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Rants & Raves
Rating: 1.37 / 5 (19 votes)  
Posted: 2013 Aug 02 - 06:35

Following the law of the land

It is just unfortunate to see a young man dead for his youthful mistake, my sympathy to the Martin family.

We all respect the law, and in this case although none of us wants to accept the not guilty verdict, as the same verdict for Casey Anthony's case; but this is the law of the land, and when the law was passed we all voted for it and accepted it.

So now one of us is dead because of our own vote and approval of the law, so why protest now as we should have when the politicians brought the bill to Senate and it was passed?

We should have read it, reviewed it, talked about it in details and then let the Senate or the House to pass it.

It is not the matter of why he wasn't convicted, that's how the law has been written.

I hope everyone accepts the ruling and lets the family of Trayvon heal slowly and peacefully.

Flag-waving, Bible thumping, hypocritical selves

I am sooooooo very sick and tired of the usual nonsense coming from the religious, who forget that the president of the United States puts his hand on the Bible, to swear he will uphold the Constitution of the United States, not the opposite. Get used to it, folks.

As much as you want to run this nation via the Bible, Koran or whatever garbage in which you believe, homosexuals are humans who bother no one. We raise children and have families, just as you all do. We work, go to church, (not I, obviously) pay taxes, are law abiding, etc., etc., ad nauseum.

It is a fact that two men and/or two women stay together longer and raise "normal" children better than you so-called natural parents.

Get your heads out of your prayer books and other people's bedrooms and pay more attention to your kids and what this 21st Century is all about.

Besides color, nationalities, religions, "life styles," there is so much more to this world than your days spent in church or whatever, on your knees, praying to someone who has given up on this doomed planet a long time ago.

Just live your life as you please. Stop trying to push your religious mumbo jumbo on people who are different.

With all of the corruption in our politics, and our daily business, we certainly don't need your flag-waving, Bible thumping, hypocritical selves telling the rest of us how to live our lives.

If who I am was a choice, believe me, after seeing how the fathers and mothers of today's children are doing such a rotten job of raising them, via your holy books, I would definitely choose to be who I am. As for you phonies: "YUK!"

24 children

Detroit really did file bankruptcy, and it paid its attorneys $1,000 per hour to do it.

If it can happen in what was a shining example of thriving businesses and a thriving America, it can happen in your city, too.

You may think the woman with 24 children is a gross exaggeration, but I can tell you that when I worked for a local company a while back, one of the kids there was the youngest of 22 children, and every last one of them was in some sort of placement at their state's expense.

President dancing?

A recent writer rants very disrespectfully about our president dancing.

Numerous problems are pointed out in his opinion, i.e. IRS, Benghazi, our first lady, Air Force One (which, by the way, all presidents use), Muslim problems (nothing specific), his czars (huh?), etc... No doubt, many people pay attention to these exaggerated, personal, filled-with-hate-opinions.

No solutions were offered in this rant for these so-called problems. I'd rather call them inflated conspiracy theories from someone with too much time on their hands.

Maybe he should take up dancing.

The race card

I am tired of the race card always being played by the African-Americans if their wishes are not met.

It is getting quite old and worn out.

How many people have been killed by African-Americans, while they are looting, robbing stores, hijacking cars, etc.?

And there is not the president or others at D.C. claiming that the civil rights of the people killed were violated, and a civil suit should be pursued.

Just watch the news every day, and you will see who is responsible for more than 75 percent of all the shooting deaths in our county.

The only informative thing that has come out of all this is that now we know the true color that is loved by our president.

The rich get richer

We all went out and bought more fuel-efficient cars and are driving less, but look at the price of oil.

Wall Street has to make money on everything, especially on the backs of the little guys, that they sent jobs overseas and everything else, because the labor over there is so cheap.

I walk from now on. I'm 81 years old, but I'd walk two miles to the store, rather than use my car and give them any more money. I am tired of it.

I think you people ought to wake up and do something.

Someone not on the jury speaks

This is in response to the George Zimmerman trial of not guilty verdict.

