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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > St. Lucie County

Rants & raves
Rating: 2.6 / 5 (5 votes)  
Posted: 2013 Jul 05 - 07:09

Customers first

Why do businesses with two doors always lock one of them? You have to hold the door for someone coming out. And you're already setting a bad tone. People have packages and can't hold the doors for others. Why not just unlock the other door? It is that hard? The customers are the most important people in the store, why aren't you taking care of them?

Remember those at war

When brave young Americans are volunteering to go to Iraq and Afghanistan to risk their lives to defend us from terrorists who hate us and are pledged to do everything in their power to kill us all, what better time to take advantage of the celebration of our national independence than to use this occasion to show our colors?

Let's make sure that our country is a mass of American flags.

Education failure

The failures of our public school education system are graphically demonstrated by the lack of patriotism and the absence of love of country shown by young people today.

Pupils are not taught the principles which the founding fathers believed, and have little understanding of capitalism and freedom. They seem to know little about what makes America different from just about every other country on the globe.

As a result, they know precious little of who we are as a nation and cannot appreciate the significance of Sept. 11.

In the words of...

Dietrich Bonhoeffer got it right when he stated, "The ultimate test of a moral society is the kind of world it leaves to its children."

Short and simple

Our generation will leave an unbelievable mess and an incredible public debt.

Regarding felons

Years ago, lots of people died just to vote. Now they are letting felons vote. Why can't felons work? Give them a chance.

A laughing matter

It makes us laugh when public school teachers brag about pupil performance and how things are improving in our classrooms.

Compared with other nations around the globe, the U.S. comes in almost last in the number of hours our children spend in the classroom. It shows, because they also score almost last in math, science and reading.

Check alien status

How many contracted workers are legal aliens? Seems like most of the contractors hire illegal aliens. Look at those who landscape.

Backward FCAT system

This is about the FCAT scores. The schools with the highest average of children living under the poverty level have the lowest scores. The state gives money to schools that get higher scores on the FCATs, instead of the schools that get lower schools.

How can we help these children? There are a lot of children whose parents don't speak English or are from a broken home. They need more help. This is a backwards system.

Too many trees

What about the huge amount of landscaping? It's unbelievable. There are shrubs and plants and trees everywhere. Where are they coming from?

If we are supposed to be budgeting, how can the landscaping crews afford all these massive items? Why are we adding so much, when maintenance people have to take care of them, but we are being hit with higher utility bills? We are being run down the river. We need answers and we need them now.

Revamp the city

It's time for a recall of all the city council members. They are ruining the city.

Help for animal victim

My cat was shot, probably with an air rifle. The vet showed me an ex-ray, which showed a broken leg. I called the police, but could not get past the screener. I called animal control, but they said they weren't concerned because the animal was cared for. There is a creep who walks around the neighborhood with a gun. Who is going to help?

Rude real estate agents

This is an open letter to all Realtors: When you make an appointment with the seller, please keep that appointment, or have the courtesy to call and cancel or explain that you are running late.

Sellers may want to sell their homes, but they also have a life. Remember, without them you'd have no job.

Food stamp abuse

I've been a cashier and have noticed the trend for all people to have food stamp cards. I work two jobs. My teenage sons both mow grass and wash cars on the weekend and in the summer. A lot of these people that pay with their cards are buying stuff to have a barbeque.

I know a lot of people truly need a lift once in a while. Somehow when your food stamp balance is $564, it really doesn't seem like you're that needy. I wonder if the people in the food stamp office look out their window at what these people are driving Escalades, brand new pickups, Tahoes?

I have a 1979 four-door sedan. Would I not be more in need than they are? Are they in the needy situation because they are driving a car they cannot afford to pay? Do all of these people get asked for their Social Security numbers so they can qualify?

Please tell me at least people who are supposed to be here are the ones reaping these benefits.

Raising fees

I see garbage collection fees are going up again. The usual reaction from local governments is to close it down, raise fees, raise taxes or add staff to analyze the report. They don't want to fix it. It's overwhelming incompetence.

Fireworks too costly

Although my family and I enjoy the fireworks display on the fourth of July, I really think the county should have spent that money on more important things. We, as a city, are falling to pieces.

There are more homeless people, houses are in foreclosure and the unemployment line is getting longer. But still we pay nearly $30,000 for a 15-minute display. Where are your priorities?

Coupon courtesy

We are avid coupon users. Each week we cut out all of the coupons we need, check the flyers to catch the sales and make our rounds to get the best deals. In today's world, one must be silly or independently wealthy to not try to save money.

That being said, cashiers at major grocery stores should really be more patient when they see someone with a handful of coupons. There should be some sort of training session given by the store to inform their cashiers of the rules associated with coupons.

Each store is different, and each store offers different bargains, yet each store employs clueless, rude employees who have no idea what's going on.

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