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Rants & raves
Rating: 3.5 / 5 (14 votes)  
Posted: 2013 Aug 02 - 06:53

A laughing matter

It makes us laugh when public school teachers brag about pupil performance and how things are improving in our classrooms.

Compared with other nations around the globe, the U.S. comes in almost last in the number of hours our children spend in the classroom. It shows, because they also score almost last in math, science and reading.

Wasting money on fireworks

I know that I am not the only one who thinks that last night's fireworks display in downtown were wonderful, but was it the best way to spend thousands right now?

I do commend all of the event organizers for the support of our troops, and agree that we should all have celebrated the birth of country in an overtly patriotic fashion (especially now), yet I do wonder, would it be more patriotic to forgo the expense of the pyrotechnicians, additional police and emergency services, vendors, musicians and fuel for all those who attended?

Could it be patriotic to use the money to perhaps buy cars for underprivileged individuals who cannot get to job interviews because we do not have a reliable public transportation system?

Pay the rent or mortgages for struggling families?

Buy hurricane- preparedness supply kits for so many of us who will not be able to afford to prepare for a hurricane at all this year?

Pay the electric bills for families for those who will lose electrical services this month because the assistance programs are so back logged?

Pay the water bills for those who will lose water and sewer services this month because health and human services cannot keep up?

Buy families Publix or Winn Dixie gift cards to purchase $100 worth of food?

Or how about something really creative? Fifty to 1,000 people in the county to spend and stimulate our local economy?

Code enforcement

What about outside storage in residential areas? There are old cars and boats and furniture all over the place. The people at code enforcement should get out of their office and ride around the county, and not just wait for complaints. Those who complain are threatened, so they don't complain. They could just sit in their air-conditioned cars and pick an area of the county and look at what's going on.

Revise system

I have a son who's incarcerated in Miami. He was sentenced to 27 years. He had no weapons or drugs. It was a racketeering charge. He has filed motions to have his sentence reduced, but they've done nothing. He doesn't deserve this sentence. But they've done nothing. I'm very disturbed by the system.

No kids at the bar

What happened to the state laws on alcohol? Aren't they supposed to be watching what goes on at places that serve alcohol?

I was at a restaurant and there was a child at the bar. They serve food to children while others' drink. Where are the MADD mothers?

What are kids learning?

One half of public school seniors do not recognize the names of Winston Churchill or Joseph Stalin nor can they locate the half-century in which World War I occurred. What does this tell about the state of the nation's public schools?

Regarding felons

Years ago, lots of people died just to vote. Now they are letting felons vote. Why can't felons work? Give them a chance.

Check alien status

How many contracted workers are legal aliens? Seems like most of the contractors hire illegal aliens. Look at those who landscape.

Intelligence levels

I would like to advise that since the Save the Chimps sanctuary was established in St. Lucie County, the county's intelligence level has gone up.

Backward FCAT system

This is about the FCAT scores. The schools with the highest average of children living under the poverty level have the lowest scores. The state gives money to schools that get higher scores on the FCATs, instead of the schools that get lower schools.

How can we help these children? There are a lot of children whose parents don't speak English or are from a broken home. They need more help. This is a backwards system.

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