I think it is disgusting. While I do believe that he was defending himself in the end, I do believe that he got out his vehicle, stopped this boy; and that boy had the right to turn around at that point and say, "What are you doing? Get off of me." And then it became a problem.

But Mr. Zimmerman did not have to get out of his vehicle. He could have waited for the police to come. He could have driven his vehicle up to the entrance to that community.

There was no one outside that he had to protect to get out of the vehicle to pursue.

The police were called. They were on their way. It is disgusting.

And for anybody who sits there and says this is not a race issue, you must all be smoking some kind of crack, because it had turned into a race issue.

I am a white female who has kids and who taught them that no matter what, you cannot stereotype based on a color, based on the dress, based on the money that people carry around.

I feel that is a shame in this state of Florida, once again, they don't handle their prosecutions right, as they did in the Casey Anthony case.

Justice in Florida?

As we all know, Florida is a right-to-work state. It has now turned into a right-to-profile and a right-to-kill state.

You can follow someone and assume they look suspicious and may be on drugs or something.

Did anyone ever think the person being followed may have been scared?

He was unarmed, and the person following is armed and on a mission. He jumped the gun and put the cart before the horse. If you are neighborhood watch, do just that, watch. Call and wait for the real police.

You guys should have a uniform or vest and maybe a sign on your car - something to identify yourself; otherwise who are you?

Jacksonville has a trial coming, also claiming self defense, where a man who is armed approaches a car playing loud music with three teens inside unarmed. An argument ensues, and eight shots are fired. The man leaves the scene. One teen is dead. The man drives 170 miles to Satellite Beach before he is arrested. No weapon found on teens; he assumed he saw a weapon.

A Jacksonville women shoots a warning shot at her estranged husband; has order of protection and gets 20 years in jail.

I thought this was America, not a third-world country. "Sunshine State" should be changed to awful or dreadful state.

When you get a summons to serve as a juror, don't make excuses to get out of it. Serve, so justice can be served!

God is within you

In response of what is wrong here and where is God, well God is within you!

All you have to do is to seek Him. You see, we have the power to choose. This is what God gave us, so the things you listed are the things that man chose to do.

Because of the choices we make, we blame God, instead of ourselves.

He is waiting for you to make the right choice. The time will come when He returns as well, but that time is not for us to know, yet considering what is happening all throughout the world, it looks as though He is soon to return.

Not to decide is to decide. The choice is for all of us to make.

This is the freedom that man has had from the very beginning, and, well, he made the wrong choice.

Think about this, and I hope this helps you understand why these things happen and who is really to blame - mankind!

God is still among us. All we have to do is to seek Him.

Stay home, it's your loss

Here are a few words of advice to those who are avoiding visiting Florida because of their anger, fear or frustration with the result of the George Zimmerman trial - by all means, "stay home," but know that the vast majority of our population of more than 19 million people live here in peace and harmony, and our state offers wonderful things to see and do for all who come here. So, sure, "stay home," but this is your loss, and we will still survive.

Florida as 'apartheid?'

When Jesse Jackson has an "inclination to treat Florida as apartheid," perhaps he should look into a bit of Florida's history:

Florida attracted numerous Africans and African-Americans from the southern British colonies in North America, who sought freedom from slavery.

Once in Florida, the Spanish Crown converted them to Roman Catholicism and gave them freedom. Those freedmen settled in a community north of St. Augustine, called Gracia Real de Santa Teresa de Mose, the first free black settlement of its kind in what became the United States.

Many of those slaves were also welcomed by Creek and Seminole Native Americans, who had established settlements in the region at the invitation of the Spanish government.

I have been in Florida since the 1960s. I came here with the Space Program. We all worked together at CKAFS during those years - blacks, whites, yellow, it really didn't matter your race as we were working on something none of us ever dreamed would happen in our time.

Today, immigrants pour into Florida from Latin America, Haiti, Cuba, Mexico, Africa and Asia, which would negate the fact of "apartheid" in this state.

We were even lucky enough when Fidel Castro sent us Cuba's criminals one year, and Florida may still be feeding some of them in a secured cell.

