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Rants & Raves
Rating: 3.06 / 5 (16 votes)  
Posted: 2013 Aug 09 - 06:32

Stay home, it's your loss

Here are a few words of advice to those who are avoiding visiting Florida because of their anger, fear or frustration with the result of the George Zimmerman trial - by all means, "stay home," but know that the vast majority of our population of more than 19 million people live here in peace and harmony, and our state offers wonderful things to see and do for all who come here. So, sure, "stay home," but this is your loss, and we will still survive.

Homeless people in this great nation?

No one wants to talk about it, but it is very sad.

A nation that owns nuclear powered aircraft carriers and the best combat ready and trained troops in the world has a homeless population living under tents just east of Wickham Road and Technology Drive / Wuesthoff Hospital in the pine trees scrub area.

Every Tuesday and Thursday, I see men and women coming out of that wooded area on bicycles.

This population is not the elderly or the very young, but middle-age, all Caucasian, and (they) can speak English, because their families have been here since the 1600s through the 1800s.

I also see numerous young white males, riding bicycles in circles in a subdivision parking lot. This has been going on since school was let out. Now, why are they not in sport groups or athletic activities, or at the very least reading a book?

It is very sad, because, I know, when those children grow up, they will be the future tent dwellers of Brevard County ... unless they join the Army.

The cost of gas was supposed to be lower

First, I am wondering why gas is priced at $ 3.45 a gallon?

Wasn't the point of going into Iraq and fighting for "freedom" and the American way was to get cheaper gas? Then why hasn't the price come down drastically?

Why are Americans not outraged that gasoline cost so much?

I know a lot of people in Melbourne Beach do not care about the price of gasoline, because they are living on their retirement from the military.

They are content with their discounts at Sam's Club, etc.

But for the rest of us, we had to tighten our belts since 2007 and go without seeing doctors and dentists.

More people are eating at home, because there are not enough good paying jobs in this county, plain and simple.

Then I wake up today to find out that the beautiful Lincoln Memorial has been vandalized, so I agree with my fellow Republicans and unanimously vote for the culprit's execution.

Congratulations, Hometown News!

Congratulations! For the first time since I've been getting the Hometown News in Palm Bay, I have enjoyed reading the Rants & Raves.

I know everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but this week, there was such a variety of things covered; and they were my opinions, too.

No bashing our president - that alone is a miracle.

The Rants covered a lot of subjects, honestly and intelligently.

Thank you. Thank you.

'Castro's battle flag' writer 'uninformed'

The writer of "Castro's battle flag," on July 26, is poorly informed.

First, "Castro's flag" has been the national flag of Cuba since 1869.

In reference to the "invading army" that took over Miami, let me tell him (or her) that the army of early Cuban exiles were from the top echelons of society and brought their skills and motivation with them, transforming Miami from a tourist city to the gate of the Americas. Miami is now a major center and a leader in finance, commerce, culture, media, entertainment, the arts and international trade.

In 2010, Miami ranked seventh in the United States in terms of finance, commerce, culture, entertainment, fashion, education and other sectors. It ranked 33rd among global cities.

Probably Detroit and Cleveland would be in better financial condition if they had been "invaded" by Cuban exiles.

He also should know that, of a vast number of Cubans who have found freedom and made their home in the United States, many have achieved a level of fame in many different United States industries, including entertainment, sports, politics and business.

Seven Cuban Americans serve in the U.S Congress, and three in the Senate. In addition, they have served as foreign ambassadors, cabinet members and state attorney generals.

Spying on regular citizens is OK

Recently, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to continue the National Security Agency's dragnet domestic surveillance programs.

An amendment, introduced by Rep. Justin Amash, R-Mich., to the 2014 Department of Defense Appropriations Act, would have blocked funding for NSA surveillance activities that are not limited to specific persons of interest. It was rejected by a vote of 205-217.

As much as 70 percent of the money appropriated to the NSA by Congress is used to pay private defense companies to conduct intelligence operations, though the details of the NSA's budget and contracts with private companies are classified.

Federal budget experts estimate the NSA's budget to be somewhere between $10 -$20 billion per year.

Not a Christian nation?

This is in response to a recent rant, where the writer insisted that America was not founded as a Christian nation.

On that point, I can agree, but not with much beyond in the remainder of the letter.

It is only too obvious that this is not currently a Christian nation, even if it had been so established.

For example, the murder of unborn citizens is approved by law, the abominable practice of homosexual activity is accepted officially by secular society (not me) and greed/envy is a commercial ploy - I deserve goods I can neither afford nor have worked for to earn.

This nation was, however, founded by, for the most part, Christian leaders and based on Christian principles.

For instance, adultery will not result in stoning; theft will not result in the amputation of one's hand; and discussing religion, other than Christianity, will not call for the death penalty.

Our founders did not give us a Constitutional democracy; in fact, they detested democracy, as it eventually becomes anarchy ... mob rule by the majority.

Our nation was given a Constitutional republic ... a type of democracy, but with limiting rules. These rules were put in place, not to limit the citizens, but to limit the government. Ignore those rules and we have tyranny.

The Bible contributed much to the rules and organization our government as to guide its actions. See: Leviticus 19:34, Deuteronomy 17:15, Deuteronomy 17:6 and Ezekiel 18:20, to mention a few.

The organization of our government is based on the Biblical organization of the Jewish tribes. Our founders knew about the Bible, as many were ordained ministers or seminary graduates. At one time, the Bible was a textbook in our education system.

