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Rants & Raves
Rating: 3.89 / 5 (9 votes)  
Posted: 2013 Jul 05 - 06:31

Mr. Obama and his insurance

This is in response to Mr. Obama and his insurance.

The one thing you should realize is that Mr. (Barack) Obama's (and his family's) health insurance is paid for by the taxpayers.

Most of the taxpayers cannot afford insurance like this and have to take what they can afford. The small amount he has to pay for coverage is really a crime against the taxpayers.

He, and members of Congress, should be made to pay a much greater portion for their coverage. You really have to wake up and see what is really going on.

Wait until 2014 comes arrives and see how you feel then. The taxpayers will be paying for all people who take advantage of the system. They don't work and cannot afford the insurance payment, so hard working taxpayers (will) pay.

Illegals are getting welfare

I read the rant about people who need assistance.

Well, I think maybe the writer needs to do more research on illegals getting welfare, because they do.

For the writer to say illegals do not qualify, needs to do more research.

I have lived in a lot of states; and in most states where I have lived, being here illegal does not matter.

And as far as these corporate fat cats, that's why they have a business.

I don't know what planet they are on, but here on Earth, people are in business to make money, not break even.

One more thing: As far as these free phones, they didn't have these phones for people to abuse them.

Second-class citizens

I can't believe the city I live in. There was a water main rupture in town, so there is a boil water order. I missed the report on the television, so I went to the city's webpage to see where the order was for. The last report they have about a water line break is of March 2013 in the more well-to-do part of town.

Now, I know that the line breakage last night was on the poorer side of town, so why wasn't it put on the city webpage, so that people could see if they are involved in the boil water area?

I really get tired of being treated like a second-class citizen here. All the council cares about is the snowbirds and retirees that plant themselves in their cozy expensive houses and RVs, while the people, who are the backbone of their existence barely scrap by in sub-par housing and ludicrous public transportation.

Cat omitted from 'Pet of the Year?'

This is a rant.

I think it was the Tea Party, the feral cat colony keepers, President (Barak) Obama, the IRS, the Second Amendment, Hippies, illegal aliens, just plain aliens that (garbled) that a cat wasn't in the finals for the "Pet of the Year."

And I'd also like to rave about how cute all the animals are that are up for the "Pet of the Year."

This is in regards to the 'Counterpoint' letter

Many people don't know what they are talking about. They parrot whatever's been fed to them by Fox News, and if you asked any of them to explain Benghazi, they wouldn't have a clue.

When they say this administration is the worst in the history of our country, again, they would rattle off a list of items fed to them by their masters when they really have no knowledge of these events or an ability to explain their position.

I've noticed from some of the emails I receive that there is very little understanding of the issues. Items are forwarded that are two, three and four years old, are clearly untrue; and many are racist in nature. Nothing is researched for veracity.

If you don't agree with their position, they resort to childish and debasing name calling like "idiot," "Libtards," etc. - so positive and forward thinking.

If this is the worst administration in history (and it clearly is not), it's largely because Mitch McConnel and the GOP announced at the beginning of President (Barack) Obama's first term, that their only goal was to see to it that he would be a one-term president.

When that didn't work, they are now fixated on blocking him at every turn, so that nothing gets done for our country at all.

In the meantime, the country has either held fast by its fingernails or is declining in progress of any kind.

The GOP seems fixated on only a few things: banning abortion and birth control, declining proper health care, especially for children (whom they profess to love and want to save from abortion) diminishing women at every turn and keeping the president "in his place."

Some of the remarks made by many GOP leaders regarding health, rape, (etc.) are just astounding. Apparently, they all received their medical degrees in a Cracker Jack box. Even those with real medical degrees come off sounding like they are just plain crazy.

Hopefully, the progressive young people of today will see through this and vote accordingly in the next elections. Time has moved on but the GOP has not.

He should be doing his job

I know, I know, we are not supposed to use libel, and we are not supposed to use profanity and we are not supposed to say anything that's not nice about the president; but he is an idiot.

With all of the scandals going on, he is spying on people he shouldn't be spying on. He should be doing his job.

He's over there making stupid deals with the Russians, nuclear things; and then he comes along and he - yes, we have the IRS scandal going on, and we have four dead people in Libya - we haven't solved that, no, because (President Barak) Obama wants to talk about carbon emissions.

We have an illegal immigrant sitting in the White House.

Thanks for the 'Pet of the Year' photos

I am calling to give you a rave.

The Hometown News today had all the pictures of the hometown "Pets of the Week."

That was a hoot. We absolutely loved it. There were so many cute photographs, and I enjoyed it so much.

Thank you for printing it. I really had a good start this morning.

Thank you.

Be careful where you move

I am raving and mostly ranting about where you live.

There are certain sections of Brevard County that are very dangerous.

The people who run the big projects, or whatever they are called here, they say that they investigate the people who move into their area, but they really don't.

And when you go to go look for apartments, be careful. Ask what the water bill is, if there is a water bill. Ask what the trash needs.

And many places do not charge for either, but then those that do, investigate them.

Don't just move in, because once you are in, they take you for all you've got; and you can't do anything about it but to move out.

So, please be careful where you move.

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