I'm not sure where you were marching during those years, when the rest of us were working, but we did have all races on both Kennedy Space Center and the Air Force Station. Florida census shows that the current white population is around 51 percent. Is that who you accuse?

More confusing is that you call us this name when our state helped put an African-American into the most important position in our country.

We have an African-American first lady. We have an African-American head of the Justice Department.

I would hope the young people of our country would strive to emulate these African-Americans, rather than follow your path of hate and fear mongering.

Your time in history is past.

Freedom of the press

Yes. There it is lying on the driveway. Rain or no rain, I'll run out to pick it up. The weekly issue of Hometown News is double-bagged and home delivered for free.

To me, Hometown News is what America is all about - freedom of the press and freedom of speech. Anyone can voice their point of view, and it will be printed in the newspaper anonymously.

On the Rants and Raves page, the rants usually outnumber the raves, but, "Hey, it's all good."

So lets hear it for Hometown News, for the staff and especially for the delivery team.

Three cheers for Hometown News. Long may it live!

God is still there

This is to the person who talked of the killings, starving people and wars and asked where is your God?

Things are going as the Bible says.

Did you know that Jesus said wickedness will increase - and it is, and in the last days there will be wars (just like you talked about) and famine (just like you talked about).

Don't blame God for our free-will bad decisions as society and as a nation.

Swingtime Jazz Band

In your Friday, July 12, edition there was a great article about the Swingtime Jazz Band. It worked wonders.

The auditorium was filled both nights, and the band was never better. What a real treasure to have such great musicians giving their all for free.

For those of you who have never been to any of these free concerts, you are really missing out on Brevard's best.

Way to go, Melbourne.

Response to 'Castro's flag'

Very sad your rant, very sad, saying that the Cubans are flying the Castro's flag is an insult.

First, Castro is a dictator, but the Cuban flag is not his.

You don't have an immigrant's community more pro-United States than the Cubans.

A big part of Cubans are political exiles, a big part suffered different levels of persecution, is sad to say we are flying Castro's flag. The Castro's flag is red. If you saw somebody with a red flag, or with a "Che Guevara" T-shirt, this is another issue; the Castro's hand is long and always trying to do some damage.

The Americans don't (have not?) lost Miami.

Cubans are a majority in Hialeah, but there are thousands of Americans in Miami. Cubans are not a majority in Miami Beach. Everybody shares the sun and the pretty girls.

And about the names, wow! You have St. Petersburg, Venice, New York, Plymouth, Cambridge, New Orleans; why not Little Havana?

Don't be afraid, we are already in Brevard County, but if you want new friends, who don't speak English very well but have liked rock ' n' roll all their life, send me a rant.

Thanks to Hometown News.

Face the problems instead of 'passing the buck'

In the president's recent speech, where he inappropriately injected himself into the Trayvon Martin issue, he admitted the African-American community "isn't (naive) about the fact African-American young men are "disproportionately" both victims and perpetrators of violence.

So let me get this straight, instead of the African-American community dealing with the problem of their youth's disproportionate perpetration of violence, all the rest of us and other communities are expected to ignore it at our own peril? I don't think so.

Marching and hypocritical double standards won't solve the problems, facing them instead of passing the buck will!

Do the job you were elected to do

Does County Manager Tipton's proposed Brevard County budget exclude the thousands of foreclosed homes that have not and will not be paying any property taxes?

How can the county commission begin budget talks that assume all property taxes will be paid? They can't.

At this moment, how many millions of property tax dollars are delinquent, and for how long have they been delinquent?

And Commissioner Fisher's proposal is sounding more and more like the unwanted and endless telephone sales calls we receive.

How many times must the taxpayers vote "NO" to any tax or fee increases?

Reduce the proposed budget before the talks begin and cut the spending now.

A furlough is not a layoff and does not reduce the county's payroll and pension contribution obligations.

Wake up, people. We, taxpayers, have been cutting our budgets and have no more money for increases of any kind.

The county commissioners must cut their budget and spend only what revenues the county actually receives.

