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Rants & raves
Rating: 2.75 / 5 (16 votes)  
Posted: 2013 Jun 28 - 06:34

Still missing in action

While this may not qualify as a rant, it hopefully will spark a bit of thinking about a significant problem - MIAs, those 83,000 servicemen still missing in action.

The thousands of active military and veterans in Brevard County are well aware of the unspoken promise that no matter what befell you, you would be brought home. The figures put out by various organizations question that myth when they tell you that there are still 83,000 MIAs unrecovered.

However, there is one small organization in the private sector that continues to find missing aircraft and their crews.

MIA Recoveries Inc. is managed by Clayton Kuhles of Prescott, Ariz., and he has led 10 expeditions into the Himalayan mountains, home of the infamous "Hump" Route from India into China, bringing vital supplies to the beleaguered Chinese.

In those 10 trips, he has found twenty-two aircraft, lost since WWII, and identified 193 crewmen and subsequently discovered their families. Fortunately, my family was one of them.

Now, MIA Recoveries is planning its 11th trip, with the knowledge of four crashed planes and their locations. This could mean another 12-20 families who would be given the comfort of knowing the fate of their loved ones, receiving the same comfort we felt when we were informed.

The expedition needs funding, and those who share our concerns for those still missing are being offered an opportunity to participate in the search through their donations.

Visit http://igg.me/at/FindTheMIAs for more information.

'Dancing with the Czars'

I would like to add to the conversation that one of your ranters contributed in regard to what good "dancers" (President Barack) Obama and his staff are. I can certainly validate his view.

I was watching "Dancing With the Czars" last night and saw an incredible, if not unbelievable, variety of dances performed by the Obama troupe. There was the Benghazi Boogaloo, Journalist Jitterbug, Wire-Tap Waltz, Muslim Mambo, Taxman Tango, Fast & Furious Foxtrot, Belgium Ballet and Scandal Hearing Hustle.

Sleeping during the 'Bush years'

The writers who submitted letters for a recent edition of Hometown News ("Enemy in the White House" and "Loyal Americans 'Wake Up'") must surely have been sleepwalking during the (President George) Bush years!

Are they not aware that Mr. Bush presided over the second worst financial meltdown in our history, or that he implemented the totally unnecessary invasion of Iraq, which resulted in the deaths of more than 4,000 U.S. military personnel, as well as many more thousands of Iraqi civilians, with nothing to show for it, least of all the huge revenues from Iraqi oil promised by Paul Wolflowitz?

President (Barack) Obama has made a serious effort to provide affordable health care for all Americans, security for our country (how many deadly attacks have occurred on American soil during the past five years?) and a decent immigration policy, etc.

No less a person than Gen. Michael Hayden, Mr. Bush's NSA chief, has declared recently that the security apparatus under President Obama is more comprehensive and more transparent than it was under President Bush ... and, it is legal.

Finally, claims have been made by a number of people, including some who submitted letters to the same issue of Hometown News, that we are "losing our freedoms" under the present administration.

Perhaps these folks can submit additional letters with concrete examples of this phenomenon.

It is easy to throw out extreme talking points without providing any evidence.

Benghazi will not be forgotten

It's one scandal after another, from (President Barack) Obama's White House.

Please, Congressional representatives, hold (President) Obama's DOJ, DHS, IRS, ATF, NAS, etc. accountable for their actions.

As an example, it's been some nine months since the Libyan debacle. What is totally unforgivable is the lack of a believable, straightforward accounting of the "Benghazi Bungle" (as in botched) and the death of an American Ambassador and three other Americans at a poorly prepared and defended diplomatic outpost.

What this White House administration must accept is that this will be taken in context, no matter how long they stonewall!

The Alamo has not been forgotten and it is a given: Benghazi will not be forgotten.

It's a nightmare here

Ma'am, you have to understand what forces are working against you in this community. I feel your pain.

It is so obvious in Melbourne that if you want to be left alone to do business, you have to grease some palms. Haven't you realized that by now, that our kind is not welcomed here?

That is the reason I sit in the car, while my buddy shops in some horrible huge box store on the southern side of S.R. 192, just east of I-95. I won't go in there any longer. I rather sit in a very hot car with the windows shut than have to endure the employees and customers of that particular store.

Where I live is a real ghetto. They mow the grass here twice a week, as if the prime minister of Ireland is going to come pay a visit to this dump. The owner is going to jack up the rent at year's end, and the communal parking lot/street has potholes all over the place, big enough to damage the undercarriage of our vehicles.

This is a county like Indian River County, that looks down upon an 18 -year-old girl messing around with her 14-year-old, but is it socially acceptable for a 63-year-old retired military to be married to 35-year-old.

Be like me, count the days until we can get out of this nightmare.

Response to 'Where are the cures?'

I feel, as long as we keep funding these charities that claim they are doing so much good, and yet when you check up on them, you will find where the money really goes.

After doing a little digging, for the most part, most all the money is spent on salaries, T-shirts, advertisement, TV time, event organizers, mail, conventions and so on, I could not find the amount a charity actually gives to research. My guess is less than 10 percent. (I guess you could say that's better nothing).

Don't get me wrong, there a lot of good charities out there, but you have to do a little research to find them.

One place that you can go is http://www.charitynavigator.org/. Go to this site to see the 50 worst charities: http://www.tampabay.com/americas-worst-charities/charity-addresses.

Check any charity out before you give. Check this site, where WSB-TV Atlanta did a little checking. This is a shocker: http://www.wsbtv.com/news/news/american-cancer-society-where-does-your-money-go/nFX4j/.

I wonder what would happen if the all charities had to give 50 percent of all money collected to research or be removed from a tax exempt status?

Sidewalks and bike trails needed here

This is concerning John Rodes Boulevard. I go down there every couple of weeks.

There is a big hole in the road that I have to be careful not to hit, because it could blow a hole in one of my tires.

Plus the fact than on either side of the road, I see a lot of people walking. There are no sidewalks. The grass has grown up, and some people can't afford to buy gas anymore. They are out of a job.

Why doesn't Florida put in some more sidewalks or bicycle paths?

I don't understand this. These people, I saw quite a few walking, and it is difficult to walk there because of the grass, as high as it is.

I'm hoping that something is done about this.

George Zimmerman's face

I just checked out the George Zimmerman trail on television that they have been having every day, and I am really surprised that Channel 6, WKMG, has the nerve to put George Zimmerman's face all day long on the TV.

They switch it a little bit, but most of the time, it is on his face.

I think that is a form of fooling the people to make sure he is in the limelight.

You have to remember that this man is innocent, before he is considered guilty.

And I think this channel is making him seem guilty before he is tried, by putting his face on TV all damn day!

Zimmerman's weight

This is for the person who put the rant in the paper, "Enjoying the food."

George) Zimmerman was not in jail the whole time. He may have gained some weight, but he was not in jail. He was out on probation.

Get your facts straight before you put your idiot rant in the paper.

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