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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > St. Lucie County

Rants & raves
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Posted: 2013 Jul 12 - 07:09

Time to evaluate

Mid-year is a time for looking forward and looking back to evaluate progress and problems. In foreign affairs we have done nothing to stop Iran's push for nuclear weapons. Our military victory in Iraq has turned sour as Iraq is now controlled by Iran. In Afghanistan we've declared victory and are pulling out with our tail between our legs. Our accomplishments in the North Korean tinderbox are exactly zero. Domestically the last six months have been tarnished by three major scandals. Perhaps, worst of all, because of irresponsible government spending, the United States has the largest national debt in the history of the planet.

Not a pretty picture.

Get off welfare

So, you want a family? Well, by now it's like beating your head against a wall. Let's see, these young mothers dropped out of school, and the only thing they know is how to have kids and apply to the government for assistance for their living expenses. Once again, the national average is what $350 per child, per month? Poor kid. In today's economy and given what the local economy is based off of, when you see a young mother with at least two kids, you know darn well that they're on that lovely Gov. lottery. No wonder the poverty level is so high. And the elected officials say they want to help. Well, get these people into a learning facility that offers them an education other than being a burden on the common tax payer. Good luck! I'm pretty much done attempting to open their eyes.

Regarding pleas to drivers

Unfortunately the ones who should read these rants are too selfish to be concerned with others. My grown granddaughter who lives in Chicago was recently T-boned on the passenger side. Thankfully no one else was in the car and she wasn't seriously hurt. A man passed a stopped bus on the right and blew right thru a stop sign. The car was totaled, passenger door was in the passenger seat, and they couldn't even get the key out of the ignition. Are these idiots so self-righteous that other people's lives don't have any value? Every day on the road I see red light runners; some even fly thru while police are at the red light. Nothing done, runners just keep going. To the rest of us, you must be diligent and watch every intersection. Stay safe.

Good job, governor

There have been so many people who don't think Governor Scott is doing a good job for the state of Florida. I just want him to know that I speak for many people in our state who do think he is doing a wonderful job in Tallahassee. God bless you, Governor Scott!

A liberal-based education?

If you wonder what kids are being taught in college, a survey of commencement speakers indicates almost all addresses were given by liberals. Mitt Romney at Southern Virginia University, a Mormon school, is a notable exception. He spoke about marriage as a gift from God, and the blessings and wonders of parenthood.

For his trouble, he was roundly condemned by the liberal-left, a Columbia University professor labeling him "a religious fanatic."

Government vs. private industries

I had occasion to drive daily from Hobe Sound to Port St. Lucie for the last seven days. Around Baker Road in Martin County is a large flashing temporary sign advertising a Martin County Summer camp.

Also along this route were several people carrying signs advertising "hopefully for profit" businesses. If there was any doubt that there is not disconnect between Martin County government and the businesses paying taxes, this should clear it up. Let any of those businesses with people out front of their establishments try to put up a sign like Martin County has and code enforcement will be there, with a new pen, writing them a summons. But, the issue is bigger than it appears. This is just another example of government competing with private business without any restraints that private businesses are bound by. Is Anti-trust legal, in Florida, as long as the Government is part of it?

Up north, the courts have stopped a lot of governments from competing with private industries. As rampant as it is in Martin County, hopefully it will happen here soon. I chose Martin County 10 years ago because the county was then being run with fiscal common sense. That is all gone now.

Reduce gun violence

States are toughening laws prohibiting so-called straw purchases of guns for criminals. In the past it has been far too easy for criminals to evade the law and acquire guns. Now it is up to the courts to make sure we take advantage of this new tool to keep the bad guys in prison where they belong. Reducing gun violence should be a top priority.

Government and business

Henry) Ford didn't invent the automobile, he mass produced it - just like the Wright brothers didn't invent the airplane.

Mr. Ford and others started mass production, and he also raised wages to $5 a day, so his workers could buy cars. Of course, he also hired gangsters to spy on his workers, even in their homes.

Mr. Ford, also, after Pearl Harbor, refused to build planes until the government, with taxpayer money, built him the Willow Run Plant. The government agreed to sign the plant over to him after the war for $1. So much for "Free Enterprise and Patriotism."

The person who said government is involved in every business was right.

Misuse of the term breaking news

At one time the term or announcement, meant listen to this. It is important. It just happened. It's interesting. Today's breaking news, which is continually seen on our TV screens, means stay turned, keep our ratings up and thanks for nothing. Today's breaking news consists of the following urgent news announcements:

Car crash that happened a week ago,

A dog helping his master a month ago

A celebrity finally announcing a divorce

The above is what TV stations consider breaking news.

So I called one of these reporters, I asked her what I would get for calling her with breaking news. She was stymied and eventually said I guess that nothing is paid to you. That is the extent of my breaking news I will ever give to her.

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