Stand up, and do the job you were elected or appointed to do by the citizens of Brevard County.

Sending a bad message to the country

The not guilty verdict in the George Zimmerman trial has sent a bad message to the country.

It says, in a confrontation, you can claim you felt life threatened and, therefore, can kill your attacker.

When Trayvon Martin was hitting George Zimmerman, why didn't (Mr.) Zimmerman just fight back or use his gun like a club, striking (Mr.) Martin in the head would have quickly ended the fight.

Mr.) Zimmerman could have chosen to wound (Mr.) Martin by shooting him in the leg or thigh.

Deadly force is the last thing we should use to settle a confrontation.

Good has become evil, and evil has become good

You can't walk out of your door nowadays without someone out there, somewhere, wanting to cause you or a family member or friend some type of harm, for some reason or another.

We have become a society of paranoid, scared, untrusting people, with this type of mentality and compass to live in and try to survive in.

With all the drugs and drug addicts out there robbing, car-jacking and killing us for their drugs; the greedy people out there who just don't care about others and get their kicks out of ripping others off; and the people who are walking around with personal pain from on tragedy or another in their life and have a huge chip on their shoulder, we have become a society filled with hate, greed, contempt and immoral actions.

We are now a society too afraid and desensitized to have sympathy and compassion for one another, which is absolutely necessary for human kind to live together on this earth.

Good has become evil, and evil has become good.

What I believe

I would like to express my opinion of what I truly believe happened; and I can do it here, without fear of retribution, retaliation or my car's tires being slashed, my windows being broken, my car "keyed" or my life or my family or friends lives being in jeopardy.

I believe George Zimmerman left his home on Feb. 27 to simply go to Target.

I believe, that because he lives in a city that has publicly been riddled with crime after crime, home invasion after home invasion and death after death, he lawfully carried protection at all times, not just this time, when he, according to others, set out to "follow," profile, target and purposely murder Trayvon Martin.

There were 56 break-ins where Mr. Zimmerman lived, and he was appointed Neighborhood Watch Captain.

I believe that Trayvon Martin, because of evidence found on his cell phone was not as "innocent" and a "child" like everyone is making him out to be.

Look at his cell phone records, text messages and "pornographic pictures," etc.

On his cell phone were messages from his friends asking and telling him to quit "fighting."

His past history and character speaks for itself in the contents of his own cell phone.

I believe that there is a strong possibility that Trayvon Martin may have, in a way, instigated the situation, in a sense, by wanting to engage Mr. Zimmerman in a little "cat and mouse" game, especially since Mr. Martin was in unfamiliar territory; and though it might be a little "funny" and something to go back and tell his friends about, and that the whole situation backfired.

I believe that Mr. Zimmerman would have done the same exact thing if it would have been a white guy, with pants hanging low and tattoos all over him, or if he just looked suspicious; and that this had nothing to do with color of anyone's skin or racial profiling or following or stalking someone just to murder them.

I believe the same people who are out there claiming there is "racial profiling and racial prejudice" are the exact same people who are racist and prejudice and are doing their own racial profiling.

I believe that those "Americans," who were out there burning the American flag over this, should be asked if they are on government assistance; and if they are, take away their assistance, food stamps, medical coverage, whatever. You don't deserve government assistance any longer. Fend for yourselves, like the rest of us do and have had to do for years.

I believe you, as a federal prosecutor, acted inappropriately and recklessly and unprofessionally by calling Mr. Zimmerman a "murderer," especially after the jury had acquitted him. There should be a stiff and harsh punishment to you for doing that. Shame on you.

Returned wallet

Yesterday, I went to Subway for their delicious sandwiches.

Today, there was a knock at my door - a young lady, bringing back my wallet that I had left on the counter.

I hadn't missed it, as I wasn't out yet today.

I was very excited, and she seemed very happy to bring it back to me.

I wanted to give her a little tip for bringing it, and I thought this would be a really good rave to have in your paper, instead of a rant.

