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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > Brevard County

Rants & raves
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Posted: 2013 Jul 19 - 06:37

What is wrong here?

Americans are being killed in winless wars. There is domestic violence. People are starving. There are gun killings.

Where is your God?

Well-informed rave welcomed

I would like to thank the person who wrote the wonderful rave about the Brevard County Library system.

You informed everyone about our libraries, and you know all that our libraries offer.

As the president of the Friends of the Suntree/Viera Library, I was pleased at how well you are informed, especially about the overdue books.

I would like to invite you to our board meetings at the Suntree/Viera Library, which meet every third Tuesday at 3 p.m.

Also I appreciate your pre-offer of $10 to be put on deposit. Did you know you can join the "friends" of your library or any library for a family yearly membership fee of $10, or $5 for a single or any contribution you desire. Some of our members contribute $25, $50 $100, and we even had a $1,000 contribution.

These are folks who know the value of this great system, and they support it fully.

All membership funds go to the library, and most to children's summer programs, which can cost as much as $5,000.

We also have two book sales a year, that raise twice that amount.

We are all volunteers and would love to have a person like you as one of us.

Thanks for your wonderful, informative rave.

Response to 'sleepwalking' - turn the lights out

This is in response to "Sleepwalking during the Bush years," where the author states "Mr. Bush presided over the second worst financial meltdown in our history."

Using that same logic, one might say that President (Barack) Obama has presided over the second-worse economy in our history.

If you weren't there, public records show that (in) the first seven years of term, President (George) Bush presided over a 4 percent unemployment rate and an annual growth rate of around 2 percent or more.

The last year of his second term, when the economy collapsed, was the end result of the Community Reinvestment Act of 1979, which was accelerated under the Clinton Administration.

You may recall that during this period, a large number of Americans thought themselves to be real estate wizards by flipping houses.

In 2003, the Bush Administration recommended what the New York Times called "the most significant regulatory overhaul in the housing finance industry since the savings and loan crisis a decade ago," but was quashed by the Democrats, led by Barney Frank and Chris Dodd.

I don't blame (President) Bush as much as unfettered greed, fueled by public policy.

I do agree that invading Iraq or any other Muslim country was a bad decision.

Muslims are perfectly capable of killing each other without our help.

The author also asks, "How many deadly attacks have occurred on American soil during the past five years?"

Well, let's see:

June 2009, Little Rock, Ark., a Muslim shoots a local soldier to death inside a recruiting center, explicitly in the name of Allah

November 2009, Fort Hood, Texas, a Muslim psychiatrist guns down 13 unarmed soldiers, while yelling praises to Allah

December 2009, Binghamton, N.Y., a non-Muslim Islamic studies professor is stabbed to death by a Muslim graduate student in revenge for "persecuted" Muslims

February 2013, Buena Vista, N.J., a Muslim targets and beheads two Christian Coptic immigrants

Apr 2013, Boston, Mass., foreign-born Muslims, describing themselves as "very religious," detonate two bombs packed with ball bearings at the Boston Marathon, killing three people and causing several more to lose limbs.

There have been others, but who's counting?

The author also states that "the security apparatus under President Obama is more comprehensive and more transparent than it was under President Bush ... and it is legal."

With just the IRS and NSA scandals, I would have to agree that the security apparatus is comprehensive.

The government knows who I talk to, how long and my exact location.

Under "Obamacare," they will even know the size of my hemorrhoids and location of my carbuncles.

The IRS knows all of my account numbers and every financial transaction.

Under the Fourth Amendment, the one that says, "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated," etc., I have to ask, is all of the above legal? Are they also losses of freedom?

As for transparency, who authorized "fast and furious," and why?

Who told the military to stand down, while our ambassador was being murdered in Benghazi?

Who authorized the surveillance of all Americans and why?

If the administration is truly transparent, the answers would be obvious.

Finally, the author further questions that we are "losing our freedoms" under the present administration and would like some concrete examples.

