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Rants & raves
Rating: 3.7 / 5 (10 votes)  
Posted: 2013 Jun 07 - 07:05

Old words mean the same

Some things never change. Back in 1776, some really smart guys wrote, "He has created a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance." Seem familiar?

Dog lover's rant

First of all, I am a dog lover. We always had a dog when I was a kid, and my kids grew up with dogs. Barefoot Bay has certain restrictions which I agree with for the most part. We all must keep our yards and homes 'up-to-snuff' for many logical reasons. However, one particular non-restriction is beyond the Homeowners Association, or Barefoot Bay's ruling. That is, allowing dogs to actually walk up on private property to poop, pee and kick up grass.

Snowbirds or no snowbirds, we have a large dog population of all breeds and sizes in Barefoot Bay. Most owners have stretch leashes which allow dogs to meander into the middle of the road, while they stop to chat with other people. My husband and I have seen things to stop your heart! But, that is the dog owner's problem.

We keep our home looking as nice as possible, obeying all restrictions. My husband works very hard in keeping our grass lush, green and beautiful. Many people have commented on how nice it looks. The non-restrictive law allowing dogs to walk up on neighborhood lawns twice a day, every day, and take a big poop while their owners 'look on' is not right. Most owners pick up their poop, but poop still leaves a 'residue' for other dogs and also, their 'next' poop. Seeing a not so young woman pushing a walker, wielding an umbrella, and hanging onto a leash with a very 'small' dog, in down-pouring rain was a sight to behold. This little dog was small and had a hard time maneuvering his legs. Why in God's name would someone do this to herself, as well as her pet? I couldn't believe what I was seeing!

If that dog had to go 'out,' why not just take it out to her own back yard? Why can't other people designate a spot in their own yards for pooping and peeing? There's nothing wrong with taking your dog for a walk or run, but deliberately taking a dog out to poop in other people's yards is dirty, obnoxious, bold and downright nasty. It's also trespassing!

When writing the Barefoot Bay restrictions, who decided dogs have the right to not only trespass but actually walk eight feet up onto personal property and crap? Dog owners are supposed to 'pick up' (nasty) poop, and most do. However, some don't. There are some who go out very early or very late to walk their dogs. After their dog poops, the owner looks around to see if anyone is looking and just walks off. When three 'large' dogs on one side of the road, and three 'large' dogs on the other vie for 'pooping space,' it's sickening. A good dog is eager to please, and could be trained to poop at home. This would be easier on the dog (especially if it has to go real bad). These dog walking pooping 'rituals' must stop! Dogs should poop in their own back yard. Or is it more civilized to parade them up and down the street, let them poop like parked horses of an earlier time?

End the road construction

I have lived in Florida for four years and it seems that for at least three of them, Seaway Drive has been under construction. Now you can't even get to the Jetty because it's such a mess. The businesses have to be suffering. Get this construction done and over with. I miss hanging out at the beach and patronizing the restaurants in the area. When is this construction going to be completed?

Is it Harrell's turn?

Since the resignation of Lt. Governor Jennifer Caroll, there has been mention of Gayle Harrell. Let's hope for all of our sakes that this is just talk. She is as useless as a wart on a pig's behind. While the thought of getting her out of our fair city is extremely enticing, the thought of giving her more authority is downright sickening. She cares nothing for the people she is supposed to represent but only for what her physician husband and their cronies wish her to do. I am assuming that these well-to-do people are how she got into office in the first place, as it had nothing to do with the job she has proven that she cares nothing about improving anything. The best we can hope for is when her term is over in her present position she loses her bid for the senate she has expressed an interest in. It is in all of our best interest if she fades off, although that most likely will not happen. She seems to think she is something special, and that it doesn't matter that she does not care about the citizens. She cares about herself and thinks the rest of us should follow suit. Governor Scott says he plans to start looking as soon as the current legislative session ends in May. It is probably just talk by the media, but let's not let it get any further.

Explaining Christianity

I have to take offense to the person who stated that Catholicism is the only true religion. Actually, religion means working your way to God through rules and rituals, and in true Christianity, God comes down to man and His Spirit lives within that person. A relationship with God is really the true faith. When a person has an encounter with the God of the Universe, you know He's real.

Catholicism teaches truth in many avenues, that is true, but unfortunately there is a lot of false teaching mixed in. And, there is just too much focus on the priests and the church in Catholicism, rather than on the Savior Himself and God's Word, the Bible. They never promote the teaching of being able to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, which is not only possible, but true. He alone deserves all the attention, obedience and surrender! After all, isn't that the very first Commandment anyway? No other gods (idols, statues, material things) before Him!

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