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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > St. Lucie County

Rants & raves
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Posted: 2013 Jun 28 - 07:12

Fraud is rampant

Food stamp fraud is rampant across the Treasure Coast. The other day I was behind a guy in the store. He paid for a six-pack of beer with his EBT card. I only had one item, and followed him out of the store. He got into a Lexus. I can't receive food stamps. I live on my Social Security. How do all of these people come here and get food stamps?

Waste of money?

The city pays a code enforcement officer to ride around on the weekends to stop people from selling items so they can better provide for their families and pay city taxes, so the city can pay the code enforcement officer his salary. City government at its best.

Everyone should cut back

All counties are faced with a tight budget. But the fire district doesn't want to cut back. They should cut back, too.

Trash in the canal

People are throwing all sorts of stuff in the canal west of town. It's a shame that we have something so beautiful as the canal, and people are just throwing all their trash into the canal.

The police won't do anything about it. They came out last week and asked me what I wanted done about it. Others who know about this should call the police, too.

Open both doors

If one of the doors is locked in a store, and an emergency occurs in the store, it blocks customers from getting out quickly. They should both be unlocked.

Wasting money on education?

The teachers union has been spending money advertising, urging the public to pester the state legislature for more funding for the public schools.

This runs counter to a report on the status of teaching history, which indicates that pupil performance is woeful.

Teenagers know nothing about "the longest day." Most teens cannot identify Dwight Eisenhower as a U.S. president and they've never heard of D-Day or the Battle of the Bulge.

Worst of all, many believe the United States started World War II. All of this leads one to believe that much of the money we have already provided to the educational establishment has been wasted.

Illegal code words

Citizens should not trust politicians, especially when discussing illegal immigration they use code words and phrases, such as "a path to citizenship," which really means amnesty for illegals.

Another catch phrase they love to use is "comprehensive immigration reform," which translates into "for years we have promised to secure our borders and we really have no intention of doing so, but we hope voters will be so busy with their daily lives that they will forget what we have said."

What's merit?

Of course teachers' pay should be based on merit, but define merit.

A thank you

When I was at the theatre the other night, I left my purse in the bathroom. As soon as I noticed it was gone, I returned to the bathroom, only to find it gone. I went to the office, and my purse had been returned.

I want to thank the person who returned it, without disturbing any of the contents.

Skirting the truth

When politicians want to obscure their true intentions, they are very good at using words to hide what they really mean.

There was an excellent example in the recent debate about the government program to take over the nation's health care system.

Rather than tell the whole truth, they found a way to disguise their plan to raise taxes on the productive members of our society.

Who decides?

Traditional wisdom tells us that an individual should earn what he is worth based on the opinion of his boss.

Now, however, the Obama administration has started to force executives to accept the judgments of politicians in Washington about pay levels dictated by non-elected bureaucrats.

If Washington can enforce such arbitrary standards based on class envy, where will it all end and will the politicians be able to tell each of us what we can earn?

Support nuclear energy

The nuclear industry is investing today to solve our long-term energy challenges. Citizens should be supportive of their efforts on at least three fronts.

Most important, our nation is severely dependent on unpredictable foreign sources of energy.

Also, the fact that nuclear is a major clean energy source should please environmentalists.

And finally, the nuclear industry is providing a huge number of well-paying jobs, which is a major boost in this ailing economy.

No local jobs

We moved here in January 2009. My husband has been looking for work ever since. There is place that employs guys from other areas for the local work, while the local guys wait for the phone to ring for work. Something should be done.

One trash day a week

There only needs to be one trash pick up a week and, at the same time, the trucks could pick-up the recyclables. Think of how much money that would save.

Stop complaining

These people who are city employees complaining of having to pay extra for their health insurance should be grateful to have a job to be able to pay.

My home is up for sale and we have to move.

Shape up, VA

Because the Department of Veterans Affairs (better known as the VA) promises to give our courageous, wounded soldiers excellent service, but instead provides lousy service, it is a shame to the VA and it is a shame on this nation to allow such injustice to continue.

President Obama has done next to nothing to rectify the situation, which should be a lesson for us.

If the government cannot or will not help our troops, how can we expect it to take care of 300 million Americans?

More auto blues

The Chinese who are adept at producing cheap compacts and subcompacts have purchased automaker Volvo from Ford. We can anticipate they will soon start exporting their inexpensive cars into the United States. Because of our high taxes, high wages and expensive benefits, plus our government's strict rules regarding environmental issues and mileage mandates, the cost of Chinese cars is about half of what we can sell them for, and the outlook, therefore, for our auto industry and the jobs that go with it is indeed bleak.

From President Jefferson

Let's listen to the thoughts of those who came before us.

President Thomas Jefferson said, "Honor, justice and humanity forbid us to surrender that freedom which we received from our gallant ancestors, and which our innocent posterity have a right to receive from us."

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