Well, let's see. Under "Obamacare," which begins in 2014, we lose our freedom to choose what is in our healthcare plan, to be rewarded for healthy living, to choose high deductible coverage, and to choose our doctors.

Organizations have already lost their freedom under "Obamacare" to practice their religious beliefs.

We do not have the freedom to choose a toilet that doesn't require two flushes or chose an automobile that may get higher gas mileage, but doesn't meet EPA or CAFÉ standards. These are readily available in Europe, and the engines are manufactured here.

We are not free to purchase light bulbs that we prefer.

Are we free to use our own property without government oversight? Ask the ranchers out West.

If more people keep sleepwalking through this administration, to the last one still awake - please turn the lights out.

A medications list

Those of you who have access to computer should type a current list of your medications. Place it on side of fridge with magnet, so if you need to call an ambulance, you can give the list to responders.

You should also take that list to all doctor appointments.

You can also reduce size on your printer and keep it in your wallet.

If you do not have a computer, ask a friend to type for you or just write it out long hand.

Ignorant 'pet lovers'

I was appalled and totally enraged when I spotted an ignorant "pet lover" walking her dog.

The weather is at a low of 89-90 degrees, and the streets are hot!

This "animal lover" was walking her beloved pet on the pavement.

As they were waiting for the crosswalk sign to signal them on, I witnessed the dog lifting his feet one by one.

The pavement was so hot this animal couldn't stand on all fours without relieving himself from the scorching pavement.

I was in such a position, I couldn't warn them, turn the corner to cut them off (wrong lane in traffic) or yell out - fortunately for them.

I actually wanted to jump out of my car and beat her.

There are dog shoes, baby shoes, anything that would relieve these animals of the ignorance of their humans.

I think the owners should take off their shoes and walk on the pavement they force their dogs to walk on.

Also, all animal shelters, vets, pet stores should post signs warning the "pet lovers" of this.

Dollar stores sell baby socks (and all sizes) for dogs. $1 for four socks and/or baby shoes.

Unfortunately, it will only get hotter.

Insurance payments, whiners and White House tenants

I have two responses in regards to recent Rants & Raves that appeared in Hometown News.

First, responding to "Mr. Obama and his insurance: This writer mentions that "The taxpayers will be paying for all people who take advantage of the system. They don't work and cannot afford the insurance payment, so hard working taxpayers (will) pay."

Obviously, this writer doesn't get it.

Who do you think is paying for all the people who go to the emergency room when they have medical issues now?

As usual, you are the whining complainer, but have nothing to offer as an alternative.

President (Barack) Obama at least has tried, despite all the Republican obstructionism.

Two: Some writers, who don't even know how to spell Barack Obama's name correctly, complain that "We have an illegal immigrant sitting in the White House."

Well, that statement about President Obama has been checked and rechecked for accuracy over and over, but you continue to print these rants from the haters in our society.

They don't read or listen to facts. Their minds are made up, and they live in their own little world and can't wait to relive those "Leave it to Beaver" years over again.

Castro's battle flag

The United States fought the wrong war in the 1960s.

Back in the '60s, we were in the middle of a long and vicious war that took our young men and women and put them in harm's way thousands of miles away from their country to fight for the freedom of another country, when all the time they should have been in Florida, stopping the invading army of thousands of (Fidel) Castro's Cuban people.

They took over south Florida without firing a shot. They pushed and pushed the Americans out until we lost Miami, and they turned it into "Little Havana."

They fly the Castro's battle flag to this day, right in the middle of Miami. Proudly, they wave it, and they even flew it today on the Fourth of July.

That is pathetic. And that is not a lie.

Save that water for your plants

Place a container under the PVC drainpipe of your air conditioning unit outside.

You will collect a few gallons daily.

Then use the free water to pour onto your plants and landscaping.

If your pipe is short, a dishpan, oil pan (has a spout) or something similar will work.

I keep a watering can nearby and dump the water into the can and proceed to water my potted plants, etc.

A neighbor told me this.

Wow, look at all the water we could have saved over the years.

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