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Rants & Raves
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Posted: 2013 Aug 16 - 06:32

A thank you

I just want to thank a local business, Phantom Fireworks, for helping us and another business get a job completed.

Our windshield had gotten a shatter near the driver's field of vision, on July 4, by a passing motorist.

We waited to schedule the repair, since we don't have a garage the glass company could use; and it rained every day since the holiday weekend.

We finally went ahead and scheduled the repair in hopes it would be dry weather that day, but no such luck. The sky seemed to be clearing over near S.R. 520, where they have a storage area, so we followed the gentleman from our house in Rockledge to the storage facility on S.R. 520.

We arrived to it still raining lightly, which meant he couldn't do the repair.

He noticed the overhangs at Phantom Fireworks and wondered if they would let us use one of them. So over to Phantom Fireworks, I headed.

I spoke with a very polite young lady that was working inside, who then went and asked the manager, who gave us permission without hesitation.

Thank you.

Disparity in wealth

The liberal media continually cites the disparity in wealth between the "1-percenters" and everyone else, as being strong evidence of inequality in the United States. However, a discerning citizen needs to lend a critical eye at this calculation.

Obvious to everyone, except our statistically challenged liberal press, is that comparing a wealthy person to children younger than 17 is ludicrous. With regard to those between the ages of 18 and 44, I think it is understood that people normally cannot make appreciable savings until well into middle age.

Further reductions in the opportunity to create wealth can be attributed to 85 million mothers, where much of their time is spent on raising their children.

Also, there are millions of people with serious mental illnesses, some of who should be excluded to avoid double-counting.

Finally, as many executive retirees realize, when one retires, they may be a "1 percenter" in the last year of employment and a "99-percenter" the following year, so the 1 percent population varies from year to year.

To appropriately measure the differences in wealth disparity between groups of citizens, one needs to compare those citizens, who have chosen to absorb the costs of education and invest their youthful years in studying and learning their profession; chosen to forgo leisure activities; chosen to forgo the enjoyment of being with their families (or even having a family); chosen to spend long hours at work and give up weekends and holidays to work related activities.

Finally, and most importantly, just look at the economic successes and failures in your own family, and the reason for income disparity becomes patently obvious.

The primary reason is that individuals differ in their economic motivation and aptitudes. Perhaps, that's why they are called "individuals."

Pit bull owner gets only a citation for death

I never paid any attention to what Brevard County deems a dangerous dog, until recently, when a neighbor's maltese was severely mauled and killed by their nextdoor neighbor's pit bull on their own back screened-in patio.

The attacking dog broke through the wooden fence, then tore through the screening to get to this little defenseless dog.

The screams that came from the owner, as she watched and tried to help her maltese, will never be forgotten.

The owner of the pit bull was only issued citations and was able to keep their dog, because in Brevard County, a dog gets a second chance to kill another domestic animal before it's deemed to be dangerous.

I'm sorry, but when a dog goes to that extent, to attack another domestic animal, it's a dangerous dog.

Being a Brevard County resident, I would like to see change to the laws that deem an animal dangerous, especially after hearing on the news that a lady in Palm Bay was attacked by three dangerous dogs.

If an unprovoked domesticated animal damages property - fence) and structures, screened porch - on your property to get to your domesticated animal, they should be deemed animal aggressive and considered dangerous the first time they attack, not the second or third offense.

Message to the public: Words have consequences

Today, I read that a Melbourne man was sentenced for making angry threatening comments about President (Barack) Obama.

This should serve as a warning to all you writers, who continually disrespect the office of the presidency. Your angry words could lead to much consequences.

Watch what you say, and think twice before putting it in print.

Closed minds usually have the biggest mouths.

Dear Viewpoint, and to whom it may concern

This is actually an email that I sent to a Christian brother.

Hey there, brother Glenn. I am attempting to send you an article that I read in a local paper that really got me going.

You might not agree with me on this subject, or maybe you will.

In any case, when it comes to the church, I have been having a problem with the way she protests against the homosexual and lesbian community. All I see is so-called followers of the Lord Jesus Christ judging and coming down hard on them.

By that, I mean this: Their activities, that are considered wrong against God, are causing the church to dislike this group of people.

I have to disagree with the way the church has handled this group.

We are instructed in the scriptures, that we are to love every one, even our enemies.

I know that, as mere humans, we are not capable of loving anyone, but ourselves. The only way we can love, is by allowing God to love them through us.

What they are doing is called sin, just like any other sin.

As you well know, Jesus dealt with the sin issue 2,000 years ago.

So why can't the church see that they are sinners, just like we are? And instead of condemning them, we should be extending the same grace that our Father extended to us. That is one reason why the church are called hypocrites.

Stealing, lying, adultery, fornication, etc., are all sins, so why isn't the church after them?

I don't think the church should be judging or condemning the world, telling them that if they continue in their sinful ways, they are going to end up in hell.

Jesus hung out with the sinners of his time and loved on them. They were the reason that he came to this planet, to save the sinner.

I always see the banners with "John 3:16" on them. It upsets me that they forget that those people holding up the signs were doing the same things as they are. God didn't reject them!

Well, I guess I could go on and on, but I want you to read the article for yourself.

The only thing I disagree with the person that wrote the article, is that he or she, has been turned off with God because of the unfair treatment that he or she has received from the church.

Our police state is here

I recently read an article (in another publication) entitled: "Melbourne Man's Obama comment results in prison."

When you make a posting on your Facebook page, and the federal government tracks you down: you know you are in a "police state."

You have no expectation of privacy. That is gone. Socialism is here, and the next step is Communism.

