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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > Volusia County

Rants & raves
Rating: 3.89 / 5 (9 votes)  
Posted: 2013 Aug 02 - 06:17

In response to: 'County pursuing eminent domain for road project'

I thought eminent domain was illegal and removed from the books now. Florida is outdated. No one has the right to take your property away, especially a business.

The price he is asking is too high. What about the business he is going to lose?

I have been here since 2005 and all you care about is bed taxes. How about stopping all these programs like ECHO and putting the money into the schools?

All you care about is tourism. How about using profits on school children? Let's get out of tourism and let's get in to manufacturing jobs, where people can make a decent salary and bring home livable wages, so women don't need to be the top wage earners. I think America should be ashamed of itself. Slave labor is all we have.

Who cares about the royal baby?

My attitude on the birth of a royal baby in Britain is: who cares? We declared independence in 1776. Leave it on that side on the pond.

Why did they stop making American cars?

Why did they stop making American cars? Why didn't they just cut down on Japanese imports? The Pontiac was a great blue blood American car. The Mercury was a fast beautiful American car. The Oldsmobile was an American icon. So why, oh why, did our glorious financial advisors keep the Japanese cars here and kick out these fine American machines?

Time is precious

My time is precious. A recent Disney ad on TV said we know your time is precious, so come here and see everything in our park. Well, I figured they are right, so why not go to Disney World and use as much of my time, my precious time, as possible. Each line for each attraction took me approximately one hour to two hours before I got into each attraction. By going to six attractions that would come to an average of nine hours of waiting time in line to see the six attractions for that day. Are they not capable of realizing how much time people waste in line? I would rather walk my family through the zoo or a museum and use 100 percent of our precious time to get our money's worth.

In response to: 'Yesterday's women'

For the person who wrote Yesterday's women. Thank you, I haven't laughed that hard since I was a child.

What happened to those women? Well one thing, people felt that two incomes would be better than one. When women started seeing their husbands not wearing nice clothes anymore they started figuring why should they. Besides they cost a lot of money. What man in this day can afford to support a house with a wife and child or children by themselves?

Women have the same complaints. What happened to men? They have gotten so fat it looks like they are trying out for the fat man contest. And clothes, how about the shorts that show their butt crack? Oh such a vision, T-shirts that are too tight, coming into the house covered in grease. Good looks are a two way street, and we have come into an age where women don't feel they have to constantly wear a dress with high heals and pearls while scrubbing the kitchen floor.

A lot of men come home from work sit their behinds down on the couch or chair with their beer and expect their wife to fix dinner and get the kids bathed and ready for bed, do the laundry, vacuum and make beds after working a full day at some job dealing with idiots and men hitting on them. So, my friend, it is a two-way street.

In response to: 'Zimmeran trial reveals an ugly truth'

All people must accept the findings of our legal system. In the Zimmerman trail, as if there is no such thing as unjust verdicts, I do not accept the not guilty verdict and nor does juror B29. George Zimmerman got away with murder. The evidence showed that.

The law, the jury instructions, the prosecutors' failure to instruct the jury to a manslaughter charge is what let George Zimmerman get away with murder. Plenty of evidence to show that he murdered Trayvon Martin. The Zimmerman trial reveals an ugly truth to me: according to your article here is you seem to be a racist. You talk about your cousin and that poor woman whose baby was shot. I heard plenty about that woman. Bringing stuff into that is like other national TV news dividing the county by race. I disagree with you.

Jurors should remain silent

One of the jurors in the Zimmerman trial has now claimed she changed her mind. She had her chance. She should have spoken up and had the jury be hung. Rather than now, after the fact, coming out and saying how she really feels.

She has made a mockery out of our jury system. She should have said it then. Now, it is too late. The media is reporting it and that too is a mockery. We shouldn't know who these people are. They should be forced to sign a be silent contract.

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