The Northwest Ordnance required territories applying for statehood to have an education system that included religion, morals and knowledge, in that order.

In closing, President (Barack) Obama has decimated the incentive to invest in our nation, made government dependence a national disgrace and contributed extensively to a national debt that can never be paid off and will be an albatross around the necks of our children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, etc.

We had best hope that there is a loving, forgiving God or else this great nation is doomed!

Socialism, Benghazi and unemployment

President Barack) Obama is succeeding in bringing down to its knees our once-great country.

Where once the United States was a strong republic, respected and feared by the entire world, he has now reduced us to an unwieldy socialist country, wobbling on its knees and not being respected by anyone.

He permits and ignores the horrible and brutally unnecessary murder of four of our brave representatives in Benghazi, treating this preventable atrocity as a matter of no consequence.

This man has no conscience. Empty speeches filled with nonsense are his strength.

In addition to totally ignoring Benghazi, he also ignores our unemployment problem, monumental as it is.

Why does he not stand up and be counted? He evidently fears that to really and honesty examine this atrocity would show a total lack of caring for the lives of these four heroes who represented us overseas, as well as the negligence exposed by this brutal tragedy from good 'ole Hillary Clinton on down.

The importance of this post is that it represented America and Ms. Clinton and other culprits who have permitted this atrocity.

Will we ever get a true and honest explanation? Not as long as (President) Obama is ruling.

Robot calls coming through the home phone

We all know that Congress is dysfunctional and exempts themselves from the laws they pass for others to obey.

Whether sequestration, they didn't sequester their pay; discrimination, not for them; minimum pay, ditto; or do not call lists.

It seems as though every couple of months we get "robo calls" from our representative, but never from our senator. Thank you, Sen. Nelson.

We have tried calling our representative's local office, did emailing and snail mailing to plead and beg to not be called, but it continues.

If our representative thinks so little of us that he has to resort to "robo calls," that speaks volumes.

We are not anti-technology, we are just appreciative of a little common decency, courtesy and consideration.

It's just impolite, rude and inconsiderate to "robo call" people if it is not an emergency, and I don't think anything Congress does is an emergency.

Not surprised again

I am not surprised to again find some more rants from what I now call "the haters."

Hometown news, I'm sure you by now have caught on to these same few people (I think) that continually spew hatred about the same few things over and over, based on no facts and no evidence ever provided, except unproven conspiracy theories, hatred of our president and sarcasm.

I do not believe you condone this type of repugnance, but simply must be fair to both sides and remain neutral, right?

At this point I have to believe that these people are true Fox News gullible followers. It's well-known that Fox is fixed and fake news; unfair, imbalanced and unashamed!

For too many years, many at Fox have been spewing hateful lies, rants and rages against anyone slightly left of (Rush) Limbaugh.

Of course it's their right, and it's my right to expose their "partisan prejudices."

There are many sources of accurate information, proving that Fox has misinformed viewers.

Many times, I can and will provide these resources, specifics, details, etc., if need be; but hey, these people don't use facts, so why bother?

Amusing rants corrections

Thanks Hometown News, for the amusing rants this week. However, I honestly felt the need to add a correction.

One writer claims President (Richard) Nixon "did only one bad deed."

What? Does any of this sound familiar?

1. "Lied under oath about knowledge of Watergate"

2. Conspiracy to obstruct justice

3. "Illegal wiretaps"

4. Violation of international law by invading a sovereign country (Cambodia).

Anyone read surveys and research news under presidential rankings?

Surely you will find President (George) Bush ranks the worst, there's nothing about President (Barack) Obama ranking the worse, whatsoever.

Let's not confuse facts with opinions here now.

And when ranting about the IRS wasting money, one only needs to look to the continual waste of money by the Republicans fighting the, already placed into law, Affordable Care Act for close to the 40th time. You are accusing people of being brain dead, really?

Don't send in rants that people can easily correct.

No smoking at the gas pumps, please

On Sunday evening, we stopped at a gas station. There was a man wandering around the pumps with a lit cigarette in his mouth. He then began pumping gas into his car leaning over the tank area with his face about 8 inches from the nozzle, lit cigarette in his mouth.

I can only wonder if he realizes the danger for all of us at the station and himself. I didn't notice if he had anyone in his car.

Please, please people, put the cigarettes away till you leave the station and pumps.

Let China buy Detroit

I have a solution to the problem of bankrupt cities like Detroit.

Sell these cities, lock, stock and barrel, to China. They can ship a bunch of their people, who make up their overpopulation, to these cities, and maybe turn the negative situation around.

This would alleviate our growing debt to China.

The more these cities become Chinese, the less we will have to import their products, since they will be "Made in the USA."

Can't get any respect

These are a few words to the person who wrote the recent rant about the president deserving respect.

Bullfeathers! The manner in which he has conducted business while in office and his blatant disregard for the niceties of Constitutional law and precedent negates any idea of respect due him as a man and president.

As for demanding the censorship of the remarks enumerated in the rant, what gives the writer the authority to attempt to censor anything anyone else writes for public consumption?

Oh, I forgot. It is OK (for) liberals to say anything they please, but we of conservative bent are not allowed to express our thoughts and philosophies for fear that right-thinking people might read and heed our remarks.

Why is it that conservative thought is "hate and prejudice," while liberal thought is pure and pristine and fit for the masses?

Wake up! We are still a country guided by the Constitution and not the current progressive thoughts of many, who would trash the Constitution in favor of someone's current thoughts.

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