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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > Volusia County

Rants & raves
Rating: 2.75 / 5 (12 votes)  
Posted: 2013 Jun 21 - 06:19

Trashcan destruction

Recently, I had read a rant about how the trash collectors tear up our trashcans, and I thought it must be nice to have trashed up trashcans as your biggest problem.

Then I started thinking about the $89 bill I pay each month, which is a combination of trash, water and sewer. So now, since my dad taught me to save every single bill and payment, I started digging. That was when I realized that since moving here 10 years ago, I have actually had to purchase a total of 60 trashcans. I was shocked.

You see when the trash collectors are working fast, I will give them that, and flip your trashcan upside down, the flip over lid gets broken. Then they start to crack from all the banging and tossing. So can someone please explain to me why am I paying $89 a month on a bill that includes several services, but I also have to pay out $40 to $50 every three months for new trash cans. Can I deduct my destroyed trashcans on my bill? It would make sense to me since I am not the one destroying my cans.

Business development better

I live on North Causeway and will be directly affected by whatever becomes of New Smyrna's (Administrative Office Building) site.

My opinion is that a well-done commercial development will be better than another park since parks often start out nice but go downhill, attracting crime. I agree parking is an issue to consider, including the fate of all the weekend boat trailer parking that uses that site now.

North Causeway is a great area, but it's at a pivotal time: It can either get better or be allowed to slide backwards.

With an asset like the AOB site, the city shouldn't be shy about setting a few design standards for developers. Maybe a short list of standards and a longer list of guidelines. I personally think the best solution would be a nice, small hotel with upscale shops, restaurant and beautiful riverside landscaping to please both hotel guests and locals. Cater to couples more than families, and make it a classy destination for those who want the feel of premier lifestyle. New Smyrna Beach doesn't have that yet, we have "charming," "funky," "beachy," "down-to-earth" and "family-friendly," but so far we don't have "sophisticated."

Why not add something like this to our mix? It could help to lift the whole "Loop" and encourage high quality in future developments, too.

Statements made in court and what we should hear

Statement made: I cut him a break.

What we should hear: Even though this is a second felony offense.

Statement made: I won't impose any bail on the suspect.

What we should know and hear: Even though twice in the past they haven't shown up for trial.

Statement made: I think my client can still make something of his life

What we don't hear but should: Even though they have been found guilty of rape and murder in the past.

Statement made: My decision is you cannot bring out his/her past drug or murder convictions

What we should hear: The jury will only hear good things about the accused

Statement made: You are guilty even though you were protecting yourself

What we should hear: Now we are keeping them happy so they won't riot.

In response to: 'Many qualified seniors

still awaiting tax exemption'

I read the article about seniors waiting for tax exemptions.

There are veterans who are eligible for tax exemptions and don't know it. I was at my neighbor's house -- a combat veteran -- and he did not know he is eligible for a tax exemption.

How many other retired military do not know this?

In response to: "Make sure to get hourly rate'

In your rant, you failed to mention how much material the carpenter you hired used, therefore, I must assume the material, time, energy and gas to obtain it were included in his estimate. You also must have been pleased with his work because you said you paid him and did not complain about his workmanship. In fact your complaint describes exactly what a professional, honest carpenter should do: assess the job in person with the customer, allow enough time in the estimate in case unforeseen complications, show up on time and complete the job ahead of schedule and honor the agreed option fee for his services.

The crooks your son spoke of would never have treated you so kind. Trust me. He said two days. It only took four hours, so you thought the man should have been paid hourly. If he worked the two days, he allowed the $320 you paid would have come out to about $23 an hour. He might be thrilled with that amount if all of his customers pooled their money and paid his overhead, such as taxes, rent, insurance, licensing, travel time and gas, vehicles, tools, and the maintenance of both, advertising, numerous governmental fees, etc. etc.

Of course, the added cost of accountants and lawyers to accomplish such a feat. Moreover, if he charged by the hour he could have dragged the job out so it was $650. Would that make you happy?

In short, it is you who should be vilified, not he, for your ignorance of commerce and the resulting damaging remarks must have verbally made including his name.

Cruises are a curse

I finally gave into my wife and agreed to go on a cruise. She said I would love it. I kept saying "we'll see." Boarding the large cruise ship, the people who assigned our dinner arrangements were very rude to us.

Then upon checking into our expensive cabin, our toilet did not flush. We were told it would flush once we set sail. Our toilet still didn't flush for six nights and seven days.

Food service was fair. The kind of service if you received it on dry land you would not go back to that restaurant again. Our waiter let us know our tip was insufficient and he really should not serve us our last meal on board.

I got sick on board. Not seasickness but food poisoning.

Our seven-hour layover in Mexico was cut down to three hours. "Due to an act of God" was our captain's feeble excuse over the intercom.

We never could figure out why we were cheated out of land time in Mexico because of an act of God? The sun was out. Not a cloud in the sky. The Mexicans were friendly. The ocean was calm as glass. It wasn't hurricane season and so I complained to go out on the water. Their response was you paid to go out on the water and you went out on the water. I then complained to my travel agent. She asked me if I received her basket of fruit. Forget that. She then asked me if I had received the bottle of champagne she sent. Forget that. So I will close this happy note by saying "Do you want to go on a cruise?" Forget that.

In response to: "Beach belongs to the public

When you were a kid, the "World's Most Famous Beach" had a broad walk not a boardwalk, the strolling area was never made of wood. The hotel you spoke of does not sit on the boardwalk. It was built upon the street you mentioned, along with many other businesses that attract tourists: theaters, restaurants, bars, gift shops and clean restrooms, etc. etc.

When I was a kid I recall that street. It was a magnet for crime, sex and seedy two-story motels flanked the west side, and on the east side was a coquina wall littered with runaways and hookers.

The Bandshell was falling into ruin. The arcade buildings were small con games you would find at a sideshow at a traveling fair.

Granted anyone could drive in front of all this corruption on the beach 24 hours a day and I do miss that. Yet, for you to call it a private beach for the hotel is absurd. It has become a family area because of the drastic changes. Drawing in free concerts, volleyball, child safe zones on the beach, many wonderful changes in the buildings and the fine amenities, as well as the new ones, not to mention the fireworks. I don't know how the powers that be tax all of that, but I am sure as I can be it was created for the enjoyment of all. And just so you don't worry too much, that includes the tourists or we could go back in time when it was a deserted beach area.

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