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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > Indian River County

Rants & raves
Rating: 4 / 5 (11 votes)  
Posted: 2013 Jun 21 - 06:49

Nowhere clean to sit

This rant is about the very unsightly conditions at the fishing pier under our beautiful bridge going across the Indian River.

There are many benches to sit on, but they are used for cleaning fish. What a picturesque spot to relax and enjoy the scenery without any place to sit.

On a positive note

I never noticed how many unhappy people lived on the Treasure Coast. Because of that, I want to send in a rave. I want to say that I am happy that I live in the best place in the whole world and the beauty that surrounds us.

I'm happy for our military that sacrifices so much for the good of our country. Thank you to the police and fire departments. To the Hometown News that gives us news, computer tips, good information on local restaurants and merchants, all for free.

And to all those people and organizations that actually do something to help us be the best country, thank you.

I want to fish

I just recently went and got my Florida identification. I took my passport, Social Security card, rent agreement, power bill, etc. I just went to get a fishing license, and none of that is good enough. So with all my documentation, I have enough to fly to Pakistan and get information to build a bomb, or go terrorist school but I still can't get a fishing license?

Visit museum and say thanks

Articles were ever present in the local newspapers and online about the June 6, 1944 commemoration of the D-Day Invasion. It brought back memories of my own father and his involvement in World War II. I remember the stories of his trials as a paratrooper of the 101st Airborne on the Normandy Beaches. I can envision him parachuting from the sky surrounded by men who had lost their lives before they hit the ground. We need to give thanks on a regular basis to all the men and women that have served this great country through all wars and conflicts. We need never forget to say those two key words thank you. The Road to Victory Museum, behind Veteran's Memorial Park in Stuart, preserves the past for the present and shows their gratitude for our veterans.

Stop rumors before they start

Rumors in a small town can be highly entertaining for some and worrisome for others. Too bad for you if you believe any rumor.

A rumor can be started by anyone, true or false. Half true, half false or highly embellished.

Webster's dictionary definition of a rumor is unsubstantiated facts, which means without confirmation of the truth.

So, before you spread information about others you might go back to the source and get their side of the story. It most likely will be very different than the rumor!

A story of an incident may have as many sides as there are people involved. A story can also be missing a few facts (if someone is hiding their little secret).

And certainly, like my friend, who'll embellish, enhance, improve a story through exaggeration to make it better, others will do the same.

And, however many people this rumor feeds through, the facts can become that much more skewed (a slanting position) to their benefit.

So, before you know it, "that someone" has murdered, raped, pillaged, done the worst anyone could imagine, when, indeed, none of this has even happened.

But it has put fear into you and most often there's something else that's true that doesn't even make the story, like the person who started the rumor is actually the awful human being.

Most human beings are becoming lower and lower on the evolutionary chain because of the way they think of others. So take rumors with a grain of salt.

If you weren't there to observe what happened, you'll have no idea of the truth in a rumor. Ask questions like, what did you do to create such behavior in others? Some people pretend they are so innocent, when they're not.

You are actually showing your ignorance if you participate in a rumor. Uneducated people are the easiest to brainwash with rumors, along with people who live with fear and hatred of others. You can see people living in fear. This will be a slow death from the stress.

So if you want to evolve into a higher intelligence, don't get involved with rumors. Don't believe it if it sounds too awful to be true. Do your homework.

A plea made to drivers

The speeding and the red light and stop-sign running drivers are out of control lately. Hey, what's your hurry, you're already here.

Unfortunately, the county sheriff's department, when I called them, has told me it is too expensive for them to set up speed traps anymore.

Don't they at least get some of the income from tickets?

Mostly, I wish to plead with aggressive or hurried drivers: Please don't try to change the clock with your speedometer. In reality, speeding and running red lights and stop signs won't get you where you're going much sooner than by obeying the lights and signs.

Really and you won't waste gas and risk lives.

Gutter politics?

Gutter politics is not new. It is nevertheless deplorable.

President Obama claims to be the great conciliator, but when Republicans do not immediately come to heal, they are called names. This is not his promised compromise.

It is not leadership. It is mud throwing. It is gutter politics and it is harmful for America.

Learn from your mistakes, USA

If we reward illegality, we get more of it. That's the lesson America should have learned in 1986. That year, Congress passed a flawed immigration bill. It was supposed to give illegal immigrants citizenship and, at the same time, close our borders. Congress failed to close the borders and millions more illegals were attracted to sneak into our country. Today, we face a similar situation. Proposals before Congress place legalization first and promised border enforcement later, perhaps much later, perhaps never. It's a bad deal for America.

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