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Rants & raves
Rating: 2.17 / 5 (12 votes)  
Posted: 2013 Jun 21 - 06:35

Problems at the library?

This is to the person who has complaints about the library system.

Please learn more about the services provided before you complain.

Any two-day, not new DVD, can be renewed on the Internet or by phone, as can other materials.

Books, DVDs and audiobooks can be ordered at any library and picked up at the library of your choice, usually within 48 hours.

I have lived in Michigan and Arizona and have not found a library system that is superior to the one here in Brevard County.

Of course, it is useful to look at the date due-cards and listen to the people who check you out. I go to the Melbourne site, and the people there ALWAYS tell me when each item is due. Besides, if I do have overdue items, I love to pay fines to help support this super system. I have asked if I can put $10 on deposit for future fines, but am told they are not set up for that.

Government and business

Henry) Ford didn't invent the automobile, he mass produced it - just like the Wright brothers didn't invent the airplane.

Mr. Ford and others started mass production, and he also raised wages to $5 a day, so his workers could buy cars. Of course, he also hired gangsters to spy on his workers, even in their homes.

Mr. Ford, also, after Pearl Harbor, refused to build planes until the government, with taxpayer money, built him the Willow Run Plant. The government agreed to sign the plant over to him after the war for $1. So much for "Free Enterprise and Patriotism."

The person who said government is involved in every business was right.

Accused of gaining weight?

A person commented on the weight that George Zimmerman has gained while in jail, if he was in jail. They said jail is supposed to be punishment.

For your information, Mr. Zimmerman has been out on bail since last July in a secret dwelling, probably making his own food.

Remember a person is assumed innocent until proven guilty in America.

Biased people should know their facts before writing to a newspaper.

President not exempt from Affordable Care Act

Here are two comments on the "Exempt" rant from this week.

The writer is listening to too many "naysayers."

President Barack) Obama is not exempt from the Affordable Care Act. The main part of the bill is the individual mandate stating that you will be fined if you do not have health insurance (unless that cost would cause you undue financial burden).

Mr. Obama has health insurance supplied by the federal government, so he complies with the main part of the health care bill. All people must have insurance, either through work or privately.

He has insurance through his work that he pays for like many of us, who already have medical insurance that we pay for and will have few, if any, changes.

We will actually have more freedoms and more advantages when this plan is fully implemented, also, (there will be) many expected improvements; and the choice to purchase elsewhere.

I cannot imagine anyone without medical insurance now wanting to be exempt from it.

It is outrageous that the Republicans have wasted time voting 37 times to repeal this, which would increase seniors' drug costs if they were successful.

"Obamacare" is the law now, like it or not. It's being implemented and has already had many positive results.

Any decent factcheck source can verify this information but not FOX (News).

Regarding "The Ryan Plan:" this is just plain bad. He'd pick pockets of the middle class to line the pockets of the rich. His tax plan is Robin Hood in reverse. He'd dismantle social security; he'd give $40 billion in subsidies to "big oil;" he'd kill Medicare!

Read the plan for yourself. Some of the cuts are downright horrifying.

Writer, please do your own research. Stop listening to hearsay, and try not to spread false information. Thank you.


I cannot believe after five years of the worst administration in the history of our country, you still have the dumb liberals letters that started your Rants and Raves, and they are still blaming (former President George W.) Bush.

We have the most problems we ever had with Benghazi, the IRS, the Associated Press and now our personal phone calls being monitored.

If you all don't see the picture here, you really are brain dead.

This White House is so corrupt it is unbelievable; and when (President Richard) Nixon did only one bad deed, he was impeached and stepped down.

Now, you have a corrupt White House who invokes executive privilege whenever his staff does not want to answer questions from Congress. They go around the Congress, around the Supreme Court and do whatever they want.

We have an out of control IRS that wasted $50 million on conferences to learn line dancing, etc. Give me a break.

Being a former federal employee, I went to one conference a year on a fixed per diem, which was always watched by the Inspector General, and we were on a fixed government per diem. So, when you see the IRS with their $1400 luxury rooms, etc., I keep wondering where the IG was.

The president deserves respect

It's rants like "Corrupting our country" that turn people off not to care to receive or want to read your paper.

This is clearly a personal opinion of hate toward our president.

When people make statements like "He is corrupting our country" and "He is hell bent on ruining our country," you give them a platform to hate, spread intolerance and disrespect.

What president is clearly on a mission and "hell bent" to ruin our country? How absurd does this statement sound?

President (Barack) Obama is our president. He deserves respect and not spoken to or about in a manner that many of your (rant) writers do. This writer, I hope, is a dying breed.

The younger people of today graduating college totally ignore this kind of sheer nonsense. They don't care about ignorant hatred and conspiracy theories running wild right now. You people today are tolerant open-minded progressive thinkers.

It's only the ones who were raised with hate and prejudice that grow up that way.

It's the young people who eventually you are someday going to need to read your paper. You do nothing to capture their interest.

How about a few letters welcoming some high school kids, some recent graduates?

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