments, and the unlawful gambling with money of their depositors. It is a solution that has been tried, tested and proven to be effective. It is a solution which worked for 66 years and prevented the Banksters from committing many of the fraudulent and felonious acts they seem to be able to commit today with impunity. The solution was known as the Glass-Steagall Act, and it was implemented under the Roosevelt administration in 1933 as a safeguard to prevent another "Great Depression." And from that time up until it was repealed under the Clinton administration in 1999 it did just that.

Today, much to the chagrin of the Banksters and their captured members of government, there is growing momentum for the re-implementation of Glass-Steagall, with proposed legislation in both Houses. Currently, there are 75 co-sponsors of this legislation, of which shamefully, only three Representatives and NO Senators from Florida are included. The bill before Congress is H.R. 129, titled "The Return to Prudent Banking" Act, and the companion bill(s) in the Senate are S 985 and S 1282. I know for a fact that the offices of Senators Bill Nelson, Marco Rubio and Congressman Pat Murphy have been contacted and informed regarding this issue, and yet they have not signed on in support of this critical legislation. If they are not in the pockets of the Banksters, what are they waiting for? Are they in favor of the Banksters stealing your deposits to cover their gambling losses? Perhaps a more prudent question would be..... "Just how much money have these fine, upstanding gentlemen received from the Banksters in the way of campaign contributions?"

Don't ban guns

Chicago is the murder capital of the country. Likewise, Washington, DC.

They have another thing in common. Both outlaw guns. While premeditated crimes with guns are uncontrollable, fatal gun accidents have dropped to six per million. Hundreds of thousands of crimes are avoided when law-abiding citizens possess weapons. Those who are determined to ban guns are on the wrong track.

What happened to teaching?

Teaching was once a revered profession, dominated by people dedicated to the children. Teachers were highly respected and appreciated. Along came teachers' unions. For many, teaching became just a job. Teachers' unions became a powerful force. Pay scales increased but respect decreased. The kids got lost in the shuffle. Let's go back to the good old ways.

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