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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > Volusia County

Rants & raves
Rating: 2.5 / 5 (10 votes)  
Posted: 2013 Jul 19 - 06:19

In response to: 'Take cellphones out of cars'

The person who wrote "Take cell phones out of cars" does not have a brain in his or her head. If you take cellphones out of cars, what happens if you break down? You won't be able to reach anybody. I personally would not ask a stranger for help. You never know what a stranger will do.

I keep my phone in my purse. If it rings while I am driving, I wait until I reach my destination to check my phone. I do not text or talk while driving. This rant did not make any sense. On today's roads and with people the way they are, sometimes it is not safe to ask a stranger. I would think twice before they make a statement like that.

Why different gasoline prices?

We have three gas stations within two miles of each other. There is a difference in price from three to nine cents a gallon. They are all the same company. I don't understand the justification. It is the same taxes and same city.

Kudos to Dan

In response to Dan Smith's July 5 column on the document that changed the world, he is right on and kudos to him. More people should realize what the Constitution means to them. Excellent, Dan.

Ignore bike rants

In response to the rants on the annual bike and bar run. I have not participated in the event. This is an annual event. The people who ranted must be newcomers or tourists. Get over it.

Agrees with bike rants

I completely agree with the previous comments. I witnessed people riding down Third Avenue with beer cans in hand. The police car in front of me continued on. There was obviously way too many offenders for her to handle.

There was trash left on roadways. There were way too many bicycle riders at Chases on the Beach blocking roadways and causing hazardous conditions for drivers.

What is the occupancy limit of these establishments and who is making sure it is not exceeded? In the case of Chases, they draw from the beach and their own parking lot and also valet parking customers up and down the side streets. Is this a code enforcement issue? Maybe rethink this next year. Make extra officers paid for by these establishments visible so people think twice about riding away with open beer cans.

Advertisements that lie to us

Example: Call us and we'll take care of your tax problems. The truth is you don't have simple tax problems. You are a cheat if you tried to get out of paying your taxes.

Example: Call us and one of our associates, advisors, professionals or trainees will take care of you. The truth is you will be speaking to a 17-year-old dropout who is on probation.

Example: It will cost you only $131 a month for this new car. The truth is in the fine print. You first have to give us $3,500 down. Anything less than that will increase your monthly payment. You can't put more than 10,000 miles a year on the car. More miles than that will be payable to the dealer at 10 cents a mile. The car is on lease so the dealer is the actual owner. Leasing is like renting.

Better ending for shelter

It's probably a very known story as to how Edgewater started its own animal shelter, but the story has a much better ending than it used to.

Last year, the shelter was taken over by Volusia Society to Aid for Animals. This is a non-profit group that has been doing some wonderful improvements on this small shelter. One of the first things they did was start a low cost shot clinic and wellness clinic. They push for you to keep your regular vet, but they will be happy to assist in your pets' shots and low cost spay and neuter. They also are selling products, such as Heartgard and Frontline. They have a goal of educating people about the best way to take care of your pets.

Then they let the cats out. Their cats are cage free. They have pretty much free run in the shelter, there are some that hang out in the main lobby, they also have a lounge area (as they call it) for cats and then their main cat area. You walk in to find cats walking up to greet you and say hello; and will react to you.

The dog area is still a work in progress, but I am looking forward to seeing what they will do there.

Another big plus is the staff. You are now greeted with friendly helpful people; the employees seem to really enjoy their jobs and you can actually see how the animals there react to everyone who works there. They take the time to explain to you why you should have your animal on certain medications or monthly treatments.

They seem to have so many plans in their box of tricks that it is fun to go in and see what is new. It seems like every week something is new.

I love how the adult cats are walking around. You get to see how much fun they are. The staff loves to tell you about each animal's personality. They are very pro saving any animal that is savable. Their positive attitude is great; their efforts to get their community involved are amazing. I do believe Edgewater has made a very good decision to allow this organization to take over their shelter and make all the improvements. You should go over and check it out if you haven't.

Shame on the City of Edgewater

They built such a nice new firehouse, but then put the flagpole in the backyard where no one can see our great American Flag. Wake up, America.

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