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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > Volusia County

Rants & raves
Rating: 2 / 5 (12 votes)  
Posted: 2013 Jul 05 - 06:14

In response to: 'Trash can Destruction'

I had to laugh when I read the rant about trashcan damage from the person who apparently buys designer cans for $50. I bought my trash can (on sale) for about $10 when I moved here 15 years ago and it's still going strong.

Bike and bar event was ridiculous

The bike and bar event in New Smyrna Beach was absolutely ridiculous. Our beachside was riddled with about 1,500 drunken people on bikes; there was urination in the streets, open containers, trash in people's yards. It looked like the police turned their heads to a lot of DUIs.

The merchants and bars have a good thing going here. Why jeopardize this by drinking and driving? You can get a DUI by driving a bike. It is only a matter of time before someone gets killed and the city and the bars will be open to lawsuits. New Smyrna Beach doesn't need that kind of craziness.

I wondered what Mothers Against Drunk Driving would think about that and we certainly don't need them picketing in our streets.

Great photo

I just wanted to compliment Randy Barber on his photo on the front page of the June 21 Port Orange edition -- the photo of the grandfather and granddaughter holding the fish.

It is such an inspiring photo. You look at it and it just makes you feel like there is something right in the world after all. I wanted him to know it made, not only myself, but also a lot of people feel really good.

Legal drinking and riding?

Legal drinking and driving approved in New Smyrna Beach -- that's sure what it appeared to be Saturday, June 22. I am, of course, referring to the bike and bar fiasco supported and encouraged by an excess of 1,400 cyclists swerving all over New Smyrna Beach, including heavy traffic areas A1A, Saxon and the crowded roads on beachside.

Alcohol was in abundance and no law enforcement seemed to be prevalent to monitor their alcohol level. These cyclists were on main roads. This would have been done if the bikers were behind cars and they were on motorcycles. Many of these cyclists were underage with alcohol ready and wanting for them. It was precarious from automobile drivers, who not only had difficulty navigating these alcohol influenced vehicle operators, but also had to navigate with cyclists clearly not obeying the rules of the road. To top it off, the area was littered with debris. Who came up with this dangerous idea? Where is our town leadership?

Do we need that post office?

If a post office is only open four hours a day on weekdays, then I say that post office doesn't need to be open at all.

Thanks to the Ormond Beach commissioners

I haven't driven up the beach in a while, so after dinner with my wife the other night we drove up the beach toward the Granada Street exit. I want to say thank you, to the Ormond Beach commissioners and Volusia County administration, for granting a permit to close down the beach.

Once again the commissioners have asked the people of Ormond Beach to vote to spend money on a new park. It's a nice new park. We did not vote on closing the beach to residents. "But it is for the children," I can hear you say. Yea, yea, it's the old Democrats "it's for the children" ploy. And we really believe you. If it's for the children, where have you been for all these years?

I am personally fed up with the political elite class that think they are the grantors of liberties that continue to dupe citizens and take away the people's rights. Perhaps they are rousing up the citizenry to elect people with a brain and reverse the abuse of the power-hungry political class.

Is it true you are considering a beach tag system to additionally tax the people that want to just walk on the beach or enjoy the sun and sand? How many people would you have to hire to walk the beach and hand out tickets?

In response to: 'Cruises are a curse'

My husband and I have been on 13 cruises and are going on our 14th in September (can you believe Carnival?) We have cruised four different lines and have never experienced any of the problems that "Cruises are a curse" had. We have had a couple of cancelled ports, one due to weather and another a medical emergency on board, but these things cannot always be helped.

Cruising is a business and you can bet they don't want to make a lot of passengers unhappy if they can help it. We feel so fortunate to live in an area where we can drive a few hours and have access to so many ports. We also get great rates by being Florida residents and watching the prices. We just drove to New Jersey and back and it cost us $1,400 for a week. Four of the nights we spent with family and three in a hotel. You can do a seven-night cruise for that with all of your meals, room, transportation, entertainment and even tips.

Speaking of tips I find it hard to believe your server said he shouldn't even serve you dinner the last night on board! You usually don't tip until the last night, or if you prepaid he had no way of knowing if you were going to give him extra the last evening.

We've never had a toilet that wouldn't flush. We did have one run over in the middle of the night once and within 30 minutes there were plumbers in our room fixing the toilet while my husband and I laid in bed. We have always had great food and service and have never gotten sick from the food. My husband has picked up a couple of airborne colds though. We are always careful to wash our hands and use the sanitizer every time we pass it.

To sum this all up, I am sorry that "Cruises are a curse" had such a bad experience. I hope that he will give it another try for his wife's sake.

No junk on food stamps

I purchased gas the other day. While I was paying, there was a girl in her 20s paying at the next register. I heard her ask the cashier, do you accept EBT? The cashier said yes. The girl was purchasing two Red Bulls and some Starbursts. She paid using her EBT card. I asked my cashier what EBT was. She said food stamps. I said, "I as a taxpayer, just paid for her Red Bull and Starbursts." If someone is on food stamps, I don't deny them, but it should be for basic food groups not Red Bull and candy. This is a travesty. Why aren't people revolting over this?

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