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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > Martin County

Rants & raves
Rating: 3.04 / 5 (26 votes)  
Posted: 2013 Aug 09 - 06:50

Praise for Winn Dixie

Let's hear it for the Winn Dixie store on Bridge Road in Hobe Sound for placing a photo board with pictures of our U.S. Military Service men and women in the store lobby.

Another grocery store in Hobe Sound had had one, but they removed it when the store manager retired and even though several people asked for it to be rehung, the new store manager refused.

Please stop in to the Winn Dixie and honor those men and women who have given so selflessly of themselves for all of us. They are real American heroes.

Love food trucks?

The response to the Monday Night food truck in invasion at Veteran's Memorial Park has been tremendous, and this weekly event has also exposed several residents to the Road to Victory Military Museum located behind the tennis courts in the park 319 Stypmann Ave., Stuart. The museum shows continued respect for veterans and their service to our great country and displays unique artifacts from World War I to present day conflicts.

Consider a visit to the museum. The active Scout Venture Crew is more than willing to give a tour of the facility on Mondays. Our scouts, age 14-20 enjoy reenactments throughout the year. Group tours and Scout troops are welcome. Visit their Facebook page for more information.

Well said, Mr. Lee

This is a reply to Larry Lee... Fantastic, I couldn't have said it any better. The people who live in these troubled neighborhoods need to take the community back through neighborhood patrols. I see so many people in this city who directly rely on the government for their livelihood. They get everything from welfare. Yeah, the ones who like to have multiple kids and use them as just a tool to get money from the government. There's no "family foundation." For the people who do want to better their lives here in Fort Pierce, wanting jobs and such, now ask yourself this, what good company wants to invest in a community plagued with constant gang or drug activity? It's also obvious that government doesn't have the resources to help, so take responsibility yourself and make the gangs and other riffraff unwelcome. I remember going to a city commission meeting and hearing how the people of these depressed areas love their kids, so yea OK , that's why so many are out late and some of these parents don't give a rats behind of what's going on except when these kids get no leadership from the home, that's the root cause. But these same people end up always crying to the government for more help. Well take responsibility into your selves and quit depending on the government. While I'm at it for those who are always looking for that free government handout and thought Obamacare was the Holy Grail for thanks. Now employers are cutting hours and jobs, when you vote next time at least be educated when you vote. Some of us like self-sufficient property.

Look at the statistics

Take a look at the statics of who is getting the food stamps. It may be your next door neighbor who is too embarrassed to tell you she cannot live on her Social Security check she gets of $650-$1,200 a month. Sometimes she/he only qualifies for $16 in food stamps and since the EBT is in a card that looks like a credit card, there is less shame for the person to go to the store to get milk this week so then she can pay her electric bill or maybe can buy their prescription this month but, what about next month? That person may not even know they are eligible for help to pay for their Medicare Part D depending on their income level. There are so many people that live in the Vero, Fort Pierce, or the rest of the Treasure Coast that have lost a loved one and now only have their Social Security and perhaps a pension of a couple hundred dollars. Where do they live? In Section 8 housing or are just paying the taxes on their now paid off home. They probably do not have family here or if they do, they are disconnected from them. These are the men and women who you went to bingo with last night or saw in church on Sunday. They will not tell you their secrets and the only way you may even know something is that you do not get that close to them. These are sweet, nice people.

This is not a racial divide it is a financial divide, and 'Welfare Ranter,' you are very lucky that you have the money to keep you in a home and food on your table.

A response from the 'Welfare Ranter'

Well thanks for the title but that's not the purpose I write my rants; I simply can't believe people would choose that type of lifestyle, instead of attempting to educate themselves. People produce kids just for that mighty buck and they don't have really an income to do much more. As far as being ignorant... Pardon my misspellings; I follow what our government does on a very close level as well. When was the last time you wrote to your congress about our local issue here in Fort Pierce? Do you know who the person is? I do. Do you also know that when Clinton was in office he signed a welfare to reform act and many orphanages filled up with kids and a headline in the paper from a person with kids they couldn't afford was, "Well I couldn't afford them." So why did they have them in the first place? They were on welfare the government was giving them money to support them. Well, they're doing it again at the tax payer's expense and just so you know I do work but I'm moving out of here.

A reply to 'A view on the Zimmerman case'

It's a pretty picture the defense makes for killing a young teen. That's how the defense makes their money. They sit down with the suspect and come up with a story to fit the facts. Now I know it's easier for some people to accept a lie than the truth because it's easier to believe that racism doesn't exist, then everyone can live a fairytale life. Fact is, if George would have stayed in his vehicle as ordered by the police, a life could have been saved whether it was black or white. I find it hard to believe someone fearing for their safety would get out of his vehicle. I thank God for Al Sharpton because he lets the world know that racism still exists mostly in the older generations. I really don't expect Hometown News to print this because it probably does not go along with what most of what society believes.

I have to state my opinion anyways.

No smoking at the gas pumps, please

On Sunday evening, we stopped at a gas station. There was a man wandering around the pumps with a lit cigarette in his mouth. He then began pumping gas into his car leaning over the tank area with his face about 8 inches from the nozzle, lit cigarette in his mouth.

I can only wonder if he realizes the danger for all of us at the station and himself. I didn't notice if he had anyone in his car.

Please, please people, put the cigarettes away till you leave the station and pumps.

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