Whether you agree with the statement, or not, whatever happened to freedom of speech? Oh, sorry, that is only for the liberals and the liberal medial: I forgot.

Will we ever again see the free republic of the United States?

Al Qaeda's not on the run

President Barack) Obama has just committed perhaps the worst and most fatal mistake of his tenure by closing down our embassies under a "so-called" threat by Al Qaeda.

We have about 30,000 fighting men in Afghanistan, who are nothing but targets for the Afghanistan guerillas. He should have pulled those troops out of Afghanistan and spread them throughout our embassies, instead of knuckling under. This would have told Al Qaeda to beware of American Power.

When will President Obama begin to act like a true American president?

We are fighting guerillas of Al Qaeda, not a well-trained and equipped real army.

Tell me, Mr. President, what does the term "rebalancing our fight against Al Qaeda" really mean?

Al Qaeda's not on the run. We are!

Pay attention to your surroundings while driving

A few days ago, I was following a car in Melbourne. As the car approached a red light, it failed to slow down. Some cars already started across the intersection.

The car I was following suddenly slammed on brakes, slid almost sideways, somehow managed to go in between two other cars, straightened up and proceeded through the rest of the intersection, all while the light was still red.

When I got to the next light and caught up with the red-light runner, I saw several small children in the back, an elderly lady in the front passenger seat and a woman, about 30 years old, behind the steering wheel, still texting.

When I see vehicles not driving the speed limit, drifting out of their lane or constantly speeding up and slowing down, you can bet they're either talking on their phone or texting.

People who talk on their cell or text, drive like they've been drinking. There's no other way to describe it.

Was the text that woman was sending worth her life, the elderly lady's or her children's lives? I kind of doubt it.

Any idea how many accidents would not occur or how many lives would not be lost if drivers would just pay attention to their surroundings and not divert their attention to other things?

I drove tractor-trailers for almost 30 years. Drivers who are not on the road 10-15 hours a day have no idea how many accidents and near-accidents occur on a daily basis. Almost every one of them could have been avoided had the driver been paying attention to their surroundings.

An elderly woman so involved in a conversation with her passenger that she followed a dump truck down a dirt road into a construction site.

An 18-year-old boy so busy making out with his little girlfriend that he pulled right out in front of my loaded tractor-trailer.

A man not paying attention to existing road conditions, (pouring down rain), that he hydroplaned, hit another pick-up truck on an interstate highway, causing both trucks to go down into the median and one to come up the other side and crash into a car going the other direction.

A young woman so busy trying to find the right music on her radio that she turned left at a light in front of oncoming traffic, causing a major crash. And it goes on.

Please pay attention to your surroundings when you're driving. There are other people on the road, and they don't deserve to end up in a hospital bed, or even dead, because you had better things to do when you were supposed to be driving.

Homeless Hollie speaks

I am homeless because of medical issues. I do what I need to get by.

The Florida Department of Children and Families only gives you $200 a month. That is not enough!

I try to make money by mowing yards, cleaning anything I can. So I don't commit crimes! Panhandling is not illegal!

What they, the Melbourne Police Department, are arresting us for is impeding traffic.

Please, if you see us out flying the sign, don't call the police. We need the money to survive.

We are homeless and hungry! We are not all drug addicts.

We have education and degrees!

All I am asking is to please give us a break.

Like, I don't know, like this may be a rant

Does anyone else find it rather annoying that the number of times people can insert the word "like" into a run-on sentence, totally misplaced and meaningless?

All you hear when you listen to people talk these days is "like," and it's not even necessary. It doesn't fit in right.

Don't get old

I just got a letter from my insurance company. I turned 80 years old, and they said "Happy Birthday, we just raised your car insurance $200," and I took a safety driving course, too.

I don't know what it is. I've never had a ticket; and, thank God, I've never had an accident. I don't know what it is, but something has got to be done.

Insurance companies are running rampant in this state, and we need somebody in there to knock them down.

I wish we would have had a good governor.

Greed and inconsideration for the people

My rant is for your paper and your columns that you all have the guts to publish the items that you do, the things that people write in and tell you.

This is my rant.

My old 59-year-old soul has become so disillusioned and disappointed about the conditions in the world today that I had to write.

I believe that most of our world's problems can be directly traced back to the greed and inconsideration of the super-large corporations, executives and, unfortunately, to the company shareholders, as well.

They have decided to take over all the world's countries to increase their profits.

I would just ask them to ask themselves, "How much is enough for you? How many more mansions, cars, boats, bars of gold, etc., will make you feel fulfilled?"

My life, as an elementary school teacher and a musician, gives me a much different perspective.

It's simple. I care about people in our world, and you don't. I think you should all be very ashamed of yourselves, and I hope you will remember that you will all answer for your choice and decisions someday.

We all die and will answer to our maker. I wouldn't want to be in your shoes.

The large corporations have shipped our jobs to other countries, where they have cheap slave labor, willing governments and a horrendous lack of environmental control.

Take China, for instance. They treat their people like slave labor, housing these very low-quality goods, that we are stupid enough to buy; and they are destroying our planet's ecosystem in the process, like many of the third-world countries are doing, as well.

Shame on us for buying their crap.

No dog control on beach

Beachgoers should be aware that they are at risk for injury and dog fights on an area of Indialantic Beach.

This area extends south for one-half mile from Paradise Beach Public Park.

Dogs control this beach, not the law or any agency.

I have been injured numerous times by dogs, and most recently bitten by a bulldog.

To get an owner's name or address is not possible, while I am standing there bleeding and frightened. They won't tell you anyway.

I can no longer enjoy this beautiful area of the beach because of this.

I think it would be a real help to have a volunteer dog beach patrol, as someone needs to be on the beach to see this.

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