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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > Volusia County

Rants & raves
Rating: 1 / 5 (8 votes)  
Posted: 2013 Jul 12 - 06:15

Adopt cats, please

We really need people to come and adopt cats at the animal shelters. We need to come in and consider them for adoption. We are at capacity at New Smyrna Beach and Edgewater.

Missed the mayhem

I was totally surprised to read such ugly rants about a one-day event by two people. Exactly what makes a person so bitter, so angry as to complain about a one day event that you know about in advance?

I saw many photos of the event (New Smyrna Beach Bike and Bar Tour) and what I saw was a lot of people having a lot of fun. In none of the pictures did I see the complaints made by the two ranters. I observed firsthand several people having fun wearing tutus and other silly outfits. I must have missed the urinating in the streets, not sure where that happened.

It is sad that someone's life is so miserable they must complain when people get together and have fun. How sad it must be for them. At every stop I saw people just having fun and lets face it with how things are in the world right now, how can it be so bad to take one day and enjoy life? So sorry you didn't like it but hey maybe for next year you could plan a vacation during that time so you don't have to see so many people having fun.

Thanks, mosquito guys

Thank you to the Volusia County Mosquito Control in New Smyrna Beach for their wonderful and educational open house June 28.

The staff was friendly and knowledgeable. I hope residents took advantage of this opportunity to learn how well their tax dollars are spent and that this is an annual event. The children had fun, too.

In response to: 'No junk on food stamps'

I agree with the writer on "No junk on food stamps" in the July 5 issue. This happens daily and I have seen this junk food and improper use of food stamps as well as welfare money. I have seen them buy beer on those tax dollars. The state should not allow EBT cards to be used at over-priced convenience stores, expensive mall clothing stores and service stations. Our government needs stronger rules on tax dollars going to welfare/food stamps.

In response to: 'No Junk on Food Stamps'

What do you mean with "why aren't people revolting over this?"

Did you think that what this young lady was doing was illegal? Did you take the time to research if it was? And if you knew that it was, why didn't you go to the police and explain what you had witnessed? If it was just a matter of personal opinion, why didn't you revolt against it and do something about it? And why did you expect others to do what you were not able to do? I think I can answer it: It's a lot easier to just complain about it, do nothing and put the responsibility on others, isn't it now?

In response to: 'No Junk on Food Stamps'

Getting Red Bull and candy and gas and beer and cash at ATM machines is a travesty. In some states you can get cash from ATM machines and no one monitors what you can purchase with it.

The problem with this misuse is that your tax dollars are paying for those EBT and SNAP cards. Food stamps were initially issued to purchase essential food stuff. When did that change?

Most taxpayers do not care enough to try to do something about it. The politicians that have allowed the misuse were elected by uneducated voters who feel their best interests are being taken care of by the ones they elect. This is not the case.

You can call or email or write your politicians and request how they voted to allow such activity if it bothers you.

Hold them accountable to something they don't monitor, that is their job.

Paradise or paradise lost

For years, I have referred to my town (New Smyrna Beach) as a paradise. In many ways there is a tremendous amount of money spent to improve the streets and the small parts of the town, even the entrance off Interstate 95.

However, a constant problem is the debris along the causeways coming into our town. There are dead animals, empty boxes and other debris. A lot of the time it is left there over a week. Isn't someone responsible for cleaning this up? I mean a paid position. This has to cost less than the wall they built off of I-95 and the billboards. This is where we make our money. If I came here for vacation and had to see this, I think I would find another place to vacation. Let's get out there and clean it up.

Turn off the lights

I have seen the street lights and lights on bridges are on during the day. Why is this? I have seen this from Edgewater to Ormond Beach. It seems like just a waste of resources to me.

Email more important than experience

Here's a good one. I have 58 years experience in retail. I have been a salesman, a manager at Macy's and Dillard's, a buyer in New York City and a promotion analyst. I have also been a senior manager for a chain of 12 stores. I have dealt in women's wear, men's wear, children's wear and household items.

Now, I am retired. I decided to look for something perhaps part-time, perhaps in an advisor capacity. Jos. A. Bank advertised help wanted. I called them. They insisted I have an email address before they would talk to me. I told them I did not have an email address. They told me not to bother coming in to show them my face or credentials. The email is more important than my vast experience, so figure that out.

A 17-year-old with no experience, a 22-year-old dropout but with an email address or a 30-year-old computer wiz with an email address will get the job, but Jos. A. Bank will suffer. Even so, the person working for them will have an email address.

Misuse of the term breaking news

At one time the term or announcement, meant listen to this. It is important. It just happened. It's interesting. Today's breaking news, which is continually seen on our TV screens, means stay turned, keep our ratings up and thanks for nothing. Today's breaking news consists of the following urgent news announcements:

Car crash that happened a week ago,

A dog helping his master a month ago

A celebrity finally announcing a divorce

The above is what TV stations consider breaking news.

So I called one of these reporters, I asked her what I would get for calling her with breaking news. She was stymied and eventually said I guess that nothing is paid to you. That is the extent of my breaking news I will ever give to her.

Keep fireworks to your selves

They were shooting fireworks on Hensel Road over Taylor Road. There were big boomers, maybe even bigger than City Center. They have million dollar homes. If they want to shoot them off, they should shoot them over their own homes.

It's the thing on the side of your steering column

People need to use their turn signals, so other drivers know what they are doing.

Walk, don't ride

I don't like when people who do not need to use the electric chairs in the grocery store, use them and then just leave them in the parking lot.

Take cellphones out of cars

The law should say if it is in your car, it is against the law. We all know if there is an open bottle of booze in your car that's illegal and it is against the law. We all know if there is an exposed gun on your car seat that is illegal and against the law.

Why don't we make the same rules for cell phones and texting in your car? These stupid laws they just passed such as you can text as long as the car is not moving are a direct insult. Get the cell out of the car. Stop kissing the big companies that want their sales to go upward. They don't care if someone is killed. Keep cell phones and texting equipment out of the car. Treat it like guns and booze.

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