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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > Volusia County

Rants & raves
Rating: 3 / 5 (12 votes)  
Posted: 2013 Jun 07 - 06:13

Need kitten help

I was slightly impressed with the response letter by Pat Mihalic, but unfortunately she never gave an immediate solution to the overpopulation of kittens.

I agree a trap, neuter and release in every city would help decrease the problem far faster than killing all feral cats, but in the meantime, I still have one question. What should one do immediately with the amount of kittens being born? When the shelters are full and have no more foster cat mothers nor do they have any more people who can take on feeding newborn kittens every two hours, where should these kittens be taken.

Some shelters will be honest and say we are full if you insist we take these kittens, they will be put to sleep. Other shelters just say sure and as soon as the door closes, the kittens are put to sleep. So, if you are truly wanting to take the kittens away from their mothers when they are so young, do you have a place or organization that will take these kittens, feed them and care for them until they are old enough to be spayed or neutered and adopted out?

TNR is a long-term solution, but right now I feel that if the shelters can no longer take on any more kittens, they should be left with their mothers. If you have a solution, please be kind enough to print this solution. What organization is willing to take on all these kittens? That would be helpful.

Meter prices need meter

Reading about Daytona Beach considering parking meters reminded me about meeting a parking meter salesman in another city years ago.

I asked him why parking meters, which are simple clocks, cost so much? He said his company could break even at $50 per meter. Later he told me that his company won the bid. The price was published in the local paper as $150 per meter. That was one third for the meter and two thirds for profit. If that ratio is true, it is no wonder we have pricey government studies that give no help.

Don't butcher trees

My rant is prompted by the butchering of trees in the older neighborhoods of Port Orange. Through our neighborhood associations and concerned citizens, we residents are fighting to keep our standards up and the city is woefully neglectful. The last survey showed that above all else residents want underground utilities.

Port Orange's tax base is not small, and steadily growing -- Raydon, the Pavilion, the new Publix at Westport, for example.

City Center has a beautiful canopy of oak trees thanks to underground utilities. Now, our 100 year old neighborhood trees are raped and pillaged beyond recognition, destroying our own canopy and the ambience we are fighting to keep, and all for the sake of outdated utilities and poles.

Mismanagement of our tax dollars and lack of concern for all citizens has run rampant for way too many years. The city's failure with Riverwalk brought us down even more. Every smaller city around us has stepped up and looks 10 times better. It is time for Port Orange leaders to grow up, accept responsibility for their misdeeds and be responsive to the needs of all taxpayers, not just the few chosen neighborhoods.

Much as the city officials cite lower property values as the reason we are at the bottom of priorities, it is not a valid argument. The fact is their favored areas may have $300,000 homes on a 150-foot by 200-foot lot. Our neighborhoods have mostly 50-foot lots and a $100,000 home on each lot -- three or maybe even six homes on the same square footage of land depending on depth of the lot. That appears to be a near equal tax base area wise, but still we are singled out and treated as lower class.

What a cop-out! Yes, I know I can move and I have indeed considered it often. These older neighborhoods have much value and charm if we weren't fighting a brick wall for a fair share of the taxes we pay to be returned in services to our areas.

Money misdirected

I like your article on closed charter schools. I am for charter schools, but not with taxpayers' money. Is Burns accredited? A good profitable school should not need any state assistance

Why are teachers getting raises instead of putting out of work teachers back to work?

Are lawmakers' heads in their pockets more than for the betterment of our country?

In response to: 'Guns don't help'

The figures in the letter are not correct according to the latest available statistics from the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

Firearms, including so-called assault weapons, were cited in 8,583 homicides in 2011, knifes were cited in 1,694 homicides. These are nationwide figures. They do not include accidents.

The 30,000 figure is very exaggerated. I am not sure where the number came from.

I shot my first deer at seven. I am a Vietnam veteran and a law officer.

I believe guns have their place and do save lives and stop other felonies.

I think this gentleman needs to do some research.

Editor's note: The letter from the May 24 issue stated that 30,000 Americans are killed "or injured" by guns each year.

Kindness appreciated

This is a very belated rave, I want to thank the person who found my purse in the middle of Nova Road and returned it to the police department. I got my purse back with everything in it.

It is very good to know there are such wonderful people who do such good deeds. I was having a very difficult time for me. I was having problems and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the kindness. Thank you.

More code enforcement needed

I moved to South Daytona a few years ago. I was told by a resident at the time the area wasn't as kept up as it had been during previous years.

I am surprised someone would complain about the grass seed. When we have cars parked in front yards on the grass, boats sticking out past the front of houses. People don't take pride in their neighborhood. Neighbors don't want to go against neighbor. What we need is the citizens committee to go around and complain about people who aren't their neighbors. We only have one code enforcer, which makes it very hard.

Computers don't help

Let's see what computers have given us.

No. 1 -- a huge expense out of pocket for the machine itself

No. 2 -- a monthly bill

No. 3 -- a fear of losing our privacy

No. 4 -- a fear of someone getting our Social Security number

No. 5 -- a fear of someone getting our personal id on our debit card

No. 6 -- a loss of jobs for the hundreds of thousands of people who were replaced by these machines

No. 7 -- loss of government secrets to foreign lands

No. 8 -- jobs being given to many unprofessional people who cannot deal directly with the public

No. 9 -- expensive fee for repairs

No. 10 -- an easy access for children to high forms of sexual display

No. 11 -- a loss of privacy to all Americans with the simple press of a computer key

No. 12 -- a new service policy in banks, airports, etc. when they go down, or should I just use a good old American term "when they break"

No. 13 -- unlawful matter of selling so a children answers with a press of the key that says they are 21 years of age

No. 14 and the greatest loss to me -- the total amount of lack of interest and personal understanding when dealing eye to eye with another individual.

The computer is a cold hearted uncaring machine that we now use to make our major decisions. Many of which culminate in true cases of heart breaking answers.

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