She was very happy to be able to get it back to me, and everything in it was just as I had left it.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to let you know that there are a lot of good people to make a good rave.

Turtle seeks help from human

I just got through reading a rant today in Hometown News about ignorant pet lovers.

And that reminded me of a little story that I should tell.

I was driving down the street a couple of summers ago, when it was terribly hot; and at a distance, I saw something in the street, walking toward me.

As I got closer, it was a tortoise; and that poor animal was having difficulty. He would walk a couple of feet and fall down. He would walk a couple of feet and fall down again.

What he was doing, he was heading for my car so he could get some help.

I think about this from time to time, and about how intelligent animals are - a turtle trying to get help from a driver of an automobile.

Well, I stopped the car. He went under the car, and I couldn't get him out. I had to get help from people.

One man was kind enough to reach out to him, pick him up and bring him over and put him in the grass.

So, why can't these people, who walk their dogs on hot pavements, why can't they walk them on the grass? It's not so hard, is it?

That's my rant and rave for the day.

Thank you.

'Not guilty by reason of self-defense'

I've listening to every angle of the state of Florida vs. George Zimmerman.

I've seen the state put on a trial and spend well over $1 million to appease an angry mob.

They had no case, so they filed no case; but going against every standard this country has about not negotiating with terrorism, we gave the concerned parties their trial.

"Not guilty by reason of self-defense:" this was the decision handed down by a jury of Mr. Zimmerman's peers.

Now asked if they could do it over, the jury members say that it wouldn't matter what the charge, by legal definition, it was self-defense.

Now that it is over, ardent supporters are taking to the streets and throwing a temper tantrum; and, in some cases, innocent white and Hispanic males are being attacked, claiming payback for Trayvon, all because they didn't get the answer they wanted.

Now, the country is expected to completely ignore how the judicial system in this great land of ours operates; and, once again, to please the mob.

No justice, no peace.

Repercussions of $18 billion in debt: Detroit

The people of the United States have betrayed our country by buying foreign cars.

Thanks to these people, we all are going to pay in taxes to bail out Detroit, because these same people were so blind to think that foreign cars were better than General Motors, Ford and Chrysler.

Now, we are all going to pay for their mistake in buying foreign cars.

Hopefully, these people will start buying American products and automobiles.

You do not bite the hand that feeds you. Buy American.

Mexican products, Canadian products and, of course, the United States of America products: buy American.

Thank you so much.

Back in the 1950s

What is wrong with wanting to go back to the 1950s? What's wrong with the "Leave It To Beaver" times? What's wrong with "Happy Days?"

We had it a lot better then. Everything was simple, with not all this technology and all this spying on everybody.

The prices were a lot lower, the cars were better, the gas was lower and the food was better. Everything was better.

So what if we want to go back to that time. It was a lot better than it is now.

Right now, it stinks. That's why we want to go back to that.

If you don't like it, then that's too bad. We like it. If you want it like this, you can have it. We don't want this.

We are not whining. You are the one who's whining. We are not going to shut up, because we hate to see our country going downhill like this, and bankrupt.

Even Michigan was better off in the '50s. Look at them now, and it's not the only city that is going to go down. Everything is going to fall apart.

If want to be happy with that, then you can have it.

Someday, it is going to hit you, just like everybody else; then we will see what you are saying.

So, you need to stop telling everybody off, and you are the one who's whining.

Back then, our country was more patriotic and everybody talked to each other then. Now, nobody talks to anybody. It's a rotten shame.

Taking the train, or trying to

We wanted to take the train to California from Melbourne. You know, it's called the Sunset Limited.

But it is no longer available since the hurricanes of 2004 to passenger service.

They have freight train service, but no passenger service from Jacksonville to New Orleans.

That means you now have go to Washington, D.C., with a nine-hour stay over, and turn around and go all the way back down to New Orleans to continue your way to California - twice as far and for twice the price.

To take the train anywhere from Melbourne, the closest station is Orlando or West Palm Beach, which cost at least $75 one way, per person, to get there, by either taxi or limo. And there is no other way.

What a waste of a great